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November 2022 AD

  Putin vs Stalin

Ok, this is a thought experiment.

Why are we taking down Russia?

Isn't the entire world's enemy China, not Russia?

Why are we not aligned with Putin's Russia against China?

Think back to WW2.

We were told that Germany was the world's enemy, so we had no choice, we needed to align with the Jewish puppet Stalin.

Stalin was a Godless, Jewish-backed slaughterer of millions of Ukranian Christians in the Holodomor. Why were we not invading Stalin's Russia?

Yes, Stalin had wiped out 7 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor, but instead of sending Ukrainians weapons to defend themselves, we join with godless Russia 10 years later to help save their sorry hives from the Germans.

Now, a Christian Putin is trying to defend Russians living in eastern Ukraine from Jewish Ukrainian President Zelensky and the world wants to fight Putin to save Ukraine's Jewish president.

I see the connection. When blood thirsty Bolshevik Jews ran Russia, they were our allies. When corrupt Jews run Ukraine, the Ukrainians are our friends and Christian Russia is our enemy.

Who makes these silly foreign policy decisions for America?  Oh Vey, that's right, the Jews decide.

Again, the Jews want to prove the biblical verse to be true. If you want your country to be blessed by the Jews, you had better submit yourself to them.

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