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January 2023 AD

  The RINO Party

Republicans are now officially The RINO Party.

Few Americans wanted Kevin McCarthy, but there is no longer any denying that our swamp rat Representatives did.

Here is the voting record of that unequaled RINO, Kevin McCarthy, whom the Republicans stood by steadfastly in 15 straight votes.

McCarthy has as a dismal Liberty Score report card of F at 54%.

Compare that to Jim Jordan whose Liberty Score grade is A at 94%, or better yet, Byron Donalds whose grade is A at 100%.

The Democrats all stood by their man to the last man in all 15 votes. Hakeem Jeffries has a Liberty Score card of F at 6%.

Here is the danger to America.

In the Republican Party, there are 10 times as many RINOS as there are patriotic Americans.

Over and over, our Congressmen and women voted for failed McCarthy 200 times to our star student Jim Jordan and Byron Donalds who only got 20 votes.

Proof positive America is ran by a uniparty monopoly.

Votes of McCarhy

Voting Record of McCarthy

Voting Record of Jim Jordan

Voting Record of Byron Donalds

Hakeem Jeffries

House Speaker Totals
House Candidates

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