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September 17, 2008

Gold-based ARC currency to collapse U.S. Dollar?

Source: Various

March 31, 2008
The last days of Bear Stearns
Founded : 1923 -- Bear Stearns survived the Great Depression

July 11, 2008
FDIC Failed Bank List -- IndyMac
Indy Mac = Independent National Mortgage Corporation

September 7, 2008
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cease and desist
Fannie Mae = Federal National Mortgage Association
Created in 1938 by Federal gov to socialize home ownership during Great Depression
Freddie Mac = Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Created in 1970 by Federal gov to socialize home ownership during Nixon, as we left the gold standard

September 14, 2008
Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch for $50 billion
Founded : 1914 Merrill Lynch survived The Great Depression

September 14, 2008
Global markets dive after Lehman Brothers declares bankruptcy
Founded : 1850 Lehman Brothers survived The Great Depression

September 17, 2008
Government Bails Out AIG With $85 Billion Loan
Founded : 1919 AIG, 18th largest company in the world, survived The Great Depression

September 27, 2008
WaMu files bankruptcy petition in Delaware
Founded : 1889 WaMu (Washington Mutual of Seattle), nations's largest Savings and Loan, survived The Great Depression

September 27, 2008
Wachovia hunts for a merger partner: reports
Founded : 1781, as First Union, Almost as old as our country, and so survived the Great Depression; 4th largest bank

Sept 19, 2008
Guess again who's to blame for U.S. mortgage meltdown

Source: Arabian
June 12, 2008
Gulf monetary union deal 'more or less final'

September 12, 2008
Will government bailouts spell end of dollar? -- Craig R. Smith

Source: Human
September 19, 2008
The Party's Over -- Pat Buchanan

September 19, 2008
1929: Deja Vu all over again -- Hal Lindsey

March 19, 2008
Bernanke: Federal Reserve caused Great Depression -- Hal Lindsey

    "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." -- Thomas Jefferson

The Smartest Guys in the Room

When the 2003 book Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room published by New York City based, media-Scribe Fortune Magazine was written, the part about the Enron guys being "smart" was a typical media-Scribe dig at Texas oilmen. Obviously, the New York City media-Scribes were implying that the oil and gas executives of Houston-based Enron were dumb as door knobs. Not stopping there, they accused Enron executives, deep in the Protestant homeland, of being criminals on top of being dumb. By lying about the stability of Enron in the face of a known potential meltdown, according to Pharisee lawyers, these executives knowingly and criminally caused all the poor Protestant Enron employees, that Sadducee-owned Fortune Magazine "cared so deeply about", to lose their entire pension.

Out of this, we got more government regulation. The Sarbanes-Oxley bill legislated ethics. As if fraud was not already against the law. Anyway, in the next section, we will see that Wall Street Sadducee bankers seem to be exempt from Sarbanes-Oxley.

The "real" Smartest Guys in the Room

So now, the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it?

Oil executives are doing just fine right now. But the media-Scribe self-proclaimed real "Smartest Guys in the Room", that is, Jewish New York City Investment Bank Sadducees, are showing America that they are not nearly as smart as they like to brag about.

Nor are they any more ethical than Enron executives.

How smart or ethical can an executive be who does nothing constructive whatsoever, whose only job was to push paper money around, whose total training and career is in the fiduciary management of paper money, and yet then shows he cannot handle his own bank's paper money when his own investment bank goes bankrupt? At least the Enron boys were worrying more about distributing electrical generation power to all of us after the utility deregulation, than worrying about whether or not their financial arrangements for that energy distribution were air tight. At least, Enron officials were not the experts on money, that Lehman Brothers officials were.

Enron did not get any mercy whatsoever at the hands of the Pharisee-own media-Scribe press. But New-York City based Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wachovia and WaMu were all "too big to fail"; They were "too important"; so says the self-serving media-Scribes. Only Lehman Brothers was thrown under the bus, just to make it not look like too much favoritism. Largely, it will be your typical Catholic or Protestant taxpayer who will be bailing out these Sadducee weasels.

