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October 15, 2008

Ron Paul's Total Money Makeover

Dr. Ron Paul for Speaker of the House!!!!

Now we wished we had voted for Dr. Ron Paul for President don't we? Well, we can unelect all our House Representatives and insist that Ron Paul be the next Speaker of the House this January. All spending originates in the House. Ron Paul can be trusted with our money!

We believed the media-Scribes who told us that Ron Paul was a financial idiot. But then, we also believed the media-Scribes when they told us that Fed chairman Alan Greenspan and Fed Chairman Ben Bernarke were financial geniuses. Who are we going to believe about money? Who are we going to trust our money with?

Here are the choices:

  • Choice A
    The former CEO of investment bank Goldman-Sachs, now Treasury Secretary of the United States of America, and member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Henry Paulson?


  • Choice B
    Heir apparent to the financial wizard, Alan Greenspan, and now current chairman of the "We created the Great Depression" Federal Reserve, Ben Bernake?


  • Choice C
    A single Congressional Representative, Dr. Ron Paul, whose only professional training is how to deliver babies?

Gosh, it's such a tough choice!

Let's put it all in today's terms.

  • How do we feel now that our home prices are collapsing, because the federal government strong-armed our banks into a housing bubble by forcing them into giving away free homes to people who do not deserve a home, while the Fed had the money spigot wide open?

  • How do we feel now that our banks are going out of business and they are bribing our congressmen with campaign contributions to have them bailed out, with the "gun-to-your-head" force of the federal government taxing the income we had planned on putting into our own personal individual savings accounts to pay for it?

  • How do we feel that our retirement accounts are collapsing just as we Baby Boomers are entering retirement age and cannot make up the loses?

  • How do we feel when we find out in this credit crisis that our own companies cannot even meet payroll without getting a "pay day loan"?

  • How do we feel about getting "beggar" loans from the same countries who took all our best jobs?

  • How do we feel about our counties and cities bonds, also obtained from Wall Street, going bankrupt as Birmingham, Alabama is about to do?

Don't fret!

Ron Paul is still running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Who better to have as the Speaker of the House?

Who better indeed!!!! For all spending at the federal level originates in the House of Representatives. And who better to get a grip on spending than Ron Paul.

What America needs is a massive, national, Dave Ramsey style, Total Money Makeover.

And the ONLY person we can trust in Congress for our Total Money Makeover is Dr. Ron Paul.

And the ONLY way that Ron Paul will be elected Speaker of the House, were be if we were to first un-elect every single Democrat and Republican in the House. (Ron Paul excepted, of course) If you have the choice of a third party candidate, elect him. If not, then simply elect the opposite party, they should be a little appreciative.

And then, after the election, write your new Congressional Representative every single day, DEMANDING that Ron Paul be make Speaker of the House. Remind him that he got his job just so that Ron Paul could be America's Moses -- leading us out of the wilderness. Tell your Congressman that you want him to loyally follow Ron Paul in enacting Dave Ramsey's "baby steps".

Now, I understand that the baby steps for a federal government would be different than for an individual household, but the principles are the same. Namely, "You cannot get out of debt, by going into more debt!"

Again, here is how America can be saved!
  1. Demand all your neighbors, co-workers, family members, and church members to un-elect all Democrats and all Republicans in the House of Representatives!

  2. Demand that the new House members remember how it got there and demand that they select Ron Paul as the Speaker of the House!

  3. Demand that your representative be loyal to Ron Paul enacting Dave Ramsey styled "baby step" legislation that will get all of America out of debt and will re-capitalize capitalism!

  4. Demand that from now on, America will obtain money the old-fashioned way, we will earn it first before we spend it!

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