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July 2021 AD

  Chinese Communists at 100

Here we are, 100 years after Russian Jews went to China to form the Chinese version of the Soviet Republic and used our Jewish-ran State Department to empower them throughout China.

Today the Chinese Communist Party Celebrates 100 Years of Power, Death and Destruction

Were Chinese communists any better to their people than the Jewish Commissars were in running the Soviet Union?

I would say not.

This is who we trade with... Pitiful

The worst regime in the history of mankind....

  1. They have murdered over 70 Million of their own people under Mao, with some saying the # is approaching 115 million since Mao.
  1. They develop bioweapons and do not take proper precautions in handling these deadly weapons, selectively treating only those they deem worthy.
  2. They commit forced abortions and genocide currently to people in their country
  1. They commit forced non consensual organ transplants
  1. They still run Concentration Camps with forced sterilization and beatings
  1. They still utilized child labor and child trafficking to be sold off and put in forced labor factories utilized by Apple and Samsung to name just a couple
  1. They have slave labor camps, serving as sex slaves for guards at the camps
  1. They cruelly demolished their young Tiannamon Square freedom fighters
  1. They enslaved Hong Kong citizens against their will
  1. They illegally occupied and stole the resources of the South China Sea
  1. They invaded, occupied and enslaved Tibet
  1. They constantly threaten Taiwan with loss of freedom
  1. They force their people to memorize Communist Party propaganda songs and affirm their loyalty for dictator Xi Jinping
  1. They are the world's worst abuser on jailing journalists
  2. They lead the world in animal cruelty. Will kill an animal causing the most pain possible thinking it gives the meat extra hormones once it is consumed.
  3. They are the worst polluters in the world
  1. They steal patents
  1. They manipulate their currency
  2. They are building a military that will kill your sons and daughters in a future war
  1. They have the worst human rights record of any nation
  1. They have set up a spy network to watch every person on the planet earth and a social credit scoring system to not allow buying or selling (sound familiar "Mark of the Beast")
  1. They are the worlds most prolific state sponsored cyber hackers infiltrating their 5GL networks with secret back doors enabling them to steal information.
  1. They have infiltrated every institution in the USA and are spewing their propaganda through Hollywood Shills, American Universities and Sports Entertainment.
  1. They poison us with their food and drugs
  1. They burned people alive that were thought to be too far gone with the Corