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November 2022 AD

  The Unmarried Woman

Republicans, here is the solution to the rot in our society.

Married Men and Married women voted Republican. Even unmarried men voted Republican. But wow, look at the unmarried women.

Many of these unmarried women have children and so are single mothers.

Thje Unmarried Woman

These single mothers threw their finger to Republicans, so why should we continue to cater to them?

Time to shut down no fault divorce.

Time to shut down welfare for these single mothers.

Time to shut down abortion murder.

Problem is that Democrats pat these single mothers on the back and praise them as somehow heroines, when raising children without a father should, as in olden days, be a complete shame on the woman. A disgrace she did not select well the father of her children.

Don't give me the old song and dance, "But the man was beating on her".

If he was, probably because he was raised by a single mother who never trained him to respect women. Not my fault!

Many women just threw their oft-time innocent husband out on the street and Democrat divorce judges pounded the men into submission. (Yes, a Republican would not condone divorce and hence would never be a divorce judge)

All their fault, so I don't want to hear the crying.

We take the House, then we take the federal pocketbook.

NO MORE MONEY TO WIC (Women, Infants and Children).

Heartless you say?  Damned right!

And you know what will happen?

Women will beg their baby daddy to come back and become good wives.

Fathers of the knocked up daughter will once again hunt down the boy who impregnated his daughter and force him with an AK-47 to marry his daughter.

Yes, abortion will not be allowed either. These homicidal women literally need to be put on a leash. That would be the nicest thing that should be done to them.

This is what we were worried about with "The Handmaid's Tale" they day. Absolutely right. Except, we Christians do not do all that Jewish stuff talked about in The Handmaid's Tale.  We are not eye-for-an-eye Jewish Old Testament. We are not Abraham handmaid-forcing Jewish Old Testament.

We are followers of Jesus Christ and we love our children, regardless of the screwed up women in our lives who want to murder children in their maternal crib, or thereafter, who want to raise the ones they don't kill without the love and guidance of their father.

As Christians, we don't even do arranged marriages like the Indians still do. We allow a woman to pick and chose which man she wants to allow in her bed. We only ask that she do so after a marriage ceremony where she proclaims to both families, her church community, her political community and friends that she has freely chosen this man to spend the rest of her life with.

Her body, her choice.  And you know what?  It's time we as a society hold her to her choice. She stays with her baby daddy and raises the kids together.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam is off the hook paying for women who reneged on their marriage contract to divorce, or never even bothered and just let some stray guy impregnate her.

These are grown women and time for them to become accountable for their actions.

And you know what. They may just become Republican if the Democrats can no longer promise them the moon.

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