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December 2021 AD

  The Bad War

Please buy the book,
The Bad War by M.S. King.
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Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

How many of these dastardly deeds were done by revolutionary Jews trying to destabilize governments. (I will point out the ones I know for sure were done by Jews.)

1865 A Jew killed President Abraham Lincoln because Jews made tons of money buying cheap cotton from the South and making dresses and suits in NYC so were pissed off that Lincoln freed the slaves, driving up their costs.
1866 German chancellor Bismarck attempted assassination- Jew
German chancellor Bismarck attempted assassination - Jew again
1878 German Kaiser Wilhelm attempted assassination in May - Jew
1878 German Kaiser Wilhelm attempted assassination in June - Jew again
1881 Russian Czar Alexander the Liberator assassinated after the 5th attempt BY JEWS
1893 Mayor of Moscow assassinated
1884 Reds kill 8 policemen in Chicago's Haymarket riot by German immigrant JEWS.
1894 Prime Minister of France assassinated
1897 Prime Minister of Spain assassinated
1900 King of Italy assassinated
1901 U.S. President McKinley assassinated BY JEWS for their friend Teddy Roosevelt (Jews have loved Teddy ever since he was the first to put Jews on the police force when he was police chief of NYC)
1905 Spain King and Queen attempted assassination
1905 Grand Duke of Russia assassinated
1908 Portugal King and Crown Reagent assassinated
1911 Russian Prime Minister assassinated
1918 Russian Czar and entire family assassinated DEFINITELY BY JEWS
1919 Attorney general Mitchell Palmer's home bombed
1920 Red Scare Wall Street bombed killing 38 BY JEWS
1922 President of France attempted assassination
1932 US judge Webster Thayer's home destroyed by bomb
1932 Mayor of Chicago assassinated
1918-1933 Jews of the Soviet Union kill 10s of millions of Christians
1962- Jews kill President John F. Kennedy to keep Israel free to develop nuclear bombs at Dimona and they have loved LBJ ever since his days in Congress when he illegally diverted Great Depression funds earmarked for poor Texans and gave it to Jewish immigrants illegally entering the port of Galveston.
1968- Jews kill President Robert F. Kennedy to keep him from re-opening an investigation into the JFK assassination

1945, August   "Ike" parties while German women raped

Millions of German women were being raped while 1/2 Jewish Dwight Eisenhower was flown to Moscow for elaborate parties.

1945    Death Count

The total death count was more than 40,000,000. All killed over Winston Churchill getting his panties in a bind over Hitler insisting that Germans in Danzig live in Germany.

Americans in least than 3 years suffered greater losses at 420,000 than did the country who got us into the war, Britain, with only 400,000 losses.

12-15,000,000 Germans perished or about 20% of the entire population.

Only 5,000,000 Russians although 7,000,000 others simply disappeared by Stalin.

1945, August  Ike/Hollywood's joint fake Holocaust film

Fake Holocaust

Eisenhower flew over a contingent of Jewish Hollywood producers to "document for all time so no one could ever question" the events happening.

The fake shrunken heads they produced turned out not to be Caucasian at all, but Peruvian. The skin was far too dark to be that of a Caucasian.

The fake lamp shades portrayed as made of human skin was really goat leather.

The fake bars of soap made of human fat was also proved to be a fake.

The gas chambers had scrappings taken from their interior walls, chemically analyzed and proven to contain no poisons.

The forced confessions of camp guards was just that -- Soviet Communist FORCED confessions.

Live testimonials from Jews were largely fakes. One book set to be made into yet another Holocaust movie was found to be totally fake, but it was made anyway because it had such "a powerful message".

There was testimony in John Demjajuk's Israeli Supreme Court case from a Rosenberg who testified that Demjajuk was definitely Ivan the Terrible of concentration camp fame, he could never forget such a face, and later documentation surfaced where Rosenberg had written an affidavit that he had personally killed Ivan the Terrible in a prison riot. Were you lying then or lying now, or lying both times you faggot Jew?

