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January 2023 AD

  Jewish Influence

Adam Schiff

Here is a perfect explanation of why the entire world hates the Jews so much.

Kanye truthfully says that Jews control all of Hollywood. And to prove that Jews "do not control anything", Kanye is canceled from life.

Kanye's free speech is deemed a danger to Jews and he is destroyed.

Then Jews like Adam Schiff are a clear and present danger to white Christianity, by telling lies after lies, on top of censoring Americans, and there are no Jews at all who cancel him.

White Christians would cancel a fellow white Christian in a heartbeat. We would not want anyone to think we are associated with such a person.

Jews NEVER feel this way. If a Jew reflects badly on his fellow Jews, Jews continue to rally to his side. Jews continue to support the likes of Schumer and Schiff and Merrick Garland.

Jews have the power to take them down, as proved with Kanye, but they refuse to use their power for good.

Trump denounces Kanye's free speech on the grounds of it being bad to say anything bad about Jews, while Trump never denounces Schumer, Sciff or Garland on the grounds that it is bad for white Christians, just that as individuals they are doing bad things, and Trump would never reflect that they are Jews doing the evil.

And these acts of Jews sticking together even in the presence of pure evil, and doing nothing to help America is the reason why Christians should NEVER feel guilty of associating ALL JEWS with the Jewish evil of a few.

Jews all join as one, so Jews should all go down as one.

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