Only, all those assets are being consolidated into even bigger banks like J.P Morgan, who will be ever too big to fail. We should be reconstituting the Glass-Steagal act that prohibited interstate banking. Each state should regulate their banks; as they now do with insurance.

Never fear, the Jewish media-Scribes are quick to quote the top federal regulator of our last financial meltdown, who was shown to be not regulating when he should have been regulating:
    (Sadducee) William Isaac, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in the early 1980s, cautioned against panic. Bank failures so far pale against the 3,000 failures in the 1980s, he said. --International Herald Tribune (7-13-08)

      (TCS Translation: Since we have only had 11 bank fails this year with the Real Estate Bubble burst, just matching the 11 bank failures of 2002 with the Internet Bubble burst, America is in fantastic financial shape. Be Happy; Don't Worry!

      And BTW, forget about the 100-year-old Wall Street Investment Banks failing that do not make the FDIC list of failed banks, nor forget the largest insurance company in the world having to be rescued that also does not count.)

    IndyMac held $32 billion in assets as of late March, according to the government. It has been 15 years since any bank larger than $10 billion in assets collapsed. The largest bank failure on record was in 1984 when Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust in Chicago hit trouble, presaging the savings and loan crisis. --International Herald Tribune (7-13-08)

      (TCS: Not mentioned: Lehman Brothers was a failure of only a mere $649 billion in assets; AIG was a slightly larger $1050 billion in assets

      Talk about Enron-speak!)

The Dumbest Guys in the Room

Reality is that there were guys dumber than these Investment Bankers gambling with America's wealth. And that dumb and dumber combo would be Congress and the President. Starting with "the first Black President" President Clinton and continuing with President Bush, Congress had not been regulating too little; it had been regulating too much. The Pharisees got into their class warfare mode and accused bankers of being racist. They were "redlining" black housing sections, according to the Pharisee do-gooders. Never mind data from the Washington Post:
    The Washington Post reported that the company conducted a study in which it was found that far more black people have bad credit than white people, even when both have the same incomes. In fact, the study showed a higher percentage of African Americans with incomes of $65,000 to $75,000 had bad credit than white Americans with incomes of below $25,000.
Bankers were FORCED by federal regulations to INTENTIONALLY make BAD LOANS to blacks ! --All to meet QUOTAS !

You see, Pharisees often wrongly equate the amount of money you make with morality. A black man making $75,000 should have far better morality in the affirmative action job that the Pharisee and Herodian bosses gave him, than the white man he displaced who was now only making $25,000. Perhaps, the white man making $25,000 knows he earned his money; whereas, the black man knows he is a fraud, already proof that he has no morals. And a Pharisee making $300 million has no morals at all, so perhaps Jesus was right, a rich man cannot fit into the eye of a needle.

Will it be another Great Depression or just another World War?

But let me get serious, as this is not at all funny.

Previously, we were worried about the creation of the Euro as a direct currency competitor to the "almighty dollar". In the last five years, the exchange rate has deteriorated 50% for the dollar. Five years ago, a European could buy one dollar with his Euro; now he can buy one dollar and two quarters. This is huge dollar inflation, but the Euro is not backed by gold, silver or anything else either, just as our U.S. dollar is no longer based on gold or silver; therefor, the Euro could swing the other way just as easily as ours did. In fact, this is the natural back and forth motions with any governmental central bank currency.

Now, Craig R. Smith has proposed a doomsday scenario.

Who has the lion's share of our greenbacks?
  • China
  • Arabs
  • Russia
Who has the lion's share of oil?
  • Arabs
  • Russia
Who has the lion's share of gold?
  • China
  • Arabs
Who has the lion's share of our industrial production?
  • China

Suppose that the leaders of Russia and China got in bed with the Arabs to be their nuclear-arsenal-ed protectors, their bodyguards, when the Arabs introduce their new Gulf Monetary Union (GMU) competition to the U.S. dollar and the Euro.

