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January 5, 2009

The Holocaust Story a Fraud!

Oprah's 'hope-a-dope'

Herman Rosenblat's Holocaust memoir of love is exposed as a hoax

Anger, sadness over fabricated Holocaust story

The Man who Conned Oprah

Cheat today, vote tomorrow

Source: New York Times
Movie: Flower of the Fence or Alternate Title: Love is a Survivor

We Americans, and even Oprah, have had our "hopes" dashed too many times lately, haven't we?
  • We all found that Jewish Sadducee Madoff had the biggest pyramid scheme ever. If you can believe all the media-Scribe accounts though, the only ones to have lost any money on the Madoff scandal were Jewish charities, Holocaust survivors and Steven Spielberg.

  • Oprah was duped back in Jan. 2006, when she found that Jewish media-Scribe James Frey had faked his own autobiography called "A Million Little Pieces" that portrayed "hope" for a struggling young man. Frey the Fraud, became a multimillionaire after appearing on Oprah's book club list and after Oprah dedicated an entire show to him and his book.

  • Oprah found herself burned yet again a few days back when it was discovered that Jewish media-Scribe Herman Rosenblat and his wife both teamed up on a faked found-love-in-the-Holocaust fraud about "hope" in their book entitled "Angel at the Fence." For the Jewish PC crowd who jumps any Christians who ever deny any aspect of the Holocaust, let me tell you -- THIS HOLOCAUST STORY IS A FRAUD!

  • Oprah may very well have duped all of America with her heartfelt support of Press-Elect Obama. I'm one who is not the least bit swayed! We will find out soon enough that Obama is just the puppet of Jewish Pharisee Rahm Emanuel, who we will find out is the real power behind the Obamalot throne.

Can we just say that Oprah is an Herodian to the Sadducee media-Scribes putting her show on the air? She has only given them aid and comfort.

I think I want to defile Christians,
so while I'm totally faking the story,
I might as well throw in a fake boy-molesting Catholic priest

    And then there's the time in Paris (he's supposedly fled to Europe after jumping bail in Ohio) when, on his way to commit suicide by throwing himself into the Seine, Frey stops into a church to have a good cry. There, a "Priest," while pretending to listen to Frey's description of his wrecked life, makes a lunge for Frey's crotch. "You must not resist God's will, my Son," says the priest. A vicious beatdown ensues, with Frey possibly killing the grasping cleric, whom the author kicked in the balls 15 times. Mon dieu!

    --Excerpt from Jewish media-Scribe James Frey's fake autobiography as told in The Smoking Gun -- A Million Little Lies

Isn't propaganda against Christians wonderful when you have a near monopoly on the truth?

Jews are offended -
Christians may think bad of Jews for their lies

    The damage is deep. Scholars and other skeptics as well as fellow survivors fear that Rosenblat's fabrications will only encourage doubts about the Holocaust.

    "I am very worried because many of us speak to thousands of student each year," says Sidney Finkel, a longtime friend of Rosenblat's and a fellow survivor. "We go before audiences. We tell them a story and now some people will question what I experienced."

    --frets Pharisee Sidney Finkel

Once again, the always innocent, always suffering, always hated, but always brilliant fellow Jewish-American Jews are going to be the sorrowful victims of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic haters. Boo-Hoo!

Holocaust Horror Sequel # 253
    The still-unpublished memoir became the basis for a children's book and $25 million (£17 million) feature film, The Flower of the Fence, (Alternate Title: Love is a Survivor) which is due to start shooting in March.

    The film's producer plans to go ahead. Harris Salomon, of Atlantic Overseas Pictures, said he had always planned a "loose and fictionalised adaptation".

    -- James Bone, TimesOnLine

I had already written that there have now been 252 Holocaust Horror flics made. Funny how the truth seems to be of no consequence to Pharisee Harris Salomon.

Yes, 252 Holocaust movies are not enough, the world needs yet another one, truthful or not, doesn't matter. We need a good pull on the heart-strings every so often, and truth just gets in the way of the media-Scribe story telling.

Let me leave you with a few other stories of late.

  • GM, the biggest corporation left in America that actually makes something we can use, was grilled by an angry Congress about how they were going to spend the paltry $13 billion loan they were requesting that would help them survive. Meanwhile, Madoff made off with $50 billion without much fanfare from Congress and Congress itself cannot account for the whereabouts of the $8,000 billion dollars it has already thrown at "fixing" the economy by giving it to unknown guys, mostly Jewish Sadducees in the financial sector who caused all the problems and who do not make anything of value in our society.

  • Press-Elect Obama plans to have the IRS put you in prison for hiding some of the money you have worked hard for, because he needs your money to "spread the wealth" around to the ACORN supporters who elected him. However, he arrogantly refuses to prove to the American public that he is entitled as a "natural born citizen" to be entitled to be a President who can unconstitutionally take your money away from you in order to give to another that does not deserve it.

  • Norman Hsu, a major Hillary Clinton fundraiser, may have a connection to Barack Obama. Our Secretary of State may be in a courtroom to prove that she did not take money from Communist Chinese. -- Probably a job for the State Department anyway, so Hillary can handle it OK.

  • Jewish Pharisee Al Franken continues as a real-live Hollywood Frankenstein's monster, after having received millions from media-Scribes living in the State of California. He will win the State of Minnesota, thus giving Sadducee-controlled Hollywood at least three Senators to represent them in Congress.

  • Gov. Rod Blagojevich has finally brought Affirmative Action to the Senate. After decades of the Senate forcing Affirmative Action down our throats, Illinois will now have the first black-safe Affirmative Action Senate seat. Black man Roland Burris has been selected by the Gov. to replace Press-Elect Obama's black seat and the Senate is howling that they will not stand for it!

  • The Senate will not stand for it by giving the excuse that Gov. Rod Blagojevich was in the business of taking money for political appointments. OMG! And we all believe that there is no politician in the Senate who would dare take any money from PACS or Unions or Business interests -- or for that matter from rich Hollywood media-Scribes, in exchange for doing what they wanted done!

  • The Senate will also have its first Affirmative Action WOMAN. The outgoing "woman", Hillary Clinton, will be replaced by the new "woman", Caroline Kennedy. (Nope: sorry again, updated press release has a new woman named Kirsten Gillibrand finally selected for the female-only Senate seat.) The State of New York will now have a guaranteed woman-safe seat in the Senate. And not a renewed Camelot to replace Clintonlot.

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