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November 2022 AD

  Brain Dead Zombie

CNN Poll

73% of us are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!!

Except in this election, we did take it and left the Democrats in charge. Does that make sense to you?

Three of every four people are angry and yet, Pennsylvania rejected a famous TV doctor to pick a brain dead zombie whose claim to fame was to live with his parents until he was in his 50s.

As Dinesh DeSousa says, John Fetterman was barely qualified for the Special Olympics, but enrolled in the real Olympics and won. It's a miracle.

Like a one legged man who races in the 100 yard dash against Kenyans and wins.

Here is the deal. Desantis in Florida cleaned up their elections. No mail-in ballots and Voter ID checked, with elections counted the same day.

Results?  Even Miami-Dade County went Republican, so hated is this Biden administration and so beloved is Desantis.

How about elsewhere?

We knew the same bad actors were still in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. Their elections were not cleaned up these last 2 years. Their dead voters were not eliminated from the voter rolls, mail-in ballots were still allowed and signatures did not have to be verified.

Results?  The same horrendous results as last time.

Are we to believe only Floridians can see the problems in the country and vote for Desantis by 20 points?

Desantis fought against the same woke gang as Trump did, and with much more success I may add.  He would have and should have been more hated than Trump. And yet, voters said, give me more of Desantis.

In Pennsylvania, on the other hand, their liberal supreme court struck down one voter reform bill after another, and a brain dead zombie won.

A brain dead President and a brain dead zombie Senator is the best Democrats have to offer and we are to believe more than half the country wants this?

The Roe v Wade Explanation

One explanation why voters ignored high inflation, high gas prices, Afghanistan chaos, censorship, Hunter Biden corruption and FBI raids on school board parents was because of Roe V. Wade being overturned.

Except, facts show that Roe V. Wade had no effect on this election.

Abortion Govs

Anyway, don't let anyone kid you. This is how the Biden's midterms elections are suppose to look like, if not far worst.

Mid Terms Losses

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