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December 2021 AD

  The Bad War

Spoiler Alert and fair warning: this is the real history of WW2 you were never taught in high school.

In fact, this may be you after you read this article...

Sleeping Goy

Your outlook on the world will be forever changed after reading this, so again beware.

First off,
the question you must ask yourself about WW2,
is not
"What the Germans did
to the Jews?"

"What in the hell did the Jews do
to the Germans

to get them so pissed off?"

Please buy the book,
The Bad War by M.S. King.
It would be a great asset to your literary collection.  

Or for the lazy,
there is the movie of --> The Bad War.

Of course a reformed Hitler would have followed the teachings of the Wise-Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre.


The world's greatest irony here don't you think?

Just after the Jews insisted that Germans be punished for overthrowing the Jews who were running the Weimar Republic with Germans now saying that Germans only would run Germany from now on, here comes the new country of Israel, where Jews kick out the native Palestinians and insist that it will be Jews only who will run their own country from now on as they see fit.

Jews are the master race of "The Promised People" in "The Promised Land", but God Forbid that Germans see themselves as superior in any way. No tolerance or nor diversity allowed, no open borders in Israel, but Germany could not export a single soul or it was evil incarnate.

Jews declared war on Germany in the 30s
(Hitler created Nazi Germany in 1932)
for exactly what Jews did in Israel in the 40s
(Theodor Hertzl created Israel in 1948).

And you are one of those dirty rotten evil Crusaders who support this Crusader nation of Nazi Israel.

Jewish intrigue pre-WW2

Jews had been trying to destabilize Europe for over a hundred years. There was the prototype 1789 Jewish Revolutionary spirit of the French Revolution,
not finished until Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo in 1815, of Liberte, egalite and fraternite which would become the rallying cry for subsequent revolutions.

The New World Order of the League of Nations and the United Nations envisions the future establishment of an integrated system of "Global Governance" to be erected by Jews upon the ruins of the "Old World Order" - a world based on sovereign and independent nations or empires.

Against all the Jewish praise for how well these global institutions would be the savior of mankind, the League of Nations did not prevent WW2, where WW2 was started among League of Nations nations and the United Nations did not prevent the Cold War, where the Cold War was started from United Nations nations.

Sadly, the Napoleonic Wars, WW1 and WW2 were the result of Global Governance, where the Old World nations were forced to join in alliances to protect each other. The Jewish Rothschild family grew richer off all three of these global disasters.

The old European order was restored in 1815 to pre-French Revolution levels, but just for a short time, as the root cause of Jewish revolutionary spirit had not been addressed.

1848 - Year of Marxist Revolutions

This post-Napoleonic era only lasted until the year 1848, with Jewish Karl Marx releasing his book The Communist Manifesto, which would embroil much of Europe in Judeo-revolutions. Revolts would break out in 50 nations throughout Europe and South America.

For the first time, the full agenda of the Marx cult was revealed.
  1.  Heavy income taxes,
  2.  Central bank with monopoly on credit,
  3.  Abolition of private land property and inheritance,
  4.  State control over communications, education, manufacturing, agriculture and medicine.

To achieve these aims, Marx cultists promote violence, class envy, and hostility towards free markets, family, business, tradition and Christianity.

These 1948 Marxist revolutions too were all put down for now.

Again, the root cause of Jewish Revolutionary spirit was not dealt with.

1853 - Palestine is saved from the Czar

In the Crimean War of 1853-1856, Jew-born, but Christian "convert" Benjamin Disraeli, now Prime Minister of  England, aligns with France's Napoleon III, (infamous for going to war with the Christian Pope,) who both align with Ottoman Turk MUSLIMS to stop the Russian Christian Czar from retaking Constantinople from the MUSLIMS, and thus preventing a very much CHRISTIAN Russia from retaking Palestine, for the Jews greedily wanted Palestine for themselves.

Jews did not want Palestine to be under the control of a devoutly Christian Czar.

Remember the correct history on this.

Christians had peacefully converted from Judaism and took control of Jerusalem AFTER Rome threw the Jews out of Jerusalem for constantly revolting.

Then, Muslims had militarily stolen a Christian Jerusalem away from peaceful Christians,

Muslims NEVER took Jerusalem away from Jews.

So who does Jerusalem actually belong to?

The Romans had invaded and stole Jerusalem away from the Jews, but Jerusalem was peacefully settled in the centuries following by Christians whom the Romans hated at the time.

