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February 2022 AD

Whoopsi Goldberg

Black History Month

Happy Black History month

"Let's be truthful about this, the Holocaust isn't about race. No, it's not about race. It's about man's inhumanity to man, not about race."
--Whoopi Goldberg's verbotum speech on The View

What the hell is this Whoopsi???  
It's ALL about race!!
EVERYTHING is about race
and you of all people are the ones who tell us this!!!!
Been this way for a long time now and you knew the rules!!

Whoopsi went through the trouble of "appropriating" herself a Jewish last name to better fit in better in Jewish Hollywood and it has worked exceptionally well for her, until this quote came out.

She has been a long time diva on The View for some years now, but made the mistake of questioning the untouchable HOLY aspect of the Holocaust.

Jewish Double standards

So, Whoopi Goldberg got suspended by ABC, for a "2 week vacation", but the fact is that anyone who is pro-Trump gets canned.

And we know how much the Jews hated our "America first and so not Israel First" President Trump.

Mandolorian star Carano and Trump supporter gets fired for complaining that conservatives in America are treated like Jews in Nazi Germany.

Boom! ABC gave her proof of her statement being right.

Harrison from 'Bachelor' was booted for defending a girl who attended an Antebellum-themed party years ago.

Not allowed. Cannot make the pre-Civil War South look glamorous in any way.

Roseanne Barr was fired for comparing an Obama aid, Valerie Jarrett, to the Muslim brotherhood.

but, but, but, Valerie probably thought it a compliment.

ESPN's Rachel Nichols for suggesting black anchor Maria Taylor was a diversity hire.

Gads !!!!  You mean she wasn't?

But why punish Whoopi at all? She is and always has been pure woke and totally stays "on the plantation".

All she did was say "But these are two White groups of people", in response to another Co-anchor saying that the Nazi were trying to exterminate Jews and Gypsies.

Why did ABC even bother at all to punish their best affirmative action hire?

The reason for this storm in a teacup is all about offended Jews who do NOT want to be lumped in with whites by the buffoon, Whoopi "Goldberg".

WHITES ARE THE BAD LOT, NOT JEWS, DON'T YOU KNOW, and a black lady is not allowed to point out that Jews are in reality white.

Who is the REAL racist?

From Whoopi Goldberg's perspective

-- as a black woman --

Jews are without a question white and a part of the WHITE RACE.

But the ones who beat up on Whoopi are saying that

-- in the Nazi perspective --

Jews were an inferior RACE and hence Jews are not of the same race as WHITE MEN.

So, who is the real racist here and who is actually telling the truth?

Easy peasy, for in woke think, the ones who are wrong are the ones who say the Nazis were RIGHT to call Jews a race.

This is because of the well known and well understood fact that ANYONE who says the Nazi were right about ANYTHING are to be condemned to a horrible and painful death.

Hence, ABC and every other race hustler should be condemned to a horrible and painful death for saying Hitler was right and Whoopi was wrong.

Whoopi is absolutely right about Jews being white and they are horrendously wrong.  In fact, by their own definitions, they are Nazi .

Jews have always wanted their cake and eat it too.

Jews do not consider themselves to be White in the sense of white when Jews are beating up on white people. Always when Jews are denouncing WHITE SUPREMACY, they are naturally excluding themselves as whites, even though they are as Caucasian as any other Caucasian man.

You want the real truth?  Rabbi Yaakov Menken is more than happy to educate us, with a slip of the tongue, that Jews believe they are the ones who are the true Supremacists.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken

"Jews are not white,

they are supremacists!"

--Rabbi Yaakov Menken's Freudian slip of the tongue
--From Brother Nathaniel video dated Feb. 4, 2022

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