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December 2021 AD

  Kennedy Brothers Assassination and Israel

In regards to the assassination of JFK, we will start off with a thought experiment.

RFK was the Attorney General for JFK at the time of his assassination. He remained the AG from the assassination date of November 22, 1963 to his leaving office to run for Senator of NY on September 3, 1964. The Warren Commission report was delivered on September 24, 1964.

As America's highest law enforcement officer, why was RFK not leading the investigation or at least on the staff of the Warren Commission?
Did he not want the job?  I hardly think so.

Some would say there could be a conflict of interest.

But how much conflict of interest did LBJ have in initiating the investigation, since he was the one who benefited the most by becoming President? Many of the lawyers on the staff such as Arlen Spector, were Jews and many were hostile to JFK, such as Dulles, the CIA director whom JFK had fired.

Had RFK won the Presidency in 1968, he may have opened his own investigation.

We have reported twice now on the clear connection between JFK ordering international inspection of the Israeli Dimona nuclear power plant for nuclear bombs to prevent Israel from having the bomb and his assassination soon afterwards.

We never thought that the RFK assassination had to occur to help cover for the JFK assassination, but now makes total sense. RFK was still Attorney General for LBJ, but LBJ did not allow RFK to investigate this crime, and RFK would have won the 1968 election and thereafter re-opened the JFK assassination inquiry, thus exposing the Jews.

Both deaths were investigated by the LBJ administration and as many know, both investigations were corrupt as hell. Clearly this makes LBJ an accomplice.

Thanks to an excellent expose I can now see the link.

(This is a

Since I have seen that links such as this seem to disappear over time, we will highlight all the pertinent points.

My first clue that Jews were behind this conspiracy against the United States was in learning that Jack Ruby's real name was Jacob Rubenstein. I asked myself, why were there even Jews in Protestant hateful Dallas in the 1960's and why was a Jew silencing the "patsy"?

Jack Ruby

This immediately raised my spidy senses.

Easy then to track Jack Ruby's connection to the Jewish mafia, who RFK as Attorney General was concentrated on wiping out. By that time, the Italian mafia were well on their way of being wiped out by Meyer Lansky and his Jewish thugs at Murder, Inc, so the Jews now largely ran the mafia. So some conspiracy theories were not that far off.

My question was why would the Roman Catholic Italian mafia (or Catholic Cubans for that matter) wipe out the first Roman Catholic President.  Wasn't blaming the "Italian" mafia just a diversion?  Well, not if Jewish mafiasos were running the show by then as they run everything else. They would surely have no qualms of teaming up with the Mossad to help get rid of JFK and his attack dog AG RFK.

I also asked why the only video evidence of the JFK crime was the Zagruder video after police rounded up all the other photos, never to see the light of day again. He kept his film hidden and did not turn it over to the police. Zagruder was also Jewish in a hotly racist right wing Dallas.

More spidy sense alarms going off.

I asked how the murder weapon was found by a Jewish police officer, Seymour Weitzman, being totally amazed that Dallas even hired Jews as police officers in the discriminatory 1960's.

Spidy sense blaring loudly and incessantly.

I pointed out how LBJ was deemed to be Israel's best friend in the U.S. House and how he used federal welfare money during the Great Depression, earmarked for poor destitute American citizens, to instead help import and establish European Jews in the 1930's when Hitler was just getting going. Surely Jews would not hate that LBJ would become president after an JFK assassination. (I did not know until now that LBJ was himself Jewish.)

I could instantly see JFK had picked the worst possible choice for VP. One Israel would love to see as President of the United States, by hook or crook.

Spidy senses exploding!!!!!

So, I started looking and found the motive for Israel to kill JFK.

I did discover that staunch nuclear non-proliferation President JFK was told about the development of the Israeli nuclear bomb at the French-built Dimona Nuclear power plant in Israel after the defection of Vanunu who brought out photo evidence of what was developing in the basement.

I knew that the "father of Israel", Ben Gurion stepped down as leader of Israel over JFK's ultimatum to allow Israel time to address JFK's demands for the inspection of Dimona. ("Please Mr. President, put this on hold for now, we have to let our new leader time to adjust to office and look into this matter.")

I did not know until this video that LBJ's maternal grandmothers were both Jewish, making LBJ Jewish.

I did not realize that the RFK assassination had to be tied to the JFK assassination.

Since RFK was killed just before the 1968 presidential election, LBJ was on his last legs as President but still, it would be his people who would be the ones to investigate this assassination as well.