Suppose that the Arabs peg their currency to gold and oil.

Suppose that the Arabs tell us that they will not sell anyone any more oil, unless we paid for the oil with their GMU monetary unit.

Suppose that China goes along with the Arabs and tell us that we need to purchase our manufactured goods with GMU currency, so that they can buy their oil from Arabs using GMU currency.

Suppose that Russia also goes along with the Arabs, asking Europeans to pay for their oil and gas using GMU currency, so that they can buy Chinese goods with GMU currency.

That is a doomsday scenario indeed!

Both the Euro and the U.S. Dollar would become worthless paper overnight and we couldn't do a thing about it. Russia and China have nukes, and even then, Russia could simply shut off oil and gas supplies to Europe, while China could shut off all our manufactured goods, as Arabs are shutting off the rest of the oil.

People would howl about it being the worst blackmail in the history of the world, but we would have to accept it or declare a nuclear WW III.

A more likely scenario, and a far more generous offer, that is only a little less scary, would be for the Arabs to allow anyone with dollars to convert over to their GMUs. This of course benefits mostly China, Russia and Arabs of course, since they have so many dollars, but it does not cut out everyone else. They would of course only convert the current U.S. M3 money amounts in circulation. Still a disaster, still another Great Depression, indeed a far Greater Depression than last time, but a little more bearable, not of a WW III level.

In this scenario, we would have GMUs to buy oil and manufactured goods for a short time. But again, the U.S. dollar would instantly become worthless, as everyone would convert to the safer bet of the gold and oil backed monetary unit, that would also be the only one accepted by the oil and manufactured goods producing countries.

Craig Smith has already renamed this currency to the ARC (Arab-Russia-China). If either of these scenarios play out, we will need a Biblical Ark to save us.

Who to Blame, Who to Blame, Who to Blame?

The first reaction for Americans is to blame everyone else, but themselves.
  • "That dirty Putin for only thinking of his own Russian country's interests first. Doesn't he know we Americans believe in the global economy where everyone helps everyone else? We all just want to get along! Why can't he cooperate?"
  • "Those dirty Chinese. Didn't we teach them everything we know, gave them all our manufacturing tools and processes, and gave them boat loads of our American funny money, in exchange for an attic full of junk? And this is the thanks we get!"
  • "Those dirty Arabs. Didn't we keep Israel from taking over all their lands for these last 60-years, keeping 1 billion Muslims from becoming Palestinians? Why, look at all the rebuilding we did in Iraq for them with our soldiers, carrying machine guns in their streets in front of their children, as our helicopters and jet fighters flew overhead. "
Now, stop and think a while about how arrogant we have been treating the rest of the world.
  • We should have been treating our fellow Christian country, Russia, as we would have wanted to be treated; instead, we gave over the ancestral homeland of the Serbians, Russia's ally, to Muslims in Kosovo.
  • We should have allowed oil and gas pipelines from former Soviet Union provinces to travel though the Russian Christian lands where they would have been safer; instead, we put them through quickly radicalizing Muslim Turkey, by way of Georgia.
  • We should have quietly declared our victory in the Cold War against the Soviet Union, completely disbanded NATO, built solely to defend Europe from the now non-existent Soviet Union, and gone back home to mind our own business; instead, we EXPAND NATO into the former Soviet Union provinces Russia used to control, thereby provoking Russia.
  • We should condemn the Jewish Crusade upon Jerusalem today, as violently as the media-Scribes condemn the Christian Crusades of the Holy Lands a thousand years ago; instead, we believe the media-Scribes when they tell us that blasphemous Jesus-denying Jews are God's "Chosen People" and we do everything in our power to aggravate the easily aggravated Muslims.
  • We should still be in a Cold War with the communist China; instead, we move all our capitalistic manufacturing operations to their country.

