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October 2022 AD

Final Judgment

This is our third article detailing how Israel's President David Ben Gurion ordered his Mossad to kill our President JFK because he was ordering Israel to open up their Dimona nuclear power plant for inspection, due to credible reports the Jews were working on a nuclear bomb. Which we now know to be true as Israel is proven to have nukes.

Don't know why Israel would need their own nukes, they control all of our nukes.

But we highly recommend the book Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper.

In Piper's book, he details all the Jewish mafia involvement, all the CIA-Mossad married at the hip dealings, all the Jewish media conspiracy to assist the plot.

Piper leaves no stone unturned in this circumstantial case where every twist and turn always points back to the Mossad as the killers of our beloved President.

Piper points out that JFK was hosted by a Jewish-controlled Chamber of Commerce in Dallas. That the hate article in the Dallas Morning News was an ad placed by a Jew. That of course Jack Ruby was really Jacob Rubenstein, a dastardly Jew who had to tie up loose strings by killing Oswald. How Oswald was a Jewish controlled pawn.

Anyway, please get yourself a copy of Final Judgment. A tough read, but if you need concrete evidence to allow yourself to believe that the best interests of Israel does not coincide with our own best interests, then this should be more than satisfactory to convince you.

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