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December 19, 2008

Bye! Bye! Free Markets!

Bush Looking at 'All Options' on Auto Bailout

Source: Ron Paul
Government and Fraud

Government Expenditures

Can there be any doubt from this graph that the federal government has just initiated an economic coup e'tat?

America is no longer a capitalist country, but now a Fascist one, where the goverenment rules the country through the banks.

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler getting $18 billion to help make the cars we drive is just a small detraction by the media-Scribes and the Jewish Pharisee Barney "Mr. Oversight" Franks, to help us take our attention away from the BIG PICTURE of $8,000 billion being given to Jewish Sadducee investment bankers who do NOTHING but keep us yoked, as slaves, to 21% interest credit cards, never-ending car leases and constantly refinanced 30-year mortgages.

My bank is forced to report my private financial transactions to the government, because I am assumed guilty of drug smuggling, until I prove I am innocent, but banks are not expected to report getting any of my $8,000,000 million dollars given to them by my government?

This is more than $80,000 for every household in America.

This is more than a thousand dollars for each man, woman, and child, IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

But the graph says it all.

Almost every big ticket item spending America has done in her history, outside the Civil and World Wars, does not come close to adding up to this last few months of drunken spending by Congress.

My how the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves!

    "I'm a free-market guy. But I'm not going to let this economy crater in order to preserve the free-market system."

    -- President Bush

Hold on one minute! Either you are for the free market or you are not. This is pure political lying.

Put another way, Bush is saying:

  • I love the free-market, it is what has made America the strongest economy in the world, but I am forced to destroy it. Besides, what free markets? -- Thanks to me, all the free-markets are now in China.

Other great examples from politicians.
  • I am a Christian and I love the sanctity of marriage, but I am not about to allow a husband to boss his wife around, so I am going be the boss around here by allowing the government to grant you a divorce of your marriage, made between you voluntarily, in your church, by the authority of God.

  • I am a Christian and I would not personally abort a baby, but I deeply respect a 15-year-old teenagers's right to do what she thinks is right, including killing her own baby, without the girl's parents knowing.

  • I am a good Christian in following the Ten Commandments when it commands me to tell the truth, and hence, I think we should have "Equal Employment Opportunities" for ALL, with women and blacks specifically targeted with "Affirmative Action".

  • I am a devout Christian in giving to charity -- no, not my money, your money that I take from you, so that I can give it to the poor and see their thankful expressions.

  • I am a caring Christian, who would never allow investment bankers to starve. Yes, I helped them create this huge Ponzi scheme and they gave me tons of campaign contributions, but by golly, there is no way I am going to stand by and allow them to suffer! The poor little souls! Meanwhile, it is a good thing that we can keep printing counterfeit money from out of thin air to help keep them afloat. If investment bankers were to starve, then our economy would really be in a shambles. How would we survive as a country without 21% interest credit cards, never-ending car leases and 30-year home loans that gets refinanced every 5-years?

  • I am a patriotic American and I love my country, so that is why I am letting millions of non-Americans into our country to do the job Americans don't want to do.

  • I am a patriotic American and I am going to do everything in my power to protect and defend each and every citizen of Israel, even if American soldiers have to be sitting ducks in Iraq for the next 100-years.

  • I am a firm believer in free enterprise, so there is no way in hell I will allow the monopoly called the UAW to go out of business. Even if, I have already allowed the textile industry, the steel industry, the furniture industry, the electronics industry, the machine tool industry, and all the others to be outsourced, I will insure the the UAW is protected, so they can continue to run roughshod over GM, Ford and Chrysler, (but only so long as I continue to receive adequate campaign contributions from them of course).

Ponzi Schemes

About Ponzi schemes. Jewish Sadducee Madoff had what is being characterized as the biggest Pyramid scheme in history at $50 billion. And where were the Sarbanes-Oxley auditors? Where are the post-Enron governmental protectors of the innocent? Where was the SEC? Where was the FDIC? Where was the FBI? Where was the Attorney General?

And especially, where was the lead congressional oversight of the financial industry, Jewish Pharisee Barney Frank?

I can tell you where they all are right now. They are back in Congress making more laws to protect us NEXT TIME! Always NEXT TIME!

Protection for us is like believing Microsoft when they tell us they have fixed all the security leaks in their always buggy software that we keep buying and believing in, only later to find yet another security flaw.

Is it really true that Jewish Sadducee Madoff had the biggest Pyramid scheme in history ? -- No, sorry, not even close!

There are no players in Ponzi schemes bigger than the Federal government.

Social Security Ponzi Scheme

The Social Security system Pyramid scheme ammasses into the trillions with the Baby Boomers looking to be the marks in this Ponzi Scheme!

U.S. Dollar Ponzi Scheme

And, how about the granddaddy of all Ponzi schemes. How long have trustworthy men such as Ron Paul been warning of the Ponzi scheme of fractional reserve banking system, concocted by the Fed?

Homeowners are amateurs by comparison. A homeowner leverages 95% of the value of his home against the 5% he put down.

Counterfeit fiat money is created by the Federal Reserve from out of thin air and then fraudulently loaned out up to 15 times more.

If the ARC currency ever takes off, then kiss your dollars goodbye, because they will immediately become worthless.

Civilian National Security Force

One of these days, in the near future, the federal government is going to need that National Police Force Obama keeps talking about to protect itself from angry mobs of citizens finally fed up with all this evil and corruption.

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