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November 19, 2008

Presidential Assassin and White House Counsel

Exclusive: Craig to be WH counsel

Source: The Weekly Standard
Meet Greg Craig, Obama's White House Counsel

Ayers: It was 'stupid' to honor Sirhan Sirhan

Obama's VP Screener Missed Problems with Controversial Clinton Pardons

Obama AG Pick Lobbied for Dicey Telco Deal

Of all the thousands of ambulance chasers in the country to chose from for the position of White House Counsel, Democrat Press-elect Obama has selected the one attorney who represented the assassin of Republican President Ronald Reagan to be his White House Counsel, Gregory Craig.

Does defending a man who wants to assassinate a Republican President automatically make you eligible to be the White House Counsel to a Democrat president?

To me, this smacks morally close to what a good judge would say is a "conflict of interest" and therefor a disqualification for the job.

Yet, this seems to continue a string of associations Obama has with assassins and terrorists.

First Obama selected the son of an assassin for the White House Chief of Staff , after he pal'ed around with a domestic terrorist assassin, who dedicated his book to yet another assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, and now the lawyer for an presidential assassin will be the White House Counsel?

Can this country sink any lower? First Clinton, then Bush, now Obama?

Here is a partial list of the "noble causes" that Gregory Craig has defended:

  • John Hinkley, the man who shot President Reagan
  • William Kennedy Smith, Palm Beach rape case at Teddy Kennedy compound
  • Cuba, in extradition of Elian Gonzales back to Cuba
  • Teddy Kennedy, for Communist Sandinistas against Contra freedom fighters
  • Panama official, for murder of U.S. Army Sgt. Zak Hernandez Laporte
  • President Clinton, impeachment defense
  • UN Secretary General Kofi Annam, Oil-for-Food scandal

Next, Obama selects, as America's FIRST BLACK Attorney General, Eric Holder. This man was head of presidential pardons in Clinton's White House and who silently acquiesced to allowing Jewish criminal Marc Rich to be pardoned at the request of the Israeli Prime Minister. What kind of morals and laws do our Attorney Generals need in order to be qualified for the position?

Yessiree, "Change we can believe in!"

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