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Sept 2021 AD

  Word War I

We are engaged in a Word War against white Christian people who are mis-characterized as oppressors.

Thankfully, the words are starting to lose their grip, as the words have become increasingly bizarre and unbelievable.

How, for instance, are Hispanics ever classified as oppressed brown people? Did not the Spanish and Portuguese oppress the indigenous peoples of Central and South America far worst than the English and French did in North America? So, how can they said to be "oppressed"?

How are blacks oppressed?  I've never seen anything come anywhere close to the ceaseless worshipful pandering of blacks.

How are Muslims oppressed? For, they are the very definition of oppressors.

How are Jew oppressed?  For, they run everything!

Jews have invented all the words below and can be applied towards them today more so than the typical white Christian.

New York City is ran by the Jews and because of that is a hateful loathful place. Nothing civil in NY, but an abundance of arrogance abounds.

LA is ran by Jews, but do people think of justice and tolerance when thinking of LA? Or do they still think of Watts burning down, out of Compton and "Can't we all get along?"?

Read the war of words diatribe below which Jews throw at us constantly and tell us this is not hateful and yet another just cause for Civil War?

People in Montana know that 3-7-77 marks the date of March 7th, 1877 where law and order first arrived in Montana. We need a new date of say 1-6-21 to mark our day for the restoration of law and order. Or could we aim for an agreed upon date of say 2-2-22 for everything to be returned to normal - OR ELSE!!!

At least, by the time primary season is over next year, we will know for sure that the Rinos are on their way out or if they have bought their way into office again.

Word War I

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