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May 2024 AD

  Jewish Memes

Please enjoy these memes about Jews.

Always remember
it was the Jewish Media
who "Educated" you

Mark Twain

Americans need
to get educated
Getting an education

Lesson #1
See the Propaganda
in the messaging
You can neither
defend yourself from Jews
nor can you attack Jews.

Lessons for Christians

Lesson #2
Of course Jews only want to talk
about their boogyman, Hitler
But do not notice
that your Jewish-backed boogymen
are not being covered

Jewish Culture Dominates

Lesson #3
Jews dominate everything
That does not make for a viable Democracy
Jews Dominate

Lesson #4
Jews flat out
lie to you
Jews lie to you

Read my classic post
from December 2021
"The Bad War of WW2
under the Jews"
and you may feel that
Hitler deserves Heaven
much more than the typical Jew

Hitler in Heavan

Part of your education
is learning that
everything is Anti-Semitic

Everything is Anti-Semitism

Nazi book burning was good.
It rid Germany of porn,
tranvestite trash, Marxism, Communism, Paedophilia.
just like today in America

Book Burning is good

Google this for God's sake.
None of the tattoos are
over 1 million.
They should all be over 1 million
Holocaust tattoos

Magneto was a Marvel character
who believed that the mutants
were a superior
"Chosen People"
so of course Elon Musk
would be accused of antisemitism

Even Elon Musk is antisemitic

We know the FBI, CIA, DHS, NYT,
with everyone else and his brother
was in on the Twitter censorship
before Elon Musk took over,
so where are the ADL files?
We know the ADL
tracks people and
recommends censorship.

Where are the ADL Files

Jewish Leader Chuck Schumer
helping his
Jewish  tribesman  Zelensky,
but wanting
American Christians disarmed

Jew Schumer

Our Priorities are set
by the Jews obviously

More Money for Israel

It is no secret that Biden's
entire cabinet are Jews
or married to Jews
If Government sucks
and Jews are in charge,
then whose fault is it?

Jews are smart

Here is how evil
really looks like

The look of Evil

Who can forget the adorable
Mel Gibson
who the Jews
attacked viciously
the evil Jew
Roman Polansky
who the Jews
lovingly protected

Roman Polansky

Hitler was right!
Hitler was right

Richard Nixon
talked about
The Silent Majority.
It is not that the majority is silent,
but that the majority does not
control the media.

The Jews do

Jewish media

The reason the Jews continue
to support Joe Biden
is because Biden
has abandoned America
to the Jewish tribesmen.

Biden's cabinet

In whose country
did Ron DeSantis
sign the anti-Christian, anti-American law
against anti-Semitism?
Figure that out and
 you know
who he works for.

Who do your leaders work for?

Are we so
smug and arrogant
that we believe
we are smarter
more enlightened
than our ancestors?

Everyone in history is wrong

Instead of our leaders saying
that not all Jews are bad,
we would be better served
if our leaders would say
that not all Jews are good

Not all Jews are good

Why not believe
as Jesus believed?

Synagogue of Satan

Your gateway
to the
Internet world
hates Christians
like you.

Jewish Google

Dirty Jewish deed
Happy Easter

Jews always
want to get revenge

Jews getting even

Jews want teachers
to promote homosexuals in secret,
but never to promote Christianity

What would Jews say?

Jews always
create a diversion
from their scheming

Always a Jewish diversion

More Jewish diversion
More diversion

I can fix all three sides,

Corrupt Jewish Billionaires

Does anyone seriously believe Hitler
did not love his people?

Cared about countryman

The Palestinian
paranoia is real!
Israel does intend to establish
a Jewish Lebenstrum
from the Nile River
to the Euphrates River
just as their flag depicts

Paranoiia is reral

No Paranoia,
Jews really want to eliminate
their only possible competition,
the white Christian competition

Replacement Migration

Jews virtue signal this
replacement migration proposal
to blacks and Hispanics,
but no White Christian
is allowed to believe it.

Replacement Theory

Equal treatment
How can you go wrong?

Equal treatment


Does not take
much to be labeled
an anti-Semite

What an antisemite would believe

This law advocating
in favor of Jews
is only "bipartisan"
because the Jews
own both parties.


Boy, do they own both parties!
Jews run Congress

Can't describe it any better.
  If you listen
to Jewish propaganda
you will always lose

Jewish double standard

This Jewish lady batting 1000
on the banking scandal
 is similar to Hillery Clinton
winning both ways in the
her investment deals

Trading on both ends

Jews do have each others back.
After her release from prison,
Susan Rosenberg
the communications director
 the American Jewish World Service

Susan Rosenberg

Of course
a Jewish Rabbi
owns Pornhub

Are  you surprised?

You can even PhotoShop PORN
the President of the United States
if you are a Jew

Photoshop Porn

Or Just destroy
the Boy Scouts

Jews Destroy the Boy Scouts

Must hit too close
to home
for the ADL

When the truth hurts

Whether it is
the Jewish ADL
the Jewish-led FBI,
whites are always guilty

Whites fault no matter what

The ADL is an anti-American,
HATE group

ADL is a hate group

Elon Musk rightfully said that
the Anti-Defamation League
should for once
and just
drop the word Anti
from their name.

Defamation against white children

National Pride
and a reduction in
non-White immigration
cannot happen
if Jews are running the place

National pride

The JFK assassination
was a Jewish Mossad operation
Americans cannot be free

America not allowed freedom

Besides killing our own President,
and not protecting our borders,
things seem different in Israel

Shoot to kiil at Israeli border

Who you are not allowed to talk about
is who controls you.

Don't talk mean about Jews

White Privilege is a
Jewish-created Myth

White Priviledge

Tucker is
controlled opposition.
His going to Twitter
and not Gab
is proof that
Tucker is not about
to question
the Holocaust

Do not talk about the Holocaust

The Truth hurts
the Jews

Win at both ends

The Jews created
Joe Biden
and as long as his cabinet are all Jews,
the Jews will continue
to back him

The mess that created Joe Biden

These Jewish
cabinet members
are doing exactly
the job
they want to do

Joe Biden not running the country

Jews have
occupied this country

Occupied Country

Joe McCarthy was
both right to worry
that we had
enemies within
but wrong
to not identify
our enemy
as Jews.

Joe MeCarthy was right

Our leaders continue
to lionize
the Jews
who destroy the country

White Americans don't count

The real enemy
inside our gates

Your only choice

This Jewish flag
and the
previous Jewish flag
 are the ones that need to be burned

Burn this

Are American Christians
ever going to do anything
about the Jews?

What are you waiting for?

is not Christian
Tolerance is not Christian

Back in the day

If you want to know
what Jews think of you,
substitute the word
Jew for every time
the word Bolshevik is used below

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Jews hate you,
so hate them back

Don't cower to those who hate you

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