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December 6, 2008

This Land is My Land!

Source: The Christian
God's Poster Child in the Promised Land

This is a response to the video of the hateful Israeli Jewish boy who told the British film crew that the Holy Lands were "his land".

All peoples are capable of claiming a homeland. For instance:

This Land is my Land

  • I claim America as my land, because my father's grandfather was English and he settled this country.

  • I claim America as my land, because my mother's grandmother was Cherokee Indian and she already was settled here.

  • I claim America as my land, because I am a Christian member of this Christian majority country.

Jews are not the English or German or Swede or Irish Christians who originally settled this country. They are illegal immigrants who used cunning and deception to enter the U.S., after it had already fought its Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Their blood had not been spilled on American soil. They have never earned a citizenship right to call themselves Americans.

Even one of their highest members, Rahm Emanuel, our next White House Chief of Staff, gatekeeper to the President, does not feel he is an American, as he chose to join and bleed for the Israeli Army during the first Gulf War, instead of enlisting in the U.S. Army.

Pharisee Emanuel would never shed his blood for America.

But Pharisee Emanuel is not at all against ruling America from inside our own White House of the President of the United States.

We are told that "America is owned by the people". Yet, isn't the people, in practical terms --the majority, and isn't the majority -- Christian? Why then are Pharisees and Sadducees like Rahm Emanuel and Barney Frank and Joe Lieberman and George Soros ruling America instead of Christians? Why do a Christian majority allow all their news to be filtered through Jewish media-Scribes?

In my hypothesis, America is being ran by a Jewish Oligarchy, for the interest of the Jewish people, especially Israel, and I don't like it.

I want my country back!

Your Land is my Land too

Now, I will totally repute all the hateful arguments of the nice little Jewish boy.

Judea and Israel are known to be the Promised Lands given by God to God's Chosen People. No Jew or Christian disagrees with this statement.

My argument is that God's Chosen People are NOT the ones calling themselves Jews today, but instead, the real Chosen People are Christians.

To understand this, you have to imagine the Middle East during the time of Jesus. It had indeed been filled with Jews prior to and including the time of Jesus. What happened after Jesus is what is critical to my argument.

During and after Jesus, most Jews continued to be Jews in the traditional sense, as before Jesus, they had believed the Prophets who told them of the coming of the Lord, while after Jesus, they actually witnessed the coming of the Lord. Jesus himself tells us that nothing had changed, since he was simply the embodiment of the fulfillment of the Scriptures.

Over time, Christian Jews became the majority in Judea. At the same time, the non-Christian Jews, who did not believe in the Son of God, became a minority.

But it got worst for the non-Christian Jews, when Non-Christian Jews decided to revolt against Rome and the Christian Jews who were quickly reshaping Rome. These non-Christian Jews essentially became non-existent in Judea with their revolt against Rome, bringing about Roman retaliation with the destruction of the second Temple, and their second Diaspora out of Judea and dispersal throughout the Roman empire, during the second century A.D.

The Holy Lands have always belonged to the Jews who believed in the coming of the Lord and who followed Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Savior afterwards. They are the rightful heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. They are the rightful heirs to Jerusalem.

Today, they are simply called -- Christians.

Since a definition of Christian contains a central belief in Jesus Christ, then Jesus must have always been a Christian, as Jesus always believed in himself. Mary, the mother of Jesus became Christian right after the Archangel revealed God's design to her. Our Moses and Abraham and Isaiah in heaven are Christians today, as they know Jesus sits at the right hand of God this day.

When the Muslim invaders arrived at Jerusalem, they took Jerusalem away from Christians, not Jews. That is, the Muslims took Jerusalem away from Christian Jews, but not a single non-Christian Jew, as non-Christian Jews had been forbidden to live in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem therefor belongs today to Christians by 1) God's blessing of the Promised Land, and by 2) rightful ownership rights at the time of violent invasion.

Christian Crusaders had every right to retake the Holy Lands; whereas, Jewish Crusaders today have no right to retake the Holy Lands.

The hateful Jewish boys arguments fall flat on their face.

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