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April 27, 2009

Governmental Inquisition

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Doubt: Theatrical Trailer

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Plot summary for Doubt

Roadmap of highlights contained in this piece

    1) Why has Church authority has softened, while State authority has hardened

    2) Why Jews always prefer state authority, over Church authority

    3) Interesting that Federal oversight of huge corporations like AIG is gone, but has been replaced with the Feds now mandating AIG to have oversight of ordinary citizens. (indirectly invalidating our Fourth Amendment privacy rights.

    4) Dangers outlined in the movie "Doubt" concerning the delicate moral character of a priest, are compared to doubt of the delicate moral character of an ordinary American citizen.

    5) Without knowing it, how we got Stalinistic spying "of the citizens, by the citizens, and NOT for the citizens".

Why religion is fundamental in America

When the Quakers or Puritans first traveled to America, their primary allegiance was still to their God and to their religion, while only secondly to their new, but still unproven, country.

They certainly had a healthy mistrust of the government from whence they had came.

These religiously devout Americans embodied this mistrust in government into the first Amendment; which told Congress, in particular, that their Federal powers could not intrude upon nor restrict the powers of the Church, by either A) allowing the government itself to directly dominate their religion or 2) allowing another religion, NOT of their choosing, to indirectly dominate their religion.

When the Irish and Italians first arrived in America, they too brought and renewed in America, a fundamental trust in God, along with a healthy mistrust of country.

The Irish in particular were Catholics living under the Protestant rule of England and embraced the First Amendment protections.

The Italians perhaps never felt the religious persecutions, but with perennially unstable governments in Italy, the Roman Catholic Church was like a rock to them which they cherished. The First Amendment would suit them as well.

Jews just had to be different

At the same time that the Irish and Italians were immigrating in large numbers, a relatively small number of Jews were embedded among them.

These Jewish immigrants also showed trust of their religion and a mistrust of government --but only of governments ran by Christians.

These Jewish immigrants to America constitute the Fourth Jewish Diaspora.

Starting in the 1880's, Russian Jews began a propaganda and terror campaign of freeing themselves of being ruled by a Christian Tsar. They assassinated Tsar Alexander II, who were quickly found out and therefore suffered under Pogroms.

The first wave of the 4th Diaspora "Fiddler on the Roof" Jews began arriving in America during these times as a trickle. The floodgates would open before and after each of the World Wars.

Russia had a Judeo-Communist revolution toward the end of WWI and many Jews came immediately after that. Not because they were escaping governmental persecution, for now they were well treated; but because the Judeo-Communist government they had created now allowed them the freedom to immigrate to America and to help bring down America as well.

Ironically, Americans opened their hearts to allow Jews to enter their country, not because of sympathy for the relatively petty persecution of the Jews under the Russian Christians, but largely because of the horrendously barbaric slaughter of 2 million Christians by Ottoman-Turk Muslims toward the end of WWI.

True story!

"There are really bad guys out there as you can see from the massacre of the Christians", the Jewish media-Scribes would say, "and you would not want blood on your hands should the Russian Christians go crazy and also slaughter all the Russian Jews, would you? Oye-vey! Of course not, so you should let the Jews immigrate to the 'land of the free'!"

In other words, gaining sympathy to Jewish immigration was mostly a gigantic fraud upon all Americans.

--- Isn't there immigration laws against using fraud to gain American citizenship?

The Fourth Diaspora adjusts to its new country

In any Jewish Diaspora, it takes two generations (40-years) for the Jews to learn the language and customs, before they begin their rise to the top of every organization.

Forty years after the climax of Jewish immigration in the early 1920's, we would arrive at the 1960's.

The new Catholics from Ireland and Italy still did not trust the government and insisted that their kids attend Catholic Schools. But over time, with a stifling tax burden leaving no excess money on the kitchen table, coupled with "free" public schools to bribe the kids, even these church schools started shutting down.

Lower cost State universities started supplanting church schools who had to pay the full freight, like Baylor, Southern Methodist University and Notre Dame for the majority of grads.

