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November 2021 AD

  Merrick Garland

The Jewish Attorney General, Merrick Garland, needs to be French styled guillotined.

His FBI never met a BLM riot it felt like visiting, although, it had videos of Kyle Rittenhouse it was holding for the last minute only to lose when the defense demanded them turned over.

Merrick Garland did send the FBI after moms attending School board meetings. What jurisdiction does the FBI have at a local meeting of your local school board? Anything the local police could not handle here?   Anything the local police even needed to handle?

And just now, Garland's FBI shreaded the protections of the First Amendment by raiding the home of Project Veritas to retrieve the diary of the President's daughter.  Would your local police do anything other than laugh in your face if you asked them to  invade another home looking for your daughter's diary. But the President exerts his authoritarian muscle and Garland finds a treasonous sap of a judge to approve a search warrant.

Evidentially the diary could have been hidden inside a iPhone because two of them were taken as well.

Merrick Garland is a Jewish thug who is exploiting the power of his office to do anything he wants to do and nothing that the American people want done.

Jews have done little positive for this country.

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