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July 2023 AD

  Jews not so smart

Now here is a genius white guy.

He pokes plenty of holes into the the fake theory that Jews run the world simpley because they are smarter than everyone else.

First off, let's note that Jews will not allow white Christians to say that blacks have lower IQ and that fact is the real reason blacks do not succeed. 

Only Jews can say they are smarter when they brag, for instance, about winning 40% of the Nobel prises while only being below 1% of the world's population.

Here is the biggest fact above.
There are more genius Christians than Jews!

IQ is on a normal distribution that can be mathematically analyzed to determine how many of a population is 1 standard population above or below the average or 2 standard deviations above or below, and so on.

Facts are that whites outnumber Jews 32 to 1 in America. 

So, if you were to calculate all Jews with an IQ above 145, the total number would quite small as there were so few Jews to start with.

But there are many, many more whites, so in calculating how many whites have an IQ above 140, there is a lot more whites in the genius category,

In fact, there are 20 times as many genius white Christians as genius Jews.

So why are Jews running everything?

Corollary question.
Why not let Jews run everything?

If the best way to run a country is the have the smartest ones run it, and if Jews really were so smart, then out of the goodness of our hearts, we MUST spread our bountiful Jewish wealth to all the African countries, and all the Central and South American countries.

My prediction is that none of these countries would welcome blood eyed Ashkenazi Jews running their country.

If true, then why do we tolerate Jews running our Christian nation?

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