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November 2021 AD

Genocide Enabler

This made up my mind about Nancy Pelosi. There are few with greater evil in their hearts.

We all know that the slaughter of babies in their mother's wombs does not move Pelosi's heart. But her evil runs even deeper.

Now, she openly says she cares less about the lives of Uygers, or the freedom of Tibetan and  Hong Kong residents, if it interferes with Climate Warming.

And that tells me Nancy would not lift a finger to protect American lives and freedoms if it also affected climate change.

If only Hitler had this "get out of jail" card.  Of course, the Jewish-backed Stalin and Mao never needed it as they always had the "get out of jail" benefit from Democrats.

Had Hitler came out for climate change, he would have been a beloved leader for all Democrats.

But the greatest eye-opener of all from this is that no one can claim the leader of all the Democrats is "ignorant" on the subject of genocide.

Again, she openly acknowledges that genocide is happening in China and that she is perfectly OK to continue doing business with people who commit genocide.

This is worst than Neville Chamberlain as Hitler had committed no heinous genocide actions at the time he signed the appeasement agreements. Chamberlain could have said "I never knew".

Not Nancy.

Nancy agrees genocide is happening and is perfectly fine with it.

And she represents all Democrats who also agree with her as no Democrat have moved to kick her out of her leadership position. 

So all Democrats are complicit in enabling genocide against already born Chinese people (not just against babies).

Perfect justification for Republicans to outlaw the entire Democrat Party and hang their leaders.

Pelosi went full Neville Chamberlain in Britain, saying she knows China is committing "Genocide" but that appeasing them to work on climate change is more important.

Pelosi: Yes, China's committed “genocide” against the Uighurs; “having said that," the bigger, “overrriding" issue is “working together on climate”

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