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September 30, 2008

Tancredo and the $700 Billion Bank Heist

Colorado Republicans -- Lamborn, N; Musgrave, N; Tancredo, Y.

September 23, 2008
Brand new push in Congress to prevent Shariah invasion

September 24, 2008
Bill would boot U.N. from U.S.

Source: Associated Press
September 29, 2008
House Roll Call -- $700 Billion Bailout Bill

    Jay Leno speaking about why the $700 Billion Bank Heist bill from Congress failed

  • The plan came in two parts, and I guess they could not agree which part to implement first --the smoke or the mirrors.

  • To give you an idea of how bad the economy is, over the weekend, I wrote a check and the bank bounced.

Tom Tancredo ran in this last presidential election, I believe, to work in tandem with Mike Huckabee, in order to triangulate the Neo-Con strategy, for the demise of the candidacy of Ron Paul.

Today, standing at the brink of a Greater Depression, Ron Paul stands proud as America's sole elder statesman.

It is instructive however to see Tom Tancredo attempt to morph into the figure of Ron Paul. -- Possibly posturing to be the Republican Candidate of 2012, when the country may very well have fulfilled Ron Paul's worst prophecies.

But, in the end, a politician's actions speak far louder than his words, as evidenced in my recent email to his office:
    Tom Tancredo,

    I am not a constituent, but I am closely following you on national issues.

    I liked your bill to remove the UN . How could the Jewish fathers of NYC argue against ridding NYC of an anti-Jewish organization such as the UN. It looked to be a masterful stroke.

    Likewise with your bill to prohibit Sharia Law . It too is masterful in that you could not be portrayed as anti-Muslim, just pro-Constitution, as Sharia Law is unconstitutional.

    No, where I have my problem is not your submitting "Ron Paul" types of proposed laws, that like Ron Paul's bill, have not a snow balls chance in hell of passing in the Congress from Hell.

    The problem I have with you, is when you vote against Americans on bills that do matter greatly to Americans and unlike the others, do have a chance of passing.

    You did this with the $700 Billion Dollar Bank Holdup. You voted against the wishes of 91% of your constituents who did not want you to hand over THEIR MONEY to criminals.

    You chose to vote to give my hard-earned money to irresponsible "bankers" who "bankrupted" their own "bank"!!!!!

    And so what if their excuse was that they only did so because their arms were being twisted by "socialists" and "communists" in Congress that wanted affirmative action in home ownership. AND, the same may I add, who now want the government to take over all financial affairs!!!! That is a crime as well!!!

    You have joined with the "steal from the rich to give to the poor" Democrats, in order to do the reverse, "Steal from the poor taxpayer to give to the rich banker".

    Last time I looked, the "Too Big to Fail" banks were just getting BIGGER by being merged together into an even BIGGER "Too Big to Fail" bank.

    Overall, the only conclusion I can come to Mr Tancredo is that you are ONE OF THEM, and that your UN and Sharia bills are just a cover to hide from us who you really are. -- A paid-off Neo-Con Herodian.

    Tell me it isn't so?

    If anything, the honest mortgage holders are the ones who need bailed out of this never-ending financial slavery to the Sadducee bankers you support.

    A better plan would be a Biblical Jubilee, where each household would be given $500,000 of fiat non-gold-based American dollars, so that all mortgages, all credit card bills and all home equity loans could be paid back to the people owed the money.

    With this complete RESET, we then prohibit anyone from giving out usury 30-year loans and start all over on sound Constitutional ground stating that "No state shall...make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt". -Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution

    Thank you for your consideration.

    P.S. And by the way, I am placing this email on my web page at

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