Nearby German civilians were rounded up by Eisenhower and forced to see these fake artifacts. The world's Jewish press had a field day.

Too late for the facts. German reputations were all ready damaged.


The death toll of 6 million keeps sinking as shown in this graphic of the Majdanek work camp.

Jews initially alleged 7 gas chambers at Majdanek but that number was reduced to 2 because it was pointed out that 5 of the 7 had windows which could have been easily broken out.

The other 2 rooms did not have an opening in the roof to drop the Zyklon-B. Would be silly to think that the guards would have to throw the poison through the door and then quickly close it. So the story was changed again that they were poisoned by Carbon Monoxide. But the canisters on display at Majdanek say Carbon Dioxide which is not a poison. Even then, the canisters are not shown in pictures when the camp was freed, so they were added later.

There are films showing delousing for Typhus from immigrants on Ellis Island which show us doing exactly what the Germans said they did. That is, America had immigrants strip down naked and run through delousing showers. Their cloths being separately deloused.

Mexicans inspected for Typhus

Wow, Mexicans being inspected naked as well. Damm Americans!!!

In a typical Jewish propaganda documentary made to create a monstrous image of Germans, called March of the Living by Todd Segal, an image of what they have you believe are dead Jews is shown.

Fake Jews; Really Germans at Dresden

In reality, this was an image of dead Germans thanks to Churchill's Holocaust with his fire bombing of Dresden. 

These are dead Germans, not dead Jews! 

A real Holocaust, not a fake one!!

Dresden Holocaust

Like the Six Million number that was constantly thrown out by Jews, these stories hold no truth in them either.

This was the largest murder investigation of all time. You think the investigators could have done better.

1945 1950  Savage Continent

The years after WW2 have left a wrecked mess on the continent. Entire cities ruined, millions homeless, economy collapses and women and girls turn to prostitution.

Communists, liberals and Jews wreck a cruel vengeance upon helpless prey as America turns her head.

Internment camps are reopened and filled with anti-Communists and Germans. After being starved to death, photos of the prisoners are then passed off as victims of Hitler's Holocaust.

Massacres and civil war follow in Greece, Yugoslavia, Poland and parts of France and Italy.

Its the greatest act of ethnic cleansing in world history as tens of millions are expelled from their ancestral homelands.

1944 - 1945  Russian rape orgy

Russian Rapes of German Women

Stalin's chief Jewish propagandist, Ilya Ehrenberg, encourages soldiers to rape German women in this leaflet sent out:

"Kill!  Kill! In the German race there is evil; not one among the living, not one among the unborn is but evil! Follow the precepts of Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of the German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army."
--Ilya Ehrenberg

I think Nuremberg missed a few to hang.

Patton was telling us what needed to be done, if only Eisenhower had not stopped him over and over again.

"Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. It's said that for the first week after they took Berllin, all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed."
-- General Patton

1945 - 1946   Eisenhower's Death Camps

A year following WW2, Eisenhower still holds millions of Germans as Prisoners of War. Eisenhower circumvents the humane treatment required of the Geneva Convention by classifying them as "Disarmed Combatants." 

I never heard of that, but does not pass the smell test. At that time evidently  it did though and the Red Cross were not allowed entry to the camps.

Still expecting some Nuremberg trial to happen here.

Seems that some of the "Holocaust" pictures being passed around actually came from the mass graves of the dead Germans gathered up and burned in mass pits.

1945 - 1950  Stalin's gulags for Germans

Not to be outdone by Eisenhower, Stalin mistreats his German POWs by marching them off to Siberian gulag camps. Up to one million Germans will die from this alone.

1945 - 1949  Germans expelled

All of East Prussia is taken from Germany with 7 million Germans forced to move from their homes. Three million more Germans are expelled from Germany territory handed over to Czechoslovakia.

They are attacked and raped by the Red Army, Jewish gangs and Communist gangs. Two million of these refugees will die enroute, with 500,000 interned in Soviet labor camps.

