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January 2023 AD

  Abortion Morality

We Christians live a lie. We believe that abortionists have no morals when in fact you can argue that they do have a form of a strict moral code.

When you try to tell a young lady that she should not kill her child, most times you will get a response along the lines of "keep your cross off my crotch."

What she is telling you is to suspend your religious beliefs about the immorality of killing a baby.

What she is desperately hoping though is that you do not suspend your Christian morality about killing her.

She wants you to give her the freedom of religion to kill others, but wants you to maintain the remainder of your freedom of religion by not killing her.

However. Let's place bets.

If you were to tell her that you were not going to let religion hold you back at all and for her to join you in killing murderous mothers, I assure you she would all of a sudden have a strong moral belief that killing the mother was wrong.

Why is it wrong to kill the mother and a right to kill the baby?

It's not like you have a God directing you as to what you should and should not do. Your morality is whatever you want it to be.

So, off with the heads of mothers!!!!  In my moral world, killing mothers is just healthcare. The mother does not love it. The mother could not provide for it. The mother was raped. The mother allowed a boyfriend to pressure her into sex. The mother had a career and was not ready for a baby. All sounds like good excuses to me to kill the mother carrying the child.

What do you say fellow Christians? How about we join abortionists and embrace their view of the right to life?

If the baby is unwanted, then I say the mother is just as unwanted.

Not like we don't do this anyway. We electrocute mass murderers all the time.

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