Who to really blame?

Yes, there are a few obvious targets to blame, which will never get blamed.

  • The Federal Reserve -- Thank you Sadducee-led Federal Reserve for leading us into BOTH Great Depressions! Since you were created in 1913 to stop bank panics, you had the world's first Great Depression 16-years into your watch. You took us off the gold standard. Now, you have brought on a far worst Great Depression. This time around, we will be the Wiemar Republic and Germany will be us. It will be us Americans carrying bushels of money to buy a loaf of bread this time around.
  • The Department of Energy -- Thank you DOE. Since your creation 30-years ago to make America energy Independent, we have gone from 20% dependence to 70% dependence. What a fantastic job you have done for us, which we hope we have paid you well for!
  • Wall Street -- Thanks Sadducee-infested Wall Street for handling our money with the utmost of fiduciary care. You have lectured us on properly handling money for years. Invest with us, as we are "the smartest guys in the room", and we will make you rich. Bah, Humbug! You can't even handle your own affairs.
  • The Republican Party -- Thanks for giving us WTO, NAFTA, NATO and all the other world organizations that was going to make us "even more wealthy and more secure than we ever were before". And a special thanks for protecting us from that "mad uncle" Republican relative, Ron Paul! Gee, he's such a goof-ball with his silly, old-fashioned gold-backed money ideas and "will never work" non-entangling alliances ideas.
  • The Democratic Party -- Thanks for giving us the UN that houses the WTO, NAFTA and NATO and thanks for giving us Social Security. If we didn't have Social Security, most of us Baby Boomers would be starving in our old age, Ups, sorry, the U.S. Dollar we use to pay Social Security benefits will soon be worthless.
  • The media-Scribes -- Thanks for always giving us an Israel-First view of the world, instead of an American-First view. Why it would be treason to ever "second-guess Israel's needs" as Sarah Palin suggests and the media-Scribes trumpet day and night. An Emmy Award goes to the media-Scribes for properly informing us of the interests in the Sadduceans and Pharisees in protecting Israel, while protecting us from hearing the silly, unworkable ideas of Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan trying to protect America.
  • The Sanhedrin -- Special thanks here. They have coordinated all this destruction to bring America to her knees, so that America can be completely absorbed into the UN organization.

The Christian Solution

It is not enough to blame. Sound solutions are needed. I wish to propose a few solid ways to get this country back on track.

  1. Pray like never before!!!
  2. Unite as Christians! Resist the call to have Christians divided. The Jews are not really divided when it come to their interests.
  3. Do NOT EVER succumb to the media-Scribes telling us to submit America to the UN, believing all our problems will go away. Work instead for the opposite. Kick the UN out of ground central for the Jewish Sadduceans' hornets nest, New York City.
  4. Do NOT EVER succumb to another Herodian Julius Caesar who will promise to fix all our problems, only to leave us with a dictatorship.
  5. Common sense, drill for oil everywhere and put nuclear electric generating power plants in every neighborhood.
  6. Have the States directly select the President and Vice-President once again -- Take the microphone away from the media-Scribes in our presidential elections, by having our slightly more politically aware and wiser state legislative representatives select the President and Vice-President, as they have done for the majority of our nation's history. Let's face the facts, democratic Presidential elections by the masses consisting of "wrongly informed by the media-Scribes" men, and later in our history, totally uninformed "never-watch-the-news" women and know-it-all "know-nothing from public schools" 18-year olds, have not given us better Presidents.
  7. Repeal the 17Th Amendment -- Give the States a stake in the Federal government again, by repealing the 17Th Amendment of 1913. By allowing States to select U.S. Senators once again, the States will once again have a veto over federal legislation taking power away from them. The Constitutional checks and balances will once again function properly.
  8. Repeal the 16Th Amendment -- States should internally tax in their own State to give that State the money needed to handle its state responsibilities; whereas, the federal government shall return to its traditional means of support -- taxing international shipments so that it can handle its international responsibilities. Just like a mother focuses internally, while a father focuses externally. If the federal government needs special funds, as in time of a "declared war", then the Constitution allows for a direct tax to be collected by each state for that purpose. If a high federal tariff cuts off trade of dangerous and defective Chinese goods and Arab oil, all the better in the long run!
  9. Before we disband the Fed, have the Fed's last act being to implement a Christian Jubilee, where the Fed gives every household a stimulus check of $600,000, so that we can all get out from under all this debt. (Based upon the previous anemic $600 stimulus package.)
  10. More common sense -- Get our country back to our own gold-based money, as required by the Constitution.
  11. Bring all our troops home to protect America and disengage in our entangling international alliances overseas.
  12. And finally, decide as a nation how we are to handle the Pharisee and Sadducee criminals who have caused all this grief over the last hundred years.