If you insist that the Jews were there first, so you argue it has to go back to them, then no. In the Old Testament, the Jews provide proof positive in how they themselves had stolen Israel away from others still.

The Walls of Jericho falling were not Jewish walls. Give the land back to these people.

Again, Christians are the only ones to have ever taken Israel rightfully and peacefully.

Christians rightfully own Israel.

Gob blesses
through salvation, only to those who believe in his Son. He no longer blesses Jews who hatefully reject his Son sent specifically for Jewish redemption.

Jews who reject the redemption of Christ belongs to the Synagogue of Satan. HIS words (Christ), not mine.

1865 - The first World-wide MSM is invented

To be really successful in European revolutions, the Judeo-communists needed much more control over mind, thought and deed with that critical landmark coming in 1865 when Jewish Paul Reuters established his news service Reuters. Mass production of information began here and soon, all of Europe was being force-fed with nothing but Jewish propaganda thought control through their monopoly on information.

Now to be clear, Jews were not powerless before. This global news network just made their jobs much easier and efficient.

We have explained before about how "The News of the World" was spread throughout backwoods America by Jews before printing presses were abundant.

Jewish men would go to the deep South to buy slave cotton and tell the slave owner how the North was plotting to kill them and free their slaves. These Jewish traders would take the cotton back to the clothing manufacturing cities like Jew York City to be made into dresses and suits. There, the Jewish traders would tell the Northerners how the slave owners beat their male slaves every morning before breakfast and partake of their female slaves shortly thereafter.

More Jewish traders would strike out as panhandlers to America's heartland with the freshly made dresses and suits to sell to the masses. The heartland was all ears as to what was happening in the big cities and were attentive as the Jews told them how bad the slave owner was using slaves to pick cotton and how virtuous the northerners were enriching themselves using this slave labor cotton.

And we wonder why the country split up during the Civil War?

1870 - German state is formed

In 1870, Napoleon III takes France into a war with Prussia and loses badly the Franco-Prussian war.

The Judeo-NWO miscalculated even more than anticipated because this resulted in the unification of the German state for the first time.

Germans were not going to let any Jewish-backed Napoleon mess with them.

The results of this war was the Jewish Rothschilds bailing out the nearly bankrupt France and installing a "democracy" and on the other front, the German states were left united in a new powerful country of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm with Otto Von Bismark as the Chancellor.

Regardless of all the Judeo-mockery, Jews prospered greatly in Germany. But don't let Jews being treated nice lead you to believe that the Jews would still not plan your utter destruction. We all know Germany will soon to be decimated in World War 1 under both the Kaiser and Bismark. As well, we also see today what Jewish freedom to take over all of society here in America entails to our well being.

Bottom line, the Kaiser, like the Czar, was a man the Jews could not control, so they had issues with the Kaiser, never really liking him.

Germany was a country the Jews had no control of, but which nevertheless allowed Jews freedom for the first time in Europe.

In fact, Germany is the first country which grants citizenship to Jews.

Guess Germany at that time did not figure out who was behind the conspiracies against them or they would have NEVER granted Jews citizenship. This would mark Germany's downfall.

Disraeli was the Prime Minister of England, not because he was ethnically a Jew but only because he had "converted" to Christianity. Otherwise, by good and reasonable common sense English law he would never have been allowed to rule England.

Disraeli would later break the ice for Jews to rule in England by allowing an utterly Jewish Rothschild to take a seat in the House of Lords. This was the camel with hidden nose under the tent and the beginning of the end for the British empire.

Sorry to be repetitive here, but the key to remember in this history is that the German Jews (including the German Jews in America) were supporting the Kaiser only so long as the Kaiser was threatening or actually fighting the Czar, whom they hated even more.


Because the Czar had this silly idea that Istanbul still belonged to the Orthodox Christians as Constantinople.

When the Czar attacked, the Ottoman Turks would have put every single man they had in defense of Istanbul and if defeated, there would have been no one left to prevent Russia from also having Palestine. And Palestine in the hands of a devoutly Christian Czar was the last thing Jews wanted.

Jews wanted Jewish-ran (Rothschild banker-ran) England under Jew Benjamin Disraeli to take Palestine.

Of course, Disraeli would prove himself a real Jew to his Jewish parents, Jewish aunts, Jewish uncles, Jewish brothers, Jewish sisters, and Jewish cousins by leading England to side with the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire against Christian Russia every single time Christian Russia fought the Ottoman Muslims. 