Public hospitals or corporate-ran hospitals started replacing church-ran hospitals like Harris Methodist and St Patrick hospitals, if the Churches did not sell out-right, the name of the hospital to a corporation for it to run.

Government "charity" in the form of social security, WIC, etc. is replacing all forms of voluntary church charity -- real charity.

Has anyone noticed that the authority of the Catholic Church since the 1960's has become less rigid and controlling, while becoming more tolerant and loving, while at the exact same time frame, that the authority of the federal government has become less tolerant and loving, as they have become more rigid and controlling?

Before you dismiss the equality of the two powers in our lives, Church and State, as one authority simply replacing the other, remember that "Church" is voluntary for you, while "State" is mandatory for everyone.

So what's the point about Jews wanting powerful government?

The point to make here is that as long as the Jewish Pharisees, Sadducees and media-Scribes totally control and dictate to a government, then the power of that government cannot become too strong, while the corresponding power of the Christian church cannot become too weak to their liking.

Inter-national-socialist Stalin was our friend according to the Jewish media-Scribes; he was never considered too powerful or a threat to liberty, so long as he insured that the Russian Orthodox Church was outlawed and that the communist commissars were mostly Jewish.

National-socialist Hitler was our enemy and was considered a threat to liberty; not because he was a tyrant, but solely because he opposed the Pharisees.

When Xerxes was invading Greece and being opposed by the "300" Spartans, the Jews at the time were not worried that Xerxes was bent on taking over the world, as long as Xerxes was married to the Jewess Ester and his most trusted adviser was her uncle Mordecai.

And today, the Pharisees are not worried in the least about Obama, so long as Pharisee Rahm Emanuel is his White House Chief of Staff.

Rahm Emanuel "An AIG Crisis should never be Wasted"

A long time before AIG threatened to fail to the tune of $200,000,000,000 dollars, you and I, that is "We, the People", thought that the job of our federal government was to monitor AIG, to audit AIG, and to insure that our investments were safe with AIG.

Instead, after the feds failed in their responsibility to protect our investments, they propped AIG up with money from -- you guessed it -- "We, the People".

Every "tax-payer" in America will now be forced to pay around $2,000 to prop up this one insurance company, because of the failure of the "tax-collector" to do his job.

Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster, unforeseen and unexpected, and when it hit, many found that government was not there to protect them from looters and rapists.

Many thanked God that they were able to protect themselves and their property with their own private guns.

Hurricane AIG was an entirely man-made disaster, entirely predictable, entirely preventable, yet we were told that we were lucky that government was there after it wrecked havoc, to help pick up the pieces.

Yes, we are lucky we each get to pay $2,000 additional dollars to the Feds, so that they can pick up the pieces of what our Congressmen allowed to break.

Or more closer to the harsh truth -- of what our Congressmen were bribed with Jewish Sadducee campaign contributions to overlook and to allow to break.

"Our Congressmen got the gold and we got the shaft", goes the old saying.

The moral of the story should have been that we were better off when we were protecting our own investments, but instead, the feds, with backup vocals from their chorus boys of the Jewish media-Scribes, will push the immoral story that the Feds will FINALLY do their job right, if they are given even more power over everything.

But, this is not the story of the Feds failing to watch AIG, but of one where the Feds forced AIG to watch -- you guessed it -- "We, the People".

Seems that the Feds now feel it is not their job to watch "too-large-to-fail" companies like AIG, but instead to watch -- you guessed it again-- "We, the People".

But first, to understand why these new "Know your Customers" laws are so destructive, we need to first analyse the new movie "Doubt".

The movie "Doubt"

Caution: Movie spoiler

The movie "Doubt" was produced by Jewish media-Scribe Scott Rudin.

First off, we must say that this web site was utterly sceptical of media-Scribe Rudin directing a "fair and balanced" piece on the controversial and explosive topic of Catholic priest molestation, especially after the Jewish treatment of Rudin's virulently anti-Catholic film "The Kingdom of Heaven".

However, we were actually pleasantly surprised with the movie and recommend it to every parent and teenager -- or perhaps we just plain missed Rudin's main point.

We certainly did not come away from this movie with even more DOUBT about the Catholic faith than before we went in? In fact, we came away with less doubt.

