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September 2021 AD


The fact that the Biden Administration's biological warfare operation is hell bent to import as many "future Democrat voters" from Latin and South America as possible fleeing nothing but poverty, but refuses to allow Cuban refugees fleeing from Communism is telling.

The fact that, before Castro, America traversed the immense Pacific Ocean to "fight but not win" against Communism in the Korean War and again, after Castro, traversed the immense Pacific Ocean to "fight but not win" against Communism in the Vietnam War, but, during Castro, never have we fought Communism in our own backyard a mere 80 miles off the coast of Florida even after we had already fought in Cuba in the Spanish-American War, is also telling.

We were told the we could not depose Castro because he was protected by the nuclear treat of the Judeo-Soviet Union. But after the Soviet Union fell apart, and no nuclear threat remained, it is telling that this Cuban communism is still standing.

The only more treasonous activity in support of Communism was Jew Henry Kissinger opening up China, so that "China will become more like us", where reality has turned out that we have to become more like them.

The people of Cuba just rose up in rebellion against the inheritors of the Castro Communist state and America should have helped all we could.

But once again, Jews support Communists and will not allow any to be overthrown from communism in Korea to Vietnam to Cuba or to China.

Without pointing out the Jewish interests in helping Castro over the years, Townhall sums up all the Jewish interests and Jewish puppets in helping Castro.

Facts are that
  1. When Jews and Democrats see a dictatorship they see a Trump administration in AMerica, not the dictatorship of the Cuban government.
  1. When Jews and Democrats see oppression they see the George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's of the U.S.. not the Castros or Che’s of Cuba.
  1. Try forcing the same Castro-style government on them, and watch how many Jews and Democrats suddenly wrap themselves in an American Flag.
Speaking of Castro, points below show the utter hypocrisy of the left.

Democrat-Media Complex Highly Embarrassed by Anti-Socialist Uprising

Posted: Jul 24, 2021 12:01 AM

  1. The jailer and torturer of the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history was bear-hugged by Charles Rangel.

  1. The jailer and torturer of the most female political prisoners in the modern history of the western hemisphere was hugged and smooched by feminist Diane Sawyer.

  1. The jailer and torturer of the most journalists in the modern history of the Western hemisphere found everyone from Dan Rather to Mike Wallace to Tina Brown lining up for his autograph.

  1. The jailer and torturer who abolished private property within his Stalinist fiefdom found David Rockefeller and Mort Zuckerman crowding around him for a handshake.

  1. The Communist dictator who abolished capitalism under penalty of firing squad and torture chamber was honored in the board room of the Wall Street Journal with a VIP luncheon.

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