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October 2022 AD

The Maga Lion King

Once upon a time, there was an America pride-lands at peace, prosperous and righteous. It was a land in which Christians felt secure with a bright future for them and their children.

The pride-lands at the time was ruled by a wonderful leader called Trump.

His full name was Trump, the Maga Lion King.

This Lion King's offspring, destined to follow in his footsteps, were Maga Republican Christians.

But there was an angry conspiracy after him, constantly biting at his feet. Constantly jealous of his vast achievements.

One day, his brother, Scar Biden, decided enough was enough and aligned himself with everyone who was against a Christian America.

The main ones he aligned with in his conspiracy were the ravenous Hyena Jews.

These hyena Jews plotted and schemed a notorious way to steal the kingdom away from The Maga Lion King through a stolen election of illegal ballot boxes and corrupt counting machines they had long plotted since the days of hanging chads, using the perfect storm of the Covid pandemic to justify the steal.

A steal which they then blamed January 6 on the Maga Republican Christian children of Trump.

The "Catholic" Scar Biden, one of our own, second Catholic President to the first Catholic President JFK who was assassinated by hyena Jews to stop JFK from stopping their nuclear bomb development in the shadow lands of hyena Israel, was chosen to represent the hyena Jews as the rightful Lion King.

After the stolen election, the hyena Jews all across the land closed rank to claim that their new leader was Scar Biden.

And Scar Biden, in appreciation to the hyena Jews, proceeded to appoint nothing but hyena Jews to his cabinet to rule over the Maga Republican Christians.

   🔯 AG - Merrick Horwitz GarIand 🔯 (FBI reports to him)

   🔯 Sec of State - Antony Mayer Horowitz BIinken 🔯

   🔯 Treasury - Janet YeIIen BIumenthal 🔯

   🔯 WH Chief of Staff - Ron KIain 🔯

   🔯 Sec of Homeland Sec - AIejandro Hlrsch Mayorkas 🔯

   🔯 National intelligence - AvriI Haines 🔯 (CIA reports to her)

   🔯 Dep Sec of State - Wendy Sherman 🔯

   🔯 Sec of State for Political affairs - Victoria Nuland 🔯

   🔯 National Security Adviser - Jacob Jeremiah Sullivan 🔯

   🔯 Office of Science and tech policy - Eric Lander 🔯

   🔯 Assistant Health Sec- Rachel Levine 🔯

   🔯 Covid-19 Relief Fund - Gene Sperling 🔯

   🔯 Director National Counterterrorism - Steven Vanech 🔯

   🔯 Chair of the SEC - Gary Gensler 🔯

   🔯 Administrator SBA - Isabelle Guzman 🔯

   🔯 US special envoy for Climate - John Kerry Kohen 🔯

   🔯 Press Secretary tweets in Biden’s name - TJ Ducklow 🔯

   🔯 Google - Mark Zuckerberg 🔯

   🔯 YouTube - Susan Wocicki 🔯


   🔯 CDC Director Rochelle P Walenksy 🔯 .

   🔯 CDC Deputy Director Anne Schuchat 🔯

   🔯 CDC Chief of Staff Sherri A. Berger 🔯

   🔯 CDC Chief Medial Office Mitchell Wolfe 🔯

   🔯 CDC Director Washington Office Jeff Reczek 🔯

   🔯 COVID Czar Jeff Zients 🔯

   🔯 COVID Senior Advisor Andy Slavitt 🔯

  🔯 CDC Head National Center Immunization May, 2021 Nancy Messonnier (nee Rosenstein) 🔯

   🔯 COVID Czar Jeff Zients 🔯

   🔯 Pfizer Chief Scientist - Mikael Dolsten - 🔯

   🔯 Moderna’s Chief Scientist (who created vaccine) - Tal Zaks 🔯

   🔯 Johnson & Johnson’s CEO 🔯

   🔯 Teva is an Israeli pharmaceutical company with 🔯 CEO

   🔯 Regeneron Pharma CEO 🔯

   🔯 AstraZeneca’s CEO was to take over as CEO Israeli Teva Pharma which means he’s 🔯

   🔯 Blackrock CEO Larry Fink 🔯

   🔯 Blackrock president - Rob Kapito 🔯

   🔯 Vanguard CEO - Mortimer J Buckley 🔯

  🔯 Blackrock and Vanguard are the two largest shareholders of both Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline as well as practically all the MSM 🔯

The reign of Scar Biden was a time of desperation. A desolation spread across the American pride-lands.

There was one particular Maga Republican Christian, Simba DeSantis. He was in the carefree world of Florida playing with Pumbaa and Timon.  He knew Scar Biden was  over the  American pride-lands, and actually fought for his freedom, but like most other Maga Republican Christians, did not feel the moral imperative to fight against Scar Biden and his hyena Jew court of jesters.

From Florida, perhaps Simba DeSantis cannot imagine the damage Scar Biden and his hyena Jews could inflict upon the American pride-lands.

Turns out that Trump the Maga Lion King is not actually killed. Just damaged.

One day soon, Trump the Maga Lion King or Simba DeSantis will lead the Mega Republican Christians on a glorious crusade to rid the American pride-lands of the curse of Scar Biden and his hyena Jews and retake their rightful rule over the land.

That is the dream of the Lion King. Long live Trump, the Maga Lion King.

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