The assassination of JFK would never be re-opened.

And RFK, being the prosecutor he was, was bound and determined to reopen the investigation into the death of his big brother.

That Israel could not allow to happen. Nor could LBJ.

In fact, in the first act of Islamic terror in America, what better assassin "patsy" than someone who hated Israel, Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan.

Warren Commission Corupt

Sirhan Sirhan

Of course, after RFK's death, the Jewish news helped spread the story of Sirhan's hatred of Israel, to keep America focused on what was a important to Israel, such as this one from Jew Jerry Cohen.

Funny, I never remember hearing any stories about Jack Ruby's love of Israel during the JFK assassination. (Or LBJ's love of Israel either)

Jerry Cohen

Secondary Jewish story by Cohen?  America must hate the haters of Israel who hated RFK.

Bottom line, America must love Israel as RFK loved Israel.

Kennedy Loved Israel?

Motive? Besides the fact that Sirhan's family had been kicked out of East Jerusalem by Israeli occupying forces, RFK said America should sell jets to Israel.

Obviously, RFK has not opened the JFK investigation yet to know the Jews killed his brother. He still wants to protect Jews like a good little Goy.

Kennedy Loved Israel?

Jewish writer for the Boston Globe wants to remind us of the Middle Eastern link to terror.

War on Terror begins

Did Sirhan kill RFK?

Seems that there is the nasty fact that none of Sirhan's bullets actually hit RFK. He could not have been the killer, however intentioned.

RFK as shot from behind his head. 13 bullets were shot but Sirhan's gun only held 8 bullets.

Bullet that killed RFK

This is the man suspected of killing RFK. Known to hate RFK, his gun was never looked at by police, and he sold the gun after the assassination but told everyone he sold it beforehand.

Thane Eugene Cesar

In fact, it is likely the Mossad had previously hypnotized the easily hypnotizable Sirhan and when the hypnotic clue revealed itself, Sirhan subconsiously drew his gun and shot. The cue probably coming from an attractive (Jewish?) woman who accompanied him.

Sirhan was Hyponotized

I know enough about hypnosis to know that hypnosis cannot get you to do what is morally wrong to you. That is why Sirhan was programmed to think he was doing mere target practice.

Sirhan was Hyponotized

In fact, the Mossad was shown to be trying just this type of assassination by trying to program a brainwashed 28 year old Palestinian from Bethlehem to assassinate Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Rise and Kill First

Did Kennedy like Israel?

Even though Sirhan was fooled by a politician, not thinking that RFK could just be stating the obligatory support for Israel all politicians must do to get elected in America, Mossad knew very well that RFK's father was a strong America First leader during the 1930's.

While ambassador to England from 1938 to 1940. Joe Kennedy was supportive of England's appeasement policies toward Hitler.

Joe Kennedy

Ah, the old anti-Christian attack with the antisemitism trope even back in JFK's time

RFK apple from Joe Kennedy tree?

In fact, RFK, as JFK's AG, fully supported Senator William Fulbright's investigation that aimed to rightfully register the American Zionist Council as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Naw, nothing foreign about a bunch of Jews whose parents or themselves were all born in Europe and fundamentally advocating for the nation of Israel.

"As American as Apple pie" don't you know. But makes RFK an antisemite to not allow a Jewish exemption also don't you know.

Zionism registered as foreign agent

After JFK's assassination, LBJ never placed Israel's Zionist Council on the list and it's propaganda arm AIPAC has become the most powerful institution in America.

Need proof of AIPAC's power?  Call a vote in Congress on any subject except Israel and there will always be a virtual 50-50 split.  Call a vote on anything related to Israel and there will always be unanimous agreement to support Israel.


CIA Assassinate Kennedy?

Mark Lane (AKA Mark Levin) was one of many Jews falsely pointing fingers at the CIA.
Rush to Judgement

And of course, you can count on Jewish Hollywood to muddy the waters and not report on real history.

Where is the Hollywood movie about the contents we are presenting here of a Jewish conspiracy I wonder?

Oh yeh, "We'll here in Hollywood will get to it as soon as we make some Holodomor movies or some Judeo-Stalinist gulag camp horror movies featuring millions of Christians being slaughtered by Jews."

JFK Movie

In fact, the producer of the film JFK was a known Israeli spy Arnon Milchan who also created the movie production company Regency.


A spy on Israel's nuclear program is the producer for Oliver Stone's fake story about the JFK assassination. Interesting. VERY interesting.