The Crimean War is the prime example of Disraeli's treason to his new Christian religion (and to England), but of dire consequence, Disraeli kept Russian-freed Orthodox Christian slavs, fresh from domination under the Ottomans, as slaves of another sort.


The Czar was successfully in freeing some Orthodox Christian slavs from Ottoman control regardless of Disraeli.

Critical to world stability though, Disraeli kept these freshly freed Orthodox Christian slavs from joining their preferred slavic Russia and fellow Orthodox religion, and instead handed them over to the non-slavic Austrian-Hungary Catholic empire, thus causing the Serbs to want freedom from the Austrian-Hungarians and causing WW1 when an orthodox Serb assassinated the Catholic Crown prince of Austria-Hungary, Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Germany still had a predominate Catholic population and sided with Austria-Hungary in their war against the Orthodox Christians. England still hated Catholics ever since the days of serial wife-killer King Henry VIII and decided to fight against the Catholics.

And, to show you how totally screwed up the Catholic French were in WW1, they sided with their perennial enemy Protestant England against their fellow Catholics. (I just cannot explain that one to you.)

1873 - League of the Three Emperors

If Jews needed a reason to hate Germany it came in October 1873 when the Kaiser joined with the hated Czar of Russia and the Austria-Hungary empire in an alliance. It will oppose French and English power and growing Judeo-Red radicalization which had been growing since 1848 revolutions.

Again, the Jews controlled none of this, so they had their work cut out for them in their march toward a One World government.

1874 - Bismark's attempted Assassination

Anarchist assassinations are always a go to tool for Jews to create instability.

Radical Jew Frederick Cohen had previously shot Bismark in 1866. Now, Eduard Kullman makes another attempt on Bismark's life.

1877 - Czar defeats the Ottomans

The Czar wants to reverse the losses of the Crimean War of 20 year back and free to Christians of the Balkan states. Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria rebel and fight with the Czar.

The Czar is within striking distance to Constantinople when England's Jewish Disraeli sends English Christian ships to again stop Christians from winning against the Muslims in the Russo-Turkish War. The Czar is forced into a peace treaty.

1878 - More Assassination attempts

Twice Kaiser Wilhelm has his life almost taken, once by Jewish-led Red Emil Max Hodel and again by Jewish-led Red Karl Nobiling.

1878 - More Jewish dirty tricks

To settle the Russo-Turkish War, at the Congress of Berlin, Disraeli negotiates a bad deal for Russia who actually won the war.

While Russian men fought hard, died and won the territories,  Disraeli  works before the Congress begins to tell the Austrian-Hungary Empire that they will receive all the freed lands. Freed lands populated not by non-slav Catholics but by slav Orthodox Christians whom align with Russia.

This will be the cause of WW1!!!!

One particular Serbian slav Orthodox will shoot the crown prince of Austria-Hungary and suddenly there is no more League of Three Emperors, but a World War.

To be more precise, Jew Benjamin Disraeli caused WW1.

Our great object was to break up and permanently prevent the alliance of the three Empires and I maintain there never was a general diplomatic result more completely affected
-Benjamin Disraeli

1882 - Disraeli takes Egypt and the Suez Canal

The Ottoman Empire accorded England with special privileges for England twice now saving the Ottoman Empire's hide from total destruction under the Czar.

So Jew-Disraeli took advantage of this  lenience by helping finance the Suez Canal built in 1869 with Rothschild money. Rothschild's England picks a fight with Egypt in 1882 under the pretence of "protecting their financial interests in the Suez Canal". During the Anglo-Egyptian War, the British bomb Alexandria and invade Cairo. becoming master of Egypt. The real goal of taking Palestine is soooooo close!!

1887 - The Reinssurance Treaty

The only thing wrong with the Reinssurance Treaty between Russia and Germany was that it did not include Russia fighting against the Austrian-Hungary Empire. And the Austrians still had millions of slav Orthodox Christians that Russia could be enticed to defend.

1889 - Hitler is born

Like the birth of Jesus, history will be changed with the birth of Hitler on April 20, 1889, but this time, no Jewish leader will be slaughtering all the first born trying to save themselves from this history's reenactment.

Although, they probably wished they had done this again.

Jews would have slaughtered up to the fourth born German boy to have killed the baby Hitler.

1890 - Bismark is booted

Wilhelm II becomes the new Kaiser in 1888 after the death of Wilhelm I.

Yes, this will be the same Kaiser Wilhelm that the movie "The King's Man" loved to mock and ridicule.