Displaced Jews are given preference in seizing and occupying the stolen homes of German refugees.

De-Nazification programs will inflict more misery and war reparations are once again imposed as in the Treaty of Versailles.

1945, December 21  Patton is Assassinated

 There is no doubt Patton is assassinated.
    But after a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General "Wild Bill" Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname "Old Blood and Guts". --Tim Shipman
We often like to elect our war heroes to high office.

Imagine Eisenhower running for president against George Patton after the full extent of Stalin's tyrannical Iron Curtain is fully revealed.

We had just fought our second World War against tyranny and now here is Stalin stuffing it in our face.

Patton would righteously be saying on the campaign trail, "I could have stopped Stalin but Eisenhower stopped me at every turn."

Yes, he needed to be silenced for the Jewish plan to work.

1945 - 1947   Operation Keelhaul

In Operation Keelhaul, Eisenhower sends up to 3 million terrified Russian POWs back to the Soviets, in exchange for American and British POWs. The Russian POWs end up in the gulag as traitors for allowing themselves the easy way out of being captured and suspecting them of being Nazi collaborators.

Stalin would still hold on to 25,000 American POWs and 30,000 British POWs, sending them to Siberian gulags or just killing them. Ike, Churchill and FDR are aware if the missing POWs but say nothing.

Anti-communist families who tried to escape the Soviets by traveling back with the retreating Germans are also sent back. They are subjected to special tortures and their women are all raped with all remaining sent off to the Gulag.

1946, March 5  Iron Curtain Speech

Why look at this, the Churchill clock is right a second time.

What really angers the Jewish Globalists is that Stalin is taking his marbles and going home without playing in their New World Order playground.

The Soviet Jews just dissed the Western Jews.

1946, September 19  United States of Europe

Churchill startles the Globalists who know to keep the One World Government on the low down as to not upset the masses who oppose it.

Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who wants to eliminate the white race is all in on Churchhill's proposals.

Over time, the European Union of today will have evolved into the monstrous government planned from 50 years back.

1946, October   Nuremberg Show Trials begin

The victors will have a trial to exact justice, that is, the ones who:
  1. Firebombed Hamberg, Dresden and Toyko,
  2. Atomic bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
  3. Sinks the refugee ships Wilhelm Gustloff and Goya,
  4. Forced returns of Russian refugees from communism and POWs wanting asylum,
  5. Starvation of 1.5 million German POWs,
  6. Katyn Forest Massacre,
  7. Ethnic cleansing of former German lands,
those victors, begin war trials against German leaders.

Nurember Show Trial

In Germany's defense, German SS troops had just been accused of throwing babies into ovens and their defense lawyers had no questions for cross-examination?

Does this not seem more like a Stalinist show trial than a American fair and just one?

1945    Palestine heats up

King David Hotel

Great Britain is a broken country but they still have Palestine and the Jews jump right in to push the Brits out. They start assassinating local trafic cops and famously blew up the military headquarters of the Brits at the King David Hotel (after "graciously sending in a bomb threat to allow safe exit beforehand", the always moralistic Jews will say)

Menachem Begin leading the Irgun terror gang will rile up the Muslims with a little Jewish atrocity against Muslims at Deir Yassin.

We Jews can never figure out why everyone hates on us so much.

1947, April     Cold War

Bernard Baruch coins the word Cold War.  A Cold War largely of his making.

"Although the shooting war is over, we are in the midst of a cold war which is getting warmer."
--Bernard Baruch

1947, June  Marshal Plan

This globalist plan is sold to the Senate as a ways of saving Europe from Judeo-Soviet communism.

In actuality, it creates the germ for the EU in the Organization for European Economic Cooperation.

1948  Eisenhower hires Communist to write book

Dwight Eisenhower can chose anyone in the world to write his book but chooses a communist named Joseph Fels Barnes.

Democrats under FDR had the top income rates ratcheted up to 95% and so Eisenhower obtained a ruling that he was not a writer who would obtain a taxable salary, but he was actually an asset, such as a stock in Ford, and was merely selling his "stock" by telling his story. This meant he was only taxed at the capital gains tax rate, saving him $4 million dollars in 2017 dollars).