Each and every single character in this film does what he or she believes is perfectly moral, perfectly Christian, and in the best interests of the children.

How can we complain about that!

Strangely instead, we came away from the movie with a much greater understanding of human fragility when we deal with each other's lives and how even one's faith is not immune from breaking those fragile chains which hold us all together.

The only Jewish propaganda we could possibly detect was a bias toward the liberalization of the Catholic Church that resulted after Vatican II (started in 1962 and ended in 1965), but it is actually done in a way to make the Catholic Church seem more Christian than before.

While at the same time, the iron hand of Mother Superior Aloysius Beauvier, the iron-gloved Principal, is shown as almost the personification of tyranny.

She is a female Inquisitioner.

Sister Beauvier clearly identifies Father Flynn as religiously superior to her own station in life, yet Father Flynn is the sympathetic figure of her attacks on his character.

It would be hard to find many Catholics today who would not aspire to Father Flynn's form of Christianity.

To this web site, the movie "Doubt" was a masterpiece.

If the goal of the film was to generate "Doubt" in the Church, then it has completely backfired on the Jewish media-Scribes.

Doubt Movie Synopsis

In 1964 a Catholic elementary school has just admitted its first Black student, a 12-year-old boy transferred from public school. The principal, a rigid disciplinarian nun, and the liberal parish priest are both concerned for the boy's welfare in a predominantly Irish/Italian school.

The nun becomes convinced that the priest has, or is planning to have, an improper relationship with the child and is determined to force him to leave the school.

A third compassionate person is the boy's mother, who has another point of view.

The fourth person is a young teacher who is concerned but confused by the conflict between the nun and the priest.

This wonderful movie placed in a Catholic elementary school, during the last days of America's innocence, during the administration of JFK, show how suspicion and mistrust can destroy Christian love and caring.

Late in the movie we find that Father Flynn has been especially protective of St. Nicholas's first black student, Donald Miller, not just because he is the only black, but because of his reason for being pulled out of public schools and placed into the unfamiliar environment of St. Nicholas -- for we find that black student Donald Miller is a homosexual and for that he is constantly tormented by the other children.

Mother Superior Aloysius tells her nuns to be on the watch for any suspicious immoral behavior and to report any and all suspicions directly to her.

Sure enough, one of Donald's nun teachers notices that Donald has a sudden change of behavior, and that Father Flynn, just as suddenly, is giving too much attention to Donald.

The teacher snitches to her Mother Superior on what she has seen with Father Flynn and Donald and the game is on.

The Mother Superior becomes convinced that Father Flynn has been sodomising Donald and that Donald has naturally reacted badly from it.

How does Father Flynn recover his reputation?

The teacher wants to believe that Father Flynn is a good man, and knows she does not have any hard evidence, but the Mother Superior has confidence that all the clues add up to the Father abusing Donald, the black boy. She has seen sin before, and knows sin when she sees it.

Only when the Mother Superior brings the subject up with the boys mother do we find that the boy's father had recently found out about the boy's homosexuality and had beat him severely for it.

Taunted by other boys in public school and now private school, while being beat viciously by his father, the boy turns to the only compassionate male he can find to tell his troubles to, Father Flynn.

Father Flynn consoles Donald and protects him.

And from here we have one of the greatest morals of this story.

What have we learned about priest abuse?

With a caring and compassionate priest like Father Flynn as the only caring man in a young homosexual's life, one who does not condemn him for his feelings, does it really come as a surprise to the audience that Donald wants to become a priest, like his mentor Father Flynn?

And, why would a caring and concerned Father Flynn try to discourage a young boy like Donald away from the priesthood?

Would an understanding Father Flynn think to himself that: "If this young boy Donald would become a priest one day, would he be much more unable to control his sensual and carnal desires, than say -- a heterosexual priest would be?"

The movie "Doubt" unknowingly raises these delicate issues about priest abuse, long before the young homosexual boy has actually entered the seminary -- long before Donald may have been grown and tempted to molest a young boy like himself.

This movie asks the question about when and how Christian forgiveness and redemption is expected and to whom is given the right of forgiveness.

