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January 2023 AD

  Wakanda Forever

In the Charlottesville protest, chants were heard of "The Jews will not replace us".

When do conspiracy theories finally prove they are true theory?

At the start of the latest Black Panther rant, Wakanda Forever, white "Christian" commandos are repelled attempting to steal Wakanda's Vibranim.

These white commandos are brought to the United Nations in chains reminiscent of the chains blacks were enslaved in during slavery days. Curiously, the representative of white France is focused on when the commandos are dragged in.

My how times have changed.

Blacks are now the dominant society on Earth. Or so they think.

Turns out in Wakanda Forever there is another Vibraniam-based super society. This one we never knew of because it was living in secret under the oceans.

And they are descendants of the Spanish slaves of central America and Mexico. Complete with a historical flashback showing Spaniards whipping Mexican natives as slaves. I forgot how it was done in the movie, but these people obtained superhuman capabilities but lost the ability to breath air and were forced under water.

So, the leader of the dominant "Brown people", complete with a still intact Aztec culture, eventually met with the leader of the "Black people" and proposed to join together to "take over the world", from "White people".

The black leader refuses to join in this despicable alliance causing hurt feelings on the part of the brown leader.

A fight ensues between the two groups which eventually grinds down to a standstill wherein, the black leader agrees to an alliance with the brown leader anyway.

Yes, Jewish-led Disney wants you smug white supremacist Christians to know that the blacks and browns of the world are a gunning for you.

Not that the Jews of Disney are racist or anything in portraying backwards ancient African tribal butchery reflected in the super human black advanced civilization of Wakanda complete with plate sized disks implanted in the lips of at least one tribal man and neck stretching rings around the necks of the tribal women in this super civilized black society of Wakanda.

No, no streotyping going on here by Jewish Disney with either the black African tribal primitive customs nor the brown Aztec tribal primitive customs portrayed.

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