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January 25, 2009

Solutions to the Israel Question

Source: Pat Buchanan

    "Where there is no solution, there is no problem,"

    --geostrategist James Burnham once wryly observed.

But there is a Solution to the question of Israel getting along with her neighbors.

The Question of the Jewish "Master Race"

A big problem is that Jews (and Christians alike) have branded the Jews as God's "Master Race".

I beg to differ about that point, as I may want to think of Christianized Jews, (i.e. those Jews who followed the Messiah and whom we call today "Christians") are the truely beloved ordained by God; whereas, the Non-Christianized Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes (and followers?) were condemned by Jesus Christ, as disciples of Satan.

Still, not a good way to get along with Muslims who somehow seem to feel the same way about being Masters of the Universe.

Therefor, the solution to this question is easy enough -- start regarding Christians as God's Chosen People, not Jews.

The Question of the Israelis not getting along with their neighbors

Item #1: For each Jew killed by Palestinian rocket attacks, Israel kills many times more innocent men, women and children.

Reaction to Item #1: The Main Stream Media of the world's media-Scribes defends the actions of Israel as vile, but much needed for self-defense; little pity for the Palestinians; no Holocaust movies made about Palestinians.

Item #2: For each German diplomat killed by Jewish terrorists, Hitler kills many times more innocent men, women, and children.

Reaction to Item #2: The Main Stream Media of the world's media-Scribes do not defend Hitler's actions as vile, but much needed for self-defense: much pity for the Jews; two Hundred and Fifty Two Holocaust movies have been made since the creation of Israel in 1948, all pitying the poor Jews, and counting.

When the entire world hates you, perhaps a little of the responsibility for the problem could lie in your own lap.

But I have a Solution to all of Israel's problems.

These are all tried and proven recipes the Jewish media-Scribes, Pharisees, Herodians and Sadducees have prescribed for America's ills.

Since they helped America so much, these Solutions may just work out for Israel as well.

    Solutions to Israel's ills

  • Learn "Why they hate us"

  • Learn to "tolerate" their Muslim hatred

  • Punish all Jewish "hate crimes" toward Muslims, to show fairness

  • Implement "affirmative action" for Muslims in your universities

  • Implement "affirmative action" for Muslims in your professions

  • Destroy your South African-style Apartheid System against Gaza

  • "Integrate" Gaza Muslim kids into your Jewish schools

  • Do not teach the "history of the Israelites" -- It might offend Muslims

  • Do not allow "Jewish prayer" -- It might offend the Muslims

  • Build "Muslim Prayer rooms" -- Or you might offend the Muslims

  • "Bus" your Jewish kids into Gaza Muslim schools

  • Improve your "Democracy" by giving all Muslims the "right to vote"

  • Provide Muslim "safe seats" in the Kressnet

  • Let as many Muslims "immigrate" into Israel as wants to

  • "Disarm" your "racist" Jewish brethren of all their guns

  • "Outsource" your best jobs to surrounding Muslim countries

  • Provide "Welfare" to generations of Muslims

  • Provide "H1 visas" for Professional Muslim engineers/doctors

  • Make 252 "Palestinian Holocaust" movies of Muslim suffering

  • Make a Jewish "Kingdom of Heaven" movie about Jewish "Crusade"

  • Teach the Muslims how horrible the "Jewish Crusade" is to the Muslims

  • Stop "racial profiling" Muslims, as if they were all criminals

  • Follow the "UN" decrees - they look out for your best interests

  • Stop with your "empire" - withdraw from the West Bank

  • Give more "international humanitarian aid" to Muslims

  • Stop with the Jewish "White Supremacist" teachings

  • Your Founding Fathers are "Dead White Men", hence irrelevant

After all, what's good for the Gander is good for the Geese, right?

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