Communist to write the book but capitalist to cash in it appears.

1950  Churchill's World Government

Churchill the Globalist

For all his BS about fighting against Hitler from taking over the world or his BS about fighting against Judeo-International Communism from taking over the world, here comes Winston Churchill proposing a World Government to take over the world.

What manner of BS must this traitor to the English people have to say this:

"We must endeavor by patience and faithful service to prepare for the day when there will be an effective world government resting on the main groupings of mankind --- The creation of an authoritative all-powerful world order is the ultimate aim towards which we must strive."
--Winston Churchill 1950

We need a World War to save us from Winston Churchills.

1945 to Present   German Brainwashing

Three generations of Germans have been raised to see themselves in the most horrible light when their ancestors had bravely fought to free themselves of the Judeo-Globalist control over this entire planet.

Germans are told to grovel to Israeli politicians and to worship the Holocaust as if a religion.

Across Europe, debate about the Holohoax is a crime punishable by beatings at the hands of Jews as in Robert Faurisson, to arrest as in David Irving and Ernst Zundel, Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer, to the death punishment for John Demjanjuk and Johann Breyer.

1960  Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

With funding for the anti-American Judeo-globalist organization Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), William Shirer will write the "definitive" and "comprehensive" history of WW2.

Published by Jewish giant Simon & Schuster and pushed by the Jewish press, Shirer will become wealthy giving an extremely light on facts and truth account of the war.

Jewish Revolutions and Christian Self-Defense

Jewish Domination
Jewish revolutions are of Jewish origin.

When we talk about Blacks committing crime, we talk of 13% of the population committing over 50% of all murders. But the 13% are half women. So it's only 6.5% of black men who commit 50% of the murders. But again, any black man below the age of 12 or above the age of 45 are unlikely to commit murder, so in actuality, it's only 2% of young black men who commit over 50% of all murders. It's only rational to watch your back if a young black man walks up to you in the street.

Likewise with Jews.

Take both blacks and Jews out of our society and you would be amazed at how loving and peaceful American life would be.

Jews created the Communist International to spread Jewish Revolution throughout the world.

Comiterm affiliates formed in all countries including the United States and Germany for the overthrow of those governments.

Communist Party of America

Jews wanted a Jewish One World Order under their control.

Jewish Control

The Jews running the Weimar Republic did nothing to stop the Bolshevik Jews from taking over Berlin in the Spartacus Uprising or keeping Bolshevik Jews from forming the Bavarian Soviet Republic.


Seems there are two levels of Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. The moderate JRS were the Kerensky socialists and the Weimar socialists, while the far left, far more evil JRS are the Red Russians and the Bavarian Soviet Republic strain.

Thankfully in Germany, these Jewish revolutionaries were stopped by the Christian German Freikorps paramilitary units.


Hungary was not so lucky. Jew Bela Kun, with the backing of Lenin, took control of Hungary in March of 1919, massacring thousands of Christians and was only ousted with Romanian support.

Jews were also running rampart in Italy, only to be defeated by Fascists under Mussolini, himself a former socialist.

Germans are not stupid. They saw the depravity which happened in Russia and Hungary after the Jews took total control.

Fascism was a movement to save Europe from Communism.

Under Fascism, government insures that Jews do not degrade the national character and national morals. Fascism is a defender of the nation, its culture and its people.

Winston Churchill was caught rarely speaking the truth, before he aligns with the murderous Stalin against the Fascism of Hitler.

Guess the Jews got to him.

Churchill understands


In 1936, Judeo-Bolshevik communists tried to topple the Spanish government and the Catholic Church.

Over 20,000 Catholic churches destroyed; 6,822 priests killed; 300 monks and 300 nuns killed; 13 bishops were killed; this was a fight against everything one held dear.