I say the movie unknowingly raises these points, because these were not the questions being asked in the movie. These are the questions we the audience should be asking ourselves though.

Issues to ask the Jewish media-Scribes

Ask yourself why a media-Scribe industry, full of grown Jewish men, will relentlessly, day in and day out, push a open and acceptable homosexual agenda in front of your 15-year-old daughter or son on TV, but will get all teary-eyed if a homosexual Catholic priest is shamefully massaging the private parts of the same 15-year-old teenage boy?

Calling the kettle black, is what these pornographic pots are doing, right?

The immorality between the priest molestors and the Jewish media-Scribe pornographers is only one of degree.

While you are convincing yourself that the priest case is different, also ask yourself why a grown priest yanking on a 15-year-old's boy parts is worst morally, than an 18-year-old man placing his boys parts inside a 15-year-old girl, and then taking her for an abortion a few months later, in order for her to rip the baby out of her body, after "respected" 80-year-old Supreme Court judges made that into a Constitutional right?

If you are still not convinced about the bias of Jewish media-Scribes toward Catholicism, then see the many under-reported or outright not reported upon Rabbi Rap Sheets

The moral of the story in "Doubt"

There does not have to be any bad or evil characters to have a holy war.

Obviously, the moral of the story is that a little bit of gossip or unfounded suspicion from a trusted and moral source can destroy anyone's reputation, even a man whose morals are as unassailable as that of a priest.

And you can never get your reputation back.

Even the mere fact of the priest moving to a new parish to start over, is itself used as a confirmation in the minds of the accusers that the guilty must have been guilty; otherwise, he would have stayed, held his head high, and fought the false accusations.

Government "Doubt"

The new rigid, unbending, uncompromising and always suspicious Mother Superior of our day is now the Federal government.

Our government has become the Inquisitioner.

The skids were greased with the federal "War on Drugs", while 9/11 allowed the Feds to slid in "Know your Customer" laws, where trust and presumed innocent gives way to doubt; doubt breeds mistrust and presumed guilt.

As the Mother Superior commanded her nuns to report any and all suspicious activities, so today does the Feds require snitches of all bank tellers, all insurance agents, all stock brokers, all rental car employees, all travel agents, and all HR Managers.

The Feds have made it a crime to have money -- or at least more money than "normal" or to use your money in a way that is not "normal".

By not appearing normal, you immediately become suspicious of being a criminal. You are suspected of the crime of money-laundering. You are therefore, indirectly suspected of being a drug dealer or a terrorist.

You have to prove your innocence.

To show you how riiculous this gets, remember the ordeal that air traveler and Ron Paul supporter Steve Bierfeldt had to endure just for having a few thousand dollars on his person.

And, to make matters worst, if your trusted stock broker or private doctor or reliable insurance agent suspects you of being a criminal, then he is required to report you to the authorities.

Innocence or lack of knowledge of criminal activity is no defense. In fact, your professional may be charged with the same crime.

Willfully Blind

The legal definition of this is "willfully blind".

If you do not snitch on your customers or agree to be a spy for the government, you are also judged to be a criminal.

In other words, it is now illegal for a professional to mind his own business.

It is now illegal for a man to trust his clients.

It is illegal for a professional to assume his clients are innocent.

And it is even illegal for a professional to tell his client that he is going to accuse his customer of a crime.

The trusted professional who promises to guarantee his privacy, is actually required to keep a dossier on all his clients in case the Feds ever want to check out your customers for illegal activity.

The federal government has turned the tables.

"We, the People" are to be watched at all times.

In the Founding of this country, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution was added to protect the privacy of the individual.

    Fourth Amendment to the Constitution

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrents shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

In reading the anti-money laundering requirements where the government requires citizens to spy on their fellow citizens, ask yourself if you feel it is constitutional.

Or ask yourself if you feel like you are in the Judeo-Communist Russia of Stalin.

Stalinistic spying "of the citizens, by the citizens, and NOT for the citizens".

Required Anti-Money Laundering Training

An important component of an effective anti-money laundering program is the development of a comprehensive profile for every client.