No wonder that there was no mention of the Mossad connection that Garrison had stumbled upon.

Wikipedia - Arnon Milchan
His father owned a fertilizer company,[8] which Milchan inherited at the age of 21 upon his father's sudden death. Over the years, Milchan turned the company into a successful chemical business.[9] He also earned a degree from the London School of Economics, before he and his company (Milchan Brothers Ltd.) were recruited to Lekem, a secret Israeli intelligence organization responsible for obtaining technology and material for Israel's nuclear program, and other highly secretive programs.[10]

The CIA-Cuban Patriots theory with pro-Castro Oswald suffers from a crippling contradiction. If JFK needed to be eliminated to invade Cuba, LBJ never did. Why does the conspiracy that the CIA had to kill Kennedy not also kill LBJ as well?

Cuban Crisis

The head of counter intelligence and a Mossad liaison for the CIA was James Angleton. and often refereed to as a Mossad mole.

James Angleton

James Angleton

Israel gave Angleton profound honors after his death. Humm, must have been Jewish all along.

Who killed JFK

The Jews did not like JFK. His father Joe Kennedy was an American Firster who tried to keep America out of war.

JFK himself wrote a book called Profiles in Courage which  praised Senator Taft for his courage in denouncing the Jews' beloved Nuremberg Trials.

Senator Taft
Oswald's trial would have shown too much light on the Judeo-conspiracy, so he had to be taken out by a terminally ill Jewish man named Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubinstein).

Jack Ruby was part of the Yiddish Connection.

Yiddish Connection

His connection was with Jew Mickey Cohen.

Mickey Cohen

Mickey Cohen was very pro-Israel.

Mickey Cohen

Jack Ruby said he killed JFK for the Jewish people.

Jack Ruby

Bryan Edward Stone tells us how many Jews were on the Dallas County Citizens Council which invited JFK to lunch that fateful day.

LBJ's Chosen Folks

The Jewish Agenda of the wokeness of the day can be seen in this ad.

Dallas Citizens Council

23 of the 238 members were Jewish. 10% and probably the ones actually running the show. In racist Dallas, if you remember, how the extensive Judeo-MSM of the day depicted Dallas.

Dallas Citizens Council

In fact, Jew Abram Zagruder who sold his snuff film of JFK to Life for $150,000 was a member of the Dallas County Citizens Council. You can count on a Jew to make money on America's tragedy, even if he was "in the know" or not.

John Hughes-Wilson pointed a finger at Sam Bloom, who was a Jewish member of the Dallas County Citizens Council.

JFK Coup D'etat

The FBI thought Sam Bloom and Jack Ruby, both Jews, had a connection when a note was found in Ruby's home during a search. It was Sam Bloom who wanted the press to have access to Oswald and then Jack Ruby was a member of that press as a Yiddish interpretor.

JFK Coup D'etat

The Warren Commission was filled with people who either hated JFK such as CIA director Allen Dulles who JFK had fired or were fellow Jews like Arlen Spector.

Arlen Spector was the Jew who created the magic bullet theory. Of course a Jew would be the one to decide all our facts for us and a Jewish press would of course ask no questions and go along with it.

Arlen Specter

The man who found the murder weapon was Jewish cop Seymour Weitzman. Seems a credible case can be made that Oswald was never at the Book Depository.

Seymour Weitzman


Three books reveal that JFK had been informed of Israel's secret nuclear bomb development.

Samson Option

Israel and the bomb

The Bomb in the Basement

That secret site was in the basement of the nuclear plant at Dimona in the Negev desert.


Israel started delaying tactics in negotiating a time schedule for the inspections.
This allowed time to plot a method to eliminate the threat in JFK.


Ben Gurion resigned as Prime minister of Israel but continued to help the efforts to protect Israel.

"The Jewish brain does not disappoint. Jewish science does not disappoint." --Ben Gurion

An obvious reference to the science of developing a nuclear bomb.


"The delicate topic" of Israel's nuclear program meant that LBJ "saw no Dimona, heard no Dimona, and spoke no Dimona"


You want another way to piss off the Jews? JFK was not bathing Jews in American taxpayer dollars.

Egypts Nasser

With LBJ, America's foreign policy toward Israel was reversed. Aid to Arab countries was decreased and aid to Israel was increased.

Taking Sides

Starting with LBJ, every president has lavished aid on Israel. America's reparations for the Holocaust Americans had nothing to do with.

