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November 5, 2008

Obama - President of the World

Source: Global News Service of the Jewish People
Race ends with GOP slamming Obama on Israel

Source: MSNBC
Obama turns to building his administration

Barack Obama: The CFR's man

Emanuel volunteers Americans to do 'a lot'

Obama represents America,
--- since he is the ultimate fulfillment of the American dream.

Obama represents Africa,
--- since he was born in Kenya.

Obama represents Asia,
--- since he was raised in Indonesia.

Obama represents the Middle East,
--- since he has an Arab name.

Obama represents Israel,
--- since his White House Chief of Staff has a dual citizenship with Israel.

About that last point....

Where are McCarthy hearings when you need them?

Israeli secret agents have infiltrated the White House.

It is always interesting that media-Scribes in their continuing love-fest of Obama will point out the first four areas of the world that Obama represents. What will not be pointed out by the Jewish media-Scribes is how Obama will also be representing Israel; their own interests.

The White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will be a man with Israeli citizenship.

Anyone care to explain how a man with an open allegiance to another country can obtain the highest security clearance our country has to offer?

Rahm Emanuel volunteers to serve Israel, not the country of his birth

During the First Iraq War, Rahm Emanuel could have volunteered with the U.S. military as an American citizen in protecting Kuwait from Sadamn when U.S. soldiers were placing their lives on the line. Instead, he volunteered to fight for the Israeli military. What does that say about his allegiance to America? Yet, this January, he will be the right hand man to the President of the United States.

This American traitor is already on record as wanting American youth to have mandatory requiring service that "will give people a sense of what it means to be an American." Exactly what sense of being an America does he have by volunteering for service in Israel. This is scary, as this is the type of men we have forming what it will mean to be an American for our children? Really Scary!

Do we really need Rahm-styled Jewish Nazi Youth camps?
    According to Fox News, in accordance with his deep Jewish roots and volunteering in Israel when it was under attack from Saddam Hussein's missiles in the first Gulf War, [Rahm Emanuel] has indicated consistent support for Israel.

    - Wikipedia, Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel's father was a Jewish terrorist against Christians

If that were not enough. Obama has been crticized for hanging around with terrorists, but Rahm Emanuel's father was a terrorist.
    His father, the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician and was a member of the Irgun, a militant Zionist group considered a terrorist group by the British and the New York Times during the British Mandate of Palestine, before the founding of Israel

    --Wikipedia, Rahm Emanuel

Let me tell you why the British called them a terrorist group. Because, in their most infamous of many terrorist attacks on Britian, they blew up the King David hotel, injuring 46 and murdering 91 innocents, mostly Protestant British citizens.
    The King David Hotel bombing was a deadly bomb strike by the Irgun, a militant Zionist group, on the headquarters of the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine, located at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The offensive was carried out on 22 July 1946 and was the deadliest attack against the British during the Mandate era (1920-1948).

    --Wikipedia, King David Hotel bombing

This was a dasterdly bit of "spit in your face" evil done to a Christian country that had just defeated the worst enemy Judaism ever had, Hitler, and especially, for these particular Protestant British citizens, who had just prevented Hitler from the symbolic achievement of having taken Jerusalem.

If the father could be a terrorist against Christians, then why would Rahm Emanual not some day also be a terrorist against American Christians? Answer that question FBI before you grant Rahm Emanuel a security clearance to have access to all our strategic nuclear and biological secrets.

We are beginning to treat the country of Israel as our 51st State. But wasn't Britian ruling Israel under a United Nations Mandate? Wasn't Britain following international law? The Irgun terrorist group that Rahm Emanuel's father belonged to did not give a squat that Britain had defeated Hitler, that the Jews had created the United Nations and that Britain was being undermined from within to force the Palistinians off their lands and handed over to European Jews.

King David Massacre Celebrations 60 years later

Around the same time period that Rahm Emanuel was serving his country -- Israel -- the Irgun comrades of Rahm's father was celebrating the murders of British Protestants.

And the media-Scribes believe they have the moral authority to condemn Palistinian terrorist attacks!
    In July 2006, Israelis, including former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former members of Irgun, attended a 60th anniversary celebration of the bombing, which was organized by the Menachem Begin Centre. The British Ambassador in Tel Aviv and the Consul-General in Jerusalem protested, saying "We do not think that it is right for an act of terrorism, which led to the loss of many lives, to be commemorated."

    --Wikipedia, King David Hotel Bombing

the Myth of Obama being anti-Semitic

But what is funny is for anyone to believe that a man like Obama could get the adoring love from the media-Scribes without the media-Scribes knowing that they already had Obama in their back pocket.

For instance, the McCain camp was said to be accusing Obama of being anti-Semitic.

No! No! No! Obama was busy being all things to all people, and they knew it.

The real test of Obama's loyalties was the appointment of a Pharisee to the White House Chief of Staff position. The very first position announced by Obama was a man who is a citizen of Israel and one who was not a Christian. That tells me all I need to know.

But even before the election, Obama had Bill Ayers, a Jewish terrorist, to ghost write his book, Dreams of my Father. This unrepentant Jewish Terrorist bomber of the Pentagon innuagarated the campaign of Obama in his living room. How can Obama be accused of being anti-Semitic? The media-Scribes love Bill Ayers much more than Obama; although not officially as Ayers did bomb his own Christian host country.

Obama is simply a Herodian, needed to advance the cause of the Sanhedrin. And some are already speculating that Obama will be assassinated by Irgun-type assassins with blame placed at the feet of white Christians, just as President Kennedy was assassinated with blame placed on white Christians in Dallas. For many years, we have heard of race wars coming. Perhaps, the unrealizable expectations of blacks in America and their inevitable disappointment will be the spark for such a conflagaration.

One thing I know for sure though. the media-Scribes will not be directing any rage toward themselves, the Jews of the media-Scribes.

I broke with the John Birch Society because I found they were too leftist for me. JBS believes it is the CFR who nominates, promotes and elects all our Presidents. As a reward to the CFR, the newly elected President then appoints mostly CFR members to his cabinet, thus keeping them in power and allowing the cycle to continue. To the JBS, the CFR is the only conspiracy in America -- end of story. But after investigating further, I figure that the Council on Foreign Relations is simply the operations branch of the Jewish Sahedrin. The CFR members are the approved and blessed Herodians of the Sanhedrin. None of this could be accomplished without the additional support of the media-Scribes making the new President into a media sensation, a Messiah.

Anyway you cut it, President-elect Obama cannot get much more pro-Israel than this!

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