He is infected with the NWO bug and so plays up to Rothschild-ran England, fails to renegotiate the Russian-German Reinsurance Treaty allowing the problems with the Austrians to fester and dismisses the "Iron Chancellor" Bismark who wants to smash the Reds in Germany.

1894 - Franco-Russian Alliance

Remember that France's Catholics fought with the Ottoman Turk Muslims against Orthodox Christian Russians. Why would France now want an alliance with Russia if not to insure a two front war with Germany again.

What was the Czar thinking? Yes, the new Kaiser was not being friendly, but do you really want to be dragged into a war with the Kaiser just to save France who fought against you in the Crimean War? Let them both kill each other, man. France is not your friend.

As for the Kaiser, sure, England's Queen Victoria was your grandmother, but the Rothschilds sure were not and they are now running the show in England. So why give France and Russia a feeling like you were aligning with England against them? You should know the Czar hated England for stopping him several times from taking Constantinople. You being a friend of England makes you an enemy of Russia.

1896 - The New York Times becomes Zionist

Adolph Ochs takes control of the newspaper of record in the United States. Count on the Times to from now one to promote big government, Globalism, phony environmentalism, Israel, the Fed, and endless foreign wars.

1897 - Zionist Congress formed

It is now official. Jews under Theodore Herzl want Palestine.

In 1901, Jews shove a few shekels toward the Ottomans to help them pay off debt, but this is rebuffed.

Britain offers the African colony of Uganda, but the obstinate Jews refuse.

1898 - Spanish-American War

When we sailed our war ships into Tokyo harbor in 1853, we awoke the Japanese to industrialization and their resultant militarization.

But we told them we actually fought against colonialism in our Revolutionary War and were ABSOLUTELY not colonist ourselves. We were only here in Japan for trade, not to get our foot in the door so we would eventually take over as England had done in both India and China.

In 1898, using the false pretense of "liberating Cuba" and a false accusation against Spain for sinking the USS Maine, our Judeo-Yellow Press forces America to war.

We also greatly agitate the Japanese against us by creating our own East Asian colony in the former Spanish Philippines and Guam.

Now America had colonized a fellow island off the coast of Asia, revealing the lie that America only wanted peaceful trade, not domination. We also fought to suppress a freedom fighter brigade in the Philippines.

We will first arm Japan with modern weapons to fight the Czar, but all this will finally come around bite us on the butt later when we arm their worst and most fear enemy, Soviet Joe Stalin, a far worst enemy than the Czar ever was.

1904 - Entente Cordial

France and England agree to settle issues. France has now had alliances with both England and Russia. This concerns Germany.

1905 - Red Rebellion in Russia

America's Jewish traitor banker Schiff, (ancestor of our current Jewish Schiff traitor), made millions helping the Japanese industrialize to catch up to Western standards. Much as Jewish interests are helping China modernize today and one day striking out against us as Japan did.

But in 1905, it was Russia which was surprised to be the first to take the brunt of the modern Japanese military. All to weaken the Czar don't you know.

With Schiff's Japan giving Russia a nose bleed, Schiff's Jewish cousins in Russia were not letting a good crisis go to waste. These internal "Russian" Jews were using the opportunity to overthrow the Czar in a wave of political uprisings, massive labor strikes and terrorist acts against the Czar's government.  In 4 years, terrorists would kill 7,300 people and wound about 8,000.

Here is where the Christian leader was too Christian.

After regaining control, the Czar allowed Lenin and Trotsky to emigrate instead of having them properly hung for encouraging terrorist deaths against 7,300. For later, the Czar's mercy would not be returned him as Lenin and Trotsky would mercilessly wipe out the Czar's entire family. Lenin goes to Switzerland and Trotsky goes to NYC to freely hang with Jewish banker Schiff and fellow Jewish paparazzie.

"The Jews have undoubtedly to a large extent furnished the brains and energy in the revolutions throughout Russia."
--George von Longerke, US Ambassador to Russia

1905 - Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Russian professor Sergei Nilus publishes this work which every Jew will tell you is a bald face lie, but it is hard to argue that the predictions of 1905 have not come true in 2022.

Were these discovered treasonous acts of Zionists shared by the Czar's secret police as a warning to Christians?  Of course, who wouldn't want the truth to get out? Sad indeed that Christians in Russia did not head the warning and still succumbed to the Jewish lies of the Judeo-Communism.

