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December 1, 2008

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I'm sorry, haven't we seen this plot before?

Do we really need a "Holocaust the 252th" movie from the Jewish Hollywood media-Scribes?

I mean really -- Isn't 252 movies the Holocaust old news by now?

Hitler was a foreign leader, of a foreign land, who did evil to foreigners, in his own foreign country, that America was fighting against as an enemy, done a long, long, long time ago.

Hitler is so old news.

Does America still need our nose rubbed in this crap every other month, as if Hitler or the Holocaust was our fault.

Just last week I received one of those emails floating around the Internet which showed Holocaust Horror Pics and cautioning Christians (I suppose) against allowing such evil to persist against Jews. The email waxed glowingly about how Eisenhower insisted that photos be taken so that, "no one could ever deny that the Holocaust ever existed".

Seriously -- I doubt that will ever happen! The Jewish media-Scribes pop out Holocaust movies faster than they spit out homosexual sit-coms.

Anyway, here was my response to the ones who forwarded the email to me:

My Response to the Fact that Eisenhower did not have Innocent Hands

Eisenhower appears to be a moral man by commanding Holocaust pictures to be taken for posterity, but I have a sad premise that Eisenhower was not at all a moral man, but instead, Eisenhower was a vile deceptive immoral man, who committed evil propaganda against American Christians.

If Eisenhower had any form of a moral compass, as commander of all allied military forces in WWII, he could not possibly have been an ally to Stalin, the atheist who had already massacred far more Russian Christians than Hitler would ever be accused of murdering Jews.

Indeed, at the time Eisenhower started his battles against Hitler in 1941, Stalin was the only mass murderer in the fight, and we were affectionately calling him "Uncle Joe".

Hitler did not perform any of his nasty deeds until 1943 -- not until after our propaganda machine had already totally condemned Hitler as a war criminal and had already declared we would only accept unconditional surrender, backing him into a corner.

So much for Eisenhower "washing his hands" of moral evil. -- Eisenhower consciously sided with a known evil to fight a made-up evil. Indeed, instead of fighting moral evil, Eisenhower went out of his way to provide direct military support to this morally evil Stalin butcher, thus preserving this madman as total dictator of the cold war Warsaw Pact countries that we were confronted with up until President Ronald Reagan.

If Eisenhower cared about a moral civilization, he would have released photos showing the Ukrainian famines of the 20 million Christians directly caused by Stalin confiscating all grains in all grain silos throughout the Ukraine. He would have showed pictures of the Gulags Stalin ran where Christians were send to be worked to death in Siberia, one of the harshest environments on Earth. Camps in Germany were Disneyland by comparison.

If Eisenhower cared about the truth, he would have shown Americans how Stalin was undermining the governments of Europe prior to WWII.

Having as much intelligence briefs as any American, Eisenhower should have known that Stalin was undermining the Wiemar German government following WW1, and several German provinces had been taken over by Stalinist communists. Eisenhower would have known of the "Spartacus Uprising" where the capital of German was forcibly taken over by a communist coup d'etat. Eisenhower, would have known that Hitler was a freely elected leader of Germany to address such a dire state of affairs. Eisenhower would also have known that Stalin was never elected by his people. Eisenhower would have known that Stalin never would have been elected by his own people had he ran for election.

The Spanish Civil War was a later Stalin-led initiative to undermine and cause revolt in Spain. Hitler helped Franco survive and American media-Scribe communists were fuming with hatred for it, but I did not see where Eisenhower showed photos of any of the 10,000 priests and nuns that the communist Stalinistas slaughtered in Spain. In America, the media-Scribes believe that the Christian Pope is their worst enemy, so a few of his followers being slaughtered in Spain is no problem to their conscience.

You can see the propaganda in our country that overlooks the evil of Stalin, overlooks the evil of Castro, and overlooks the crimes against Franco for yourself in this one hour video documentary here.

If Eisenhower cared about the truth, he would have shown the one-million-plus, complete genocide of the Christian Armenians at the hands of the Muslim Turks at the end of the first World War. "Come on Eisenhower, only atrocities carried out at the end of the Second World War count?" "Atrocities carried out against Christians do not count?"

In sum, I have written that America Should Chose Better Friends.

Later, Pat Buchanan does a great job of pointing out that Hitler was just a bogeyman created by Winston Churchill, who was the real cause of Germany feeling that it was being targeted for destruction in both WW1 and WW2. I agree wholeheartedly with Pat's analysis and add a little of my own here.

And now for the hard hitting part to all of you!

Any of you who forwards this vile propaganda, which is obviously to gain sympathy for Jews, does not themselves show any sort of moral compass, as sins of the past can be forgiven, but on-going sins cannot.

And here is why you are sinners. Hitler is old news. Forgetting contemporary Stalin, Hitler was a foreign leader of a foreign land who did evil to foreigners in his own foreign country a long, long time ago, that America was fighting against. What more could American Christians be expected to do? While I pray for the dead, I have absolutely no personal guilt trip with these pictures. My reactions are quite the opposite. I am OUTRAGED that there is a Holocaust museum on the Washington mall in my capital, as if all American Christians had somehow had anything to do with the Holocaust!

Eisenhower was silent, as Winston Churchill fire-bombed Dresden prior to 1941, murdering tens of thousands of innocent German Christian men, women and children. Eisenhower was silent, as Truman dropped atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands of Japanese non-Judeo-Christian innocent in 1945. But why then would Eisenhower be so concerned about non-Christian Jews murdered by an atheist Fascist? Or, are we required to believe that devout Protestant Lutheran Christians were to blame for non-Christians dying in Germany?

But in fact,

--- today and tomorrow,
--- not yesterday nor 60-years-ago,

--- by the hands of our own American leaders,
--- not by the hands of Nazi leaders,

--- with the propaganda of our own Jewish media-Scribes,
--- not that of the Nazi propagandists,

--- to our own Christian children,
--- not to the children of Jews,

--- in far greater numbers,
-- than both Hitler and Stalin put together,

--- we are facing a vast genocide in our own mist that,

--- we have the ability to stop, that

--- few of us do anything to stop, that in fact

--- few of us care enough to pass aborted baby pictures around to our friends in emails.

If you were to hold Eisenhower to the same Christian standards that you have held Eric Rudolph, then you would be accusing Eisenhower of being a mass murderer simply for his D-Day invasion to kill German soldiers, who were simple farmers just a few years prior, now drafted to fight the invading Americans.

Yes, I do dare consider Eric Rudolph to be a far greater American hero or Christian hero than Eisenhower.

Eric was anonymously trying to protect the most innocent of American Christian lives, our own babies.

Eisenhower was a highly paid General of socialist FDR, sending our troops over to Europe to get Churchill's ass of the fire for a second time after they had again provoked Germany, so that he would gain such popularity as to get himself elected President.

All Eric got out of the deal was notoriety and condemnation from the Jewish media-Scribe propangandists, and a life-time prison sentence.

You can read why I consider Eric Rudolph to be a Christian hero here.

Sorry if I come across so strong, but strong pictures such as these which cause such an anti-Christian bias, demand strong words of condemnation.

And I would not have sent a reply to this unless I believed you did not know what you were doing, when you forwarded the propaganda.

This is only meant as an educational email. If you believe I have error'ed in my analysis in any way, please reply and correct me. (You can write me to agree with me as well:)

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