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September 2021 AD

  Will the True
Commander in Chief
please step forward

Biden's Slew of Jews

Take a look at Biden's Slew of Jews and you will instantly know who is controlling Biden and who is directing Biden.

Not China!  Not blacks nor Hispanics !  Jews run this country now.

We all know Trump won the election. We all know Trump was defrauded.

...Therefore, Trump is the official commander in chief.

We need to recognize this now more than ever after the disastrous fall of Afghanistan.

The politically correct line was that we left Afghanistan with a stable government which would defend their country.

Don't be fooled. These people are using Clintonesqe phrasing.

Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag the other day and said something to the effect of: "We didn't think Afghanistan would completely collapse...UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR."

They 100% expected the country to collapse. They never anticipated any other outcome. End of story.

Biden never was presidential material, even with his esteemed Jewish handlers.

We just need Trump to step up to the plate and issue a Presidential command to have the military arrest Biden, Kamala, Pelosi and his controlling Judeo-treasonous-mafia, then have this Jewish gang executed for treason and sedition.

As Brother Nathaniel's Aug 17th Article indicates, such a plan may already be in the works.

There is plenty of spring cleaning long overdue.

All the minorities complaining of how America is unredeemablely racist needs to be repatriated to their home countries in container ships packed to the brim.

This goes especially for the Jews who conspire to infiltrate all our institutions and destroy them. To destroy America.

God does not bless those Jews who deny his only begotten son and God does not bless Americans who bless those Jews who reject his son. Fake evangelicals who profess to believe otherwise needs to be deported along with them for they are probably just collecting the 30 shekels of silver to say they believe that way. Who needs traitors in America anymore?

The Jewish-created welfare programs, used to buy black and Hispanic votes, will be dismantled. Work is the oil and grease of capitalism.

The Jewish -owned Federal Reserve will be dismantled. Nothing but Gold and Silver for payments of debts allowed.

The Jewish Hollywood set will be forced to find others to bamboozle with their endless propaganda.

The Jewish Wall Street wolves will be demolished. No longer will they be allowed to control our retirement accounts to buy up controlling interest in Main Street companies so they can place their ungodly Jewish brother-in-laws on the Board of Directors.

Planned Parenthood will be demolished. Women will conceive babies in families supported by a father. Women who do not go alone, raising children without the love of a father, will be burned at the stake as the witches they are, just as our pilgrim fathers rightfully had to do in the past.

Gays and lesbians will be rounded up and put back in their place. Another set that are begging to command center post at stake burnings.

America will not only become self sufficient in energy as we were under Trump but self sufficient in manufacture was we once were before Jews moved our jobs to their beloved Communists in China. Technology becoming center to mass production using AI-controlled robots.

Muslims will be put on notice world wide that America is the new sheriff in town and untold death and destruction will befall them if they do not stop spreading their hate upon fellow Christians. We'll make ourselves like the Chinese do to their Muslims. The Chinese do not fool around with these guys and neither should we. No longer will America support a Europe who allows Muslim invaders to turn their countries into hell holes.

Next to last but not least, the United Nations needs to be expelled from our shores. It never belonged on sovereign American soil.

Last but not at all least, the United States Senate needs to be all appointments from the State legislatures as the Constitution was written, as Article 5 of the Constitution does not allow a State to lose its position in the Senate. In other words, Amendment 17 for direct election of Senators has always been and always will be unconstitutional.

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