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October 23, 2008

Harlem Jay Walking

Howard Stern has finally found a way he could benefit society.

In the radio segment below, media-Scribe Stern has conclusively proven why Democracy is doomed to fail, and why we need to restore our former Republic.

Sadly and ironically, we have allowed media-Scribes like Howard Stern to talk us into giving our representative Republic for the Siren-like appeal of "democracy". A democracy which the media-Scribes can then propagandize us with impunity since the media-Scribes With blacks representing 14% of Americans and Obama being only a few percentage points ahead of McCain, blacks will no doubt decide who will be the next President of the United States.

Only, this Howard Stern presentation clearly shows blacks are voting for Obama simply because he is black, and not on the basis of Christian principles. ---Or as it turns out, any principles whatsoever!!!

This means that the majority of "thinking adults", Christian adults, will lose an election that depends upon the majority winning elections in order to maintain its legitimacy. I emphasize "thinking adults", because even they are not "thinking" if they believe McCain represents their Christian beliefs and would make the best President.


(To save America, we will need to throw out the entire House on Nov. 4, except for Ron Paul, and insist that House Representative Ron Paul be made the Speaker of the House ---see Ron Paul's Total Money Makeover)

Sadly, I am finding that I am leaning more and more heavily toward Ann Coulter's view of who should vote:
    Q: Who exactly has the vote who shouldn't have?

    A: Women. It's true. It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950--except Goldwater in '64---the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.

    ---Interview, The Guardian (U.K.), 5-17-03
Where I differ with Ann Coulter is in my belief that the Republican candidates are only superficially better than the Democratic candidates. Ann Coulter, like Limbaugh, is a die hard Republican. Great at attacking Democrats, but lousy at pushing solid Christian alternatives like Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin.

But, who could argue with Ann Coulter that most women keep up with the news half as well as most men? Did women vote for Bill Clinton because of his Christian moral beliefs or because he was a lot hotter than Bob Dole? Is not Obama also hotter than McCain?

With the women voters disqualified, perhaps we would see our elections as being between McCain as the Democrat Candidate (He would have switched parties under such a scenario) and Ron Paul as the Republican Candidate. In this scenario, Christians would have a real choice.

In fact, one of the solutions in The Christian Solution was to have the male head of household be the only voter in a family. The Democratic "Mommy" Party vs Republican "Daddy" Party would no longer pit family member against the other family member as their political basis.

And so, I present you with Howard Stern's

"Jay Walking in Harlem"

"911 News" ----Sometime next year

BTW, while Janet Folger did an outstanding job on her "911 News" parody, she actually laughed at the campaign of Ron Paul. Yes, laughed and ridiculed a man who could have really saved America!!! Now look at what we are up against. Her candidate of McCain, or as I call him "Bob Snoreeeeee Dole II", is almost as leftist as Obama. In truth, Janet Folger is a media-Scribe Herodian pretending to be a Christian. She doesn't really care which of the two candidates gets elected. She is just "playing the game" to give us the impression of bi-partison opposition.

The Christian Solution

The greatest step we can take to restore our Republic would be to repeal the 17th Amendment.

State citizens already directly vote for their Representative in the House. In the name of decentralized government, why should citizens also be allowed to vote for the Senator on the other side of Congress?

Before 1913, The Senate was appointed by your state legislators. This gave the States a "veto" on any federal legislation that violated their state rights. As we are finding out now, it also helped prevent a massive media-Scribe oligarchy from brainwashing voters into voting for all seats in Congress with the exact same mindset -- anti-Christian.

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