A comprehensive client profile not only satisfies Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering program requirements, it also serves as the basis of your understanding of each client's financial goals.

Under Know Your Customer procedures, you must make reasonable efforts to:

* Collect identifying information about the client,
* Verify the information, and
* Learn enough about the client's financial situation and goals to identify whether a particular transaction makes sense for that client.

In addition to Know Your Customer procedures implemented by all carriers, broker-dealers associated with carriers that manufacture variable annuities and variable life products must establish and comply with the specific regulatory requirements of a Customer Identification Program (CIP).

Under a CIP, there are four pieces of information needed to identify a client:

* Name
* Date of Birth
* Address (a physical address, not a P.O. box or commercial mail box company address)
* Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number

The simplest means of verifying identity is through documentary methods. This means that you must review a current government-issued identification card with a photograph such as:

* Driver's license
* U.S. passport
* State photo ID card
* U.S. military ID card
* Resident alien ID card (green card)
* Foreign government ID card (resident or non-resident aliens)

While you will not be required to make a photocopy of the ID card, you should physically look at it and copy down the identification number on the card. You should also confirm that the information on the card is consistent with the other information you have about the client's identity.

If you cannot physically review the ID card, you should not take the number over the phone. You should notify the carrier's home office that you were not able to obtain the ID, and that they will have to use non-documentary methods to verify the client's identity.

The table below shows examples of acceptable forms of documentation for corporations and other entities.

Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts Proper documentation such as:

* Certified Articles of Incorporation
* L.L.C. Operating Agreement
* Partnership Agreement
* Organizing Documents
* Trust Documents
* Certified Financial Statement
* Certificate of Good Standing Issued by a Governmental Authority

The USA PATRIOT Act requires that the client be notified that the carrier must verify the identity of the owner of any policy or account. In order to satisfy this requirement and to document the verification process, a USA PATRIOT Act Notification and Customer Identification Verification form should be completed, signed, and placed in the client file.

Non-documentary methods are used when your client cannot physically present identification documents, such as when you are conducting business over the telephone, by mail, or online. The carrier will determine when non-documentary methods should be used and will typically conduct the verification. Non-documentary methods of verification include, but are not limited to:

* Comparing the information gathered with data available from a third-party source, such as a credit bureau, a state or government Web site.
* Contacting the client after the account is opened to verify that the phone numbers and other information are valid.
* Visiting a site to verify the existence of the client's residence or place of business.
* Comparing the information provided by the client against fraud and bad-check databases to check whether the client is associated with incidents of fraudulent behavior.
* Checking references with other financial institutions.

Whether a certain activity is actually suspicious will depend on the type of client and his or her normal business activity. Generally, you should regard a transaction that appears to lack a reasonable economic basis or recognizable strategy as suspicious. Other things to look for include:

* Incomplete information accompanied by excessive secrecy.
* A dramatic change in the pattern of business activities.
* Excessive cash or currency transactions.
* Payments to or by unknown third parties.
* Unusual early redemptions of insurance policies or annuity contracts without regard for penalties or fees.

Suspicious Activity Report

You are responsible for identifying the expected activities of your clients in order to establish a range of normal activity. Any activity that falls outside this range should be considered suspicious or unusual. If you suspect or know that a transaction involves funds related to an illegal activity or is designed to avoid regulations, you must report the transaction to the carrier's compliance officer.

If you identify a suspicious activity, you must not notify the client. The BSA prohibits employees and producers from informing clients that their activities have been, or may be, reported as suspicious; that a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) is filed; or that an ongoing investigation regarding activities in his or her account is being conducted.

Other Red Flags Other potential red flags:

* Transfers of the benefit of a product to an apparently unrelated third party.
* Changes of address or changes of owners to foreign countries.
* Attempts to use a third-party check to make a proposed purchase of a policy.
* Applicants with no concern for the performance of the policy but much concern for the early cancellation.
* Applicants who buy policies from several institutions in a short time frame.
* Applicants purchasing policies in amounts considered beyond the client's apparent means.
* Large overpayments of premiums.
* Unusually great concern with the insurer's or your own compliance with reporting requirements.

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