The Judeo-Bolsheviks were backed by the Judeo-Soviets while Franco was supported by the Fascists. After all the church burnings and priest slaughter by the communists, we had proof that the Fascists were the good guys here.

Again Winston Churchill speaks elegant words in support of mankind, until he later commits treason by becoming Stalin's Western front.

Sounds like Winston Churchill was your everyday deep state politician.

Clearly Churchill understands

Four Stages of Subversion

Here are the goals of Judeo-Communists. How is Israel's Netanyahu any different than Stalin in this respect.

Four Stages of Subversion

Stalin Subversion

Jewish Subversion

The "march through the institutions" can happen easily if the Jews by hook or crook or just plain intellect can take over control of all the institutions.

Intellectuals stink


Seems to be the approach we are seeing. That frog is about boiled by now.

Frankfurt School

Cultural Marxism

Everything about western civilization was to be challenged from gender to sexuality to family to race to government to religion.

Western Institutions

In country after country, the traditional white population is replaced and destroyed.

Your New Neighbors

As one of many minorities, with minority rights preserved at all costs, then Jews could "hide" among society utilizing their power behind the scenes.

So long as the whites were distracted and focused on the more problematic minorities, such as blacks or Hispanics, then Jews feel safe.

Jews become Invisible Minorities

Kevin MacDonald wrote well of this in his boot The Culture of Critique.

"anti-Semitism, rather than being an irrational hatred for Jews, is actually a logical reaction to Jewish success. In other words, the Nazis, like many other anti-Semites, were only anti-Semitic because they were countering a genuine Jewish threat to their well-being.

For whatever reason, Jews are successful. Do they have a right to suppress everyone under them then?

Kevin MacDonald

Break Families

Goals of Marxism

Movie Requirements


Cult Marx1
Cult Marx2
Cult Marx3
Cult Mark4
Cult Marx5
Cult Marx6

Jews took the American western principle of individualism to the absolute extreme as they take everything to the extreme. They turned the principle of individualism against our country.

Now, an "honest" individual would never have a strong communal tie to family, religion, or state.

Single moms were praised as virtuous and promiscuous men were envied for their freedom.

Children were to question their parents.

Priests were shown to be child abusers and government officials could not be trusted.

Bosses were evil and especially ones like Rockefeller or Carnegie.

None of this for Jews of course.

Jewish kids were raised to be united in the ethnicity of Judaism.  Patriotism toward Israel was a given.

Jewish kids are raised with a strong sense of hostility toward others being unified in their own ethnicity or culture or religion, because it is always perceived by Jews as being a threat against them. Otherwise in reverse, Jews are just fine being unified with their own religion, ethnicity and culture.

The Jewish opposition to Nazism was not just that the Nazis were united as a nation but that they were united against Jews.

As for groups, these were all considered to be pathologies to be destroyed, parenthood, pride in family, Christianity, traditional views of sexuality and love of country.  

Fine though was a love of  your Jewish mother, Judaism, having Jewish kids and an abundant love of Israel.

The Authoritarian Personality

Politically Correct

Theodore DalRymple
Theodore Dalrymple

Women's liberation was a means to have white women delay childbearing age through birth control and engage in abortion. It was a means to double the tax base with working moms and therefor handing off their precious children to socialist day care and schools for women who no longer had the time to devote to their family.

Woman Liberated

Man Hater


War on Women
War on Women

Nuclear Family

Destroy Nuclear Family

Andrea Dworkin

Susan Sontag

Masha Gessen

Back in Weimar Germany, prostitution was legalized and desperate hyper-inflation era mother-daughter teams were offering up their services to men. Pedophilia was allowed as well as homosexuality. All forms of perversion was allowed.

Manfred Reifer

Maurice Samuels

In the book, the Way to Zion, Dr. Kurt Munzer writes:

Kurt Munzer

Rabbi Harry Waton

Here is a Jew who could see what is coming.

Stefan Zweig

In conclusion,
The crime of the Century was not what the Germans finally had to do in their own self defense, for their own survival, but the totality of the criminality of what the Jews were doing to the Germans.

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