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 October 2022 AD

  Jewish Babies
are not babies

Jewish babies are not human until birth.

Humm, good to know.

So, Jews who have always been behind abortion are now finally laying all their cards on the table.

In their argument, "Under Jewish "religious" law, a fetus does not become a human being or child until birth."

But, the question is, Does Jewish "religious" law also mandate Jewish women abort their children just because they are not children?

OK. I am fantasizing about Kentucky accommodating Jewish women by requiring them to abort all their babies.

The question to be exact is, does Jewish "religious" law allow Jewish women the "choice" to kill the not-yet-a-human child?

Orthodox Jewish law says that a Jewish man cannot "kill his sperm", by allowing to to drip onto the floor. Orthodox Jewish law says a man cannot cut his beard. Neither the beard and even Christians agree that the sperm are not humans.

So, seems that Jewish law can FORCE a woman to keep her "non-human" child, just as they force the men to keep their non-human beards and sperm.

Give me a break even!  Am I to believe that the same Jewish religious law that mandates a Jewish man not waste his sperm is going to allow the Jewish recipient of that sperm to waste the child the sperm made?

These barbaric Jewish harlots need to get this crazy belief they have in writing from their Rabbi. I suggest they go to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, "America's favorite Rabbi", so we all know for sure. I don't trust lay Jewish women discussing religious matters as if they are an authority.

Rabbi's, what say you?

Still, what is the game plan here. Jewish "religious" freedom means we allow Jews to abort, but we can still prohibit Christian babies from being sacrificed to Planned Parenthood?

I could get behind that. The less Jews the better for society.

But, I know the hearts of Jews. They want an across the board ban on banning abortion, based solely on their own religious non-beliefs, and force Kentucky to continue this abomination onto everyone else, regardless of everyone else's Christian religious beliefs that a child is a miracle from God.

In the grand theme, this just proves once again that Judaism and Christianity cannot mix well any more than Islam and Christianity.

Forget the red States succeeding. We need Christianity to succeed from Judaism.


Kentucky's sweeping abortion ban is being challenged by three Jewish women who have brought a lawsuit arguing that it violates their religious rights under the state's constitution.

“Judaism has never defined life beginning at conception,” the suit said, adding that “millenia of commentary from Jewish scholars has reaffirmed Judaism’s commitment to reproductive rights.”

“Under Jewish law, a fetus does not become a human being or child until birth,” it said.

The abortion ban also violates Kentucky's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the women said in their lawsuit. That law states that government “shall not substantially burden a person’s freedom of religion” unless it proves a compelling interest and uses ”the least restrictive means" to do so, it noted.

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