Welfare to Israel

Paul Findley was Illinois's representative for 11 terms until AIPAC smeared and attacked him, allowing Dick Durbin to defeat him.

Humm, I wonder why after this quote. Never associate the Mossad with the JFK assassination.

Jews did not trust JFK

I wonder how LBJ was able to "assassinate" RFK from the position of Attorney General after his brother was assassinated. Was RFK asked to recuse himself from investigating the assassination by being asked by LBJ to resign?

Seems Americans should have been up in arms over just this fact. No one would want to know who really killed JFK more than RFK.

Obviously, the Jews had it out for him.


There is talk here about how corrupt and power hungry LBJ was, but everyone knows this already.


It was reported that JFK was also offered a few Jewish shekels for his campaign if he allowed Jews to run his  Middle East policy. JFK hotly refused to sell out American foreign policy, but not LBJ.

JFK Bribed

Abraham Feinberg did fund the  LBJ campaign since 1948, so you know for a fact that LBJ sold out American foreign policy.

Abraham Feinberg was also a financier of the Dimona project.

JFK was blackmailed into putting LBJ on the ticket as his VP. The normal thought is that you want a good VP to replace you should you have a heart attack while in office. It is obvious now that JFK did not think this through. Yeh, he was "the healthiest candidate for President of the United States...I'm not going to die in office"

JFK Blackmailed

Dorothy Kilgallen, the same reporter who first broke the Kennedy-Monroe tryst, was found dead of an overdoes of drugs and alcohol just before announcing she had the biggest scoop of the JFK assassination after an interview with Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby was angry that LBJ had not gotten him out of prison, perhaps with a pardon?, and was thereafter placed into solitary confinement until his death.

Dorothy Kilgallen

LBJ's tapes show LBJ was a strong supporter of Israel. 

We are not surprised to know that by now, but why was he such a staunch supporter?

LBJ and Israel

So LBJ was Jewish all along?  Could this explain his support for Israel?

Per the Five Towns Jewish Times (5TJT), yes LBJ was Jewish through both his maternal grandmothers.

Was LBJ a Jew?
Was LBJ a Jew?

Cite for LBJ being a Jew --> here
Was LBJ a Jew?

U.S.S. Liberty attack

During the 1967 Six-Day war, on June 8, 1967, the second day of the war
, Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. This was a well known false flag attack by Israel who would have blamed Egypt for the attack had it been a complete success with all American soldiers on board dead.

The false flag operation would insure the United States would invade Egypt in revenge on behalf of Israel.

During the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis, Israel attacked Egypt and got within 10 miles of taking the Suez Canal for their own with its huge revenue stream from operations, when the United States intervened and stopped Israel. The sinking of the USS Liberty would have reversed American policy and in revenge we would have insisted that Israel steal the Suez Canal in 1967.

Thank God the Israelis were so incompetent in this operation.

The investigation was suppressed through John McCain II. the father of John McCain III. John McCain III is the RINO who sunk the killing of Obamacare. A family of traitors.

USS Liberty

Secret code words for connections in the LBJ administration:
 Hamlet - Abe Feinberg  (LBJ would always take his call)
 Menashe - Arthur Goldberg  (US Ambassador to the United Nations)
 Harari - David Gingsberg (lawyer who represented the Israeli embassy)
 Ilan - Jewish Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas

JFK Conclusion

The Deep State is a Jewish Deep State.

JFK and RFK had two things in common, LBJ and Israel.

Both deaths are framed by the LBJ administration.

Both investigations sidestep the implications of Israel.

In the case of RFK, his patsy was meant to appear to be a hater against Israel.

In the case of JFK, it is the identity of the man who assassinated the patsy, a Jewish gangster linked to the Irgun.

LBJ and Israel were both linked together. Most noted in LBJ's treason in the U.S.S. Liberty affair.

Both Israel and LBJ had a compelling interest to eliminate RFK during the 1968 election cycle out of fear of RFK winning and reopening the JFK investigation.

These lies are causing great concern in America about the integrity of their own government.

These lies have led America into many other lies further embroiling America deeply in the Middle East from Kuwait, to Iraq, to Yemen, to Afghanistan to Somalia to Iran.

Joseph Kennedy was like his home country of Ireland, not allowing Jewish interests to push America into total war with their fellow Christians in Germany.

John Kennedy Jr.

John Kennedy Jr.

John Jr's death allowed Hillary Clinton to become Senator of New York.

The Kennedy Dynasty is dead.

And all's well, because Israel has the bomb.

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