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April 2, 2008

Christian Jubilee!

    A fine is a tax for doing wrong.
    A tax is a fine for doing well.

I have the perfect solution to the mortgage crisis.

The Fed caused the housing bubble by over-expanding the money supply. Now, the Fed is trying to fix the housing bubble by over-expanding the money supply even more.

Well, if the fix is to print more money, then here's my suggestion.

A real stimulus check

Instead of the Fed printing up a few measly hundred dollars to send to each of us this summer for a stimulus, the Fed should instead print up a few hundred thousand dollars to send to each of us.

With a $500,000 stimulus check for each family, virtually all American homeowners could completely pay off their mortgages, with money to spare. And all Americans who were renting could now afford to buy their own homes. While, finally, all Americans who have scraped by for years, diligently having paid off their mortgage, would finally have plenty of money themselves, perhaps buying a vacation home with the money.

Sound crazy? I don't think so!

What is crazy is Sadducee bankers wanting us to stay just solvent enough, to keep making the outrageous house payments they sucked us into getting, where most (OR ALL) of the payment is just interest to them. In the Muslim belief against interest, Muslims may have one over on Christians.

Your Mortgage is just funny money

Ever since the Fed destroyed your locally owned and controlled Savings and Loans a few years back, few Americans are investing in real estate these days.

Meaning, you are no longer borrowing from your neighbor for your home.

Most of the mortgage money is just Federal Freddie Mac funny money now.

In today's market, here is the likely scenario in how you got the money to buy your home.

The Federal Reserve auctions off their freshly printed money to Sadducee bankers at a very low "prime" rate.

The Sadducee bankers will now turn around and loan you that fresh fiat fed money at a higher interest rate.

Once the monthly payments started coming in, the Sadducee bankers would pocket the difference and give a few remaining dollars back to the Fed to pay off the "principle". Of course, the Fed just burned the money it received back, taking it out of circulation once again.

End result -- Endless debt to the Sadducee bankers.

Poor Bankers - how they suffer so!

If you tend to feel sorry for their plight, remember that the New York City based, Sadducee controlled, financial institutions were earning a higher rate of return than the energy sector were the last time Dallas-based, Christian-owned, Exxon was being skewered by their relatives, the Jewish media-Scribes, for "outlandish profits".

What hypocrites!

The media-Scribes barely criticised the extravagance of the Wall Street profiteers.

in fact, many media-Scribes actually lionized their exorbitant greed.

Compare Wall Street Sadducee sitting in penthouse office suites to the oilmen getting paid a mere decent wage for going places you and I would never want to be, such as the cold North Slope of Alaska, or the hot sands and forbidding peoples of the Middle East, or the lonely isolation of an off-shore drilling rig, and who are still being told they did not earn their money.

The audacity!

And of course, the media-Scribes allow their other cousins, the spoiled Hollywood brats, who get paid millions of dollars to play-act part-time through the year, while being idolized the remaining part of the year, to also criticize the oil executive who worked so hard to warm your house last winter and to cool your house this summer.

If you believe in reward and punishment for the Sadducee who provided you the inflated money you needed for your shelter, do not forget -- Your Sadducee banker never held a hammer -- He never held a paintbrush -- And He never poured any concrete for the foundation of your home.

Yet, he will be paid twice as much as all others put together.

He will be paid much more than the farmer who sold his land for the housing development, much more than the lumberjacks who cut the trees into lumber, and much more than even the real estate agent who sold you the property.

Just remember that a $100,000 mortgage will be paid off with $300,000 of your money over 30-years.

Your Sadducee banker will pocket twice as much as you bought your home for!

Jewish Jubilee

In fact, most likely, your Sadducee banker is literally not a Christian.

What your banker most likely is though is a man from a denomination who strongly believes in Jubilee -- The once-every-50-year celebration of freedom from all debt, as required by their religion.

Christian Jubilee

If a Jewish Jubilee is demanded, then why not a Christian Jubilee?

Sending $500,000 stimulus checks to each household would cause a resounding Christian Jubilee.

And catastrophe would not necessarily result.

In fact, an economic Renaissance may indeed occur.

The way this would work, is that if a Christian Jubilee were demanded of the Fed as a right, the money they printed would be paid right back to the Fed, causing the "counterfeit" money that was "created" for your mortgage debt to be "destroyed".

In other words, the fake or fiat money would just disappear, the mortgages would disappear, hyper-inflation would not result, and Christians would be economically free once again.

Now is the time for a massive and joyous Christian Jubilee Celebration!

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