AIG with $1.05 TRILLION dollars in assets was indeed too large to fail. Hence, Lehman Brothers will remain on record as the biggest failure in American history at 639 billion in assets. Enron by example was the third biggest at a puny by comparison 63.4 billion. At ten times the size, that should have allowed Pharisee dominated New York City-based Lehman Brothers to have ten times the number of "Smartest Guys in the Room" than Christian dominated Houston-based Enron. Pharisee dominated New York City-based AIG should have had over 16 times as many "Smartest Guys in the Room".

I distinctly remember the last time the oil patch was making decent money and the media-Scribes were wanting Congress to pass "wind-fall profits taxes". At that time, the investment bankers, just down the street from the media-Scribes of the New York Times, had an even greater return on the dollar than the oil patch. The hypocrisy! But, don't expect to see the media-Scribes tell you any of this. Enron is still fertile joke material for them.

Anyone holding their breath waiting for Sadducee media-Scribe Hollywood producers to make another Fun with Dick and Jane movie, this time about a Sadducee (Herodian?) CEO in New York City, making 22.1 million dollars per year as a banker who bankrupts his own bank , 158 years old, with ten times the assets of Enron, will surely die for lack of air.

How anti-Semitic of me to point out the double standard rich and powerful Jews have us live under, let alone the far greater danger to our country that their actions will have caused in this upcoming Greater Depression.

During the last Great Depression,
  • America was still on the Gold Standard, our money was actually worth something; we could buy MORE with it as the Depression deepened; just no-one had any of it.
  • America was still the world's biggest owner of wealth, after WW1, instead of the world's biggest debtor.
  • America was still a moral country.
  • America still had an independent manufacturing base, that supplied most of our needs, not dependant upon communist Chinese.
  • America still had an independent oil industry, that supplied all our energy needs, not dependant upon hostile OPEC producers.
  • America still had an Independent farming industry, that supplied all our food needs, that had no global transportation issues with vegetables from Chile and fish from China.
  • Americans were united in a common Christian European cultural background, and thus along with the morality, did not decay into riots and civil war.
  • Americans were militarily unsurpassed with a Europe still licking its wombs from WW1, and thus was safe from attack.
  • most ordinary Americans at the time had nothing really to do with stocks and bonds so they were not directly affected.
  • and most importantly, most Americans could still go back to family farms for food and survival.

Today, if this calamity happened, there would be tremendous barbaric hordes of hungry mobs descend from the Northern cities, much like barbaric Huns seeking the warmth and food of the Roman Empire South.

There will be real blood on the streets because of this gross mismanagement of our economy by the Pharisees, not the symbolic "blood in the streets" that Wall Street likes to allude to when someone loses a few dollars.

And it will not be the fault of the Russians, Chinese or Arabs who created the ARC currency to protect their own countries. You know by now whom I blame.

And as Pat Buchanan explains so eloquently, "The Party's Over" .

And, we will know the party's over when the ARC currency is introduced.
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