  1.  Destroy the Catholic Church and all Christianity
  2.  Promote Atheism
  3.  Wage class warfare/ labor against management
  4.  Overthrow Czarist Russia
  5.  Corrupt the morals of the people
  6.  Promote senseless "modern art" and dirty literature
  7.  Use anti-Semitism to keep "lesser Jews" cohesive to the Zionist cause
  8.  Manipulate women with ideas of "liberation"
  9.  Create economic depressions and inflations
  10.  Create "controlled opposition" to themselves
  11.  Use state debt as a weapon to enslave countries
  12.  Subvert and control all existing governments
  13.  Install tainted politicians that can be blackmailed
  14.  Manipulate college students with phony idealism
  15.  Assassinate world leaders
  16.  Spread deadly diseases
  17.  Use balance of power politics to control nations
  18.  Commit acts of terrorism
  19.  Promote sports and games to divert people
  20.  Start a World War which will include the USA
  21.  Set up a world government after an economic collapse

1907 - Triple Entente

UK, France and Russia join together in a Triple Entente against the triple Alliance of Germany, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Italy but later replaced by the Ottoman Empire.

1912 - Globalist Wilson Wins the Presidency

PROGRESSIVE Teddy Roosevelt creates the Bull Moose party to steal votes away from the real American patriot William Howard Taft. Woodrow Wilson wins with only 41% of the vote.

But oh wait the Jewish Globalist gain plenty through Wilson!

  1.  Establish a US Central Banks (Federal Reserve act of 1913)
  2.  Impose Income Tax (16th Amendment 1913)
  3.  Turn the Senate into a "Democracy" by removing the State's right to vote (17th Amendment  1913)
  4.  Trigger the World War with triple entente/alliance (1914 WW1)
  5.  Entangle the US in that war (1917 Balfour Declaration blackmail)
  6.  Finish off Russia with Judeo-communism (1917)
  7.  Establish a World Political Power for "World Peace" (1918 League of Nations)
  8.  Carry our Herzl's Zionist ambitions to steal Palestine from the Turks.

1910-20 - American Zionist tighten their grip


Jew Jacob Schiff, fresh off his successful funding of the Japanese war machine and its defeat of Russia in 1905, establishes both the despised NAACP and ADL.

Jew Bernard Baruch was Jewish fund raiser for their blackmailed puppet Woodrow Wilson. Baruch would hold the most powerful figure in American industries by heading Wilson's War Industries Board.

Jew Paul Warburg (Little Orphan Annie's Daddy Warbucks) will become the father of the Federal Reserve, His son James will lead the United World Federalists in 1947 to promote the United Nations. Brother Max was a powerful German banker. Brother Felix also promoted Globo-Zionist causes.

1914 - WW1 begins on June 28

Orthodox Slav Serbians in Bosnia, itself under non-Slav Catholic Austria-Hungary control are restless and Gavrilo Princip finds the key to igniting the flames by assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

The Jews have their war.

In the Nicky-Willy telegrams,  Czar Nicholas (Nicky) and Kaiser Willelm (Willy) try to prevent war. They are both related to both Russia's Catherine the Great and to England's Queen Victoria.

Austria-Hungary had declared war on Serbia the day before on July 28th.

Telegram on July 29th Czar to Kaiser
Austria-Hungary has declared war on little Serbia. Nicky tells Willy that this is not fair. Can he get the big bully Austrians to stop because he would be unable to not come to the aid of defenseless tiny Serbia.

Telegram on July 29th Kaiser to Czar
(This and the one above are sent at the same time)
Kaiser complains about the unscrupulous constant agitation of the Serbians against the Austrians and he is trying to reason with the Austrians in the loss of their prince. Even though, the Kaiser is concerned about how Russians are taking the actions of the Austrians.

Telegram on July 29th Kaiser to Czar
The Kaiser says Austrians are justified to war because Serbians are not good for their word, but that he believes the Austrians when they say they will not take any territory. So could the Czar just sit this war out to prevent the worst war Europe has ever seen?

Telegram on July 29th Czar to Kaiser
Agreed that the Austria-Serbian problem could be handled by a Hague Peace Conference.

And so on and so on until war is declared anyway.

In the end, both monarchs will have had to advocate their thrones. Worst for the Czar, he even lost his life and family.

Had Willy and Nicky only worked better to stop the Serbian agitation, Europe would be much better off today and they would still be rulers.

Jewish agitation would have none of that. War is exactly what they wanted and the rulers could not ignore their people's demands or they would have lost their monarchies at that moment.

The first World War was about to begin with Germany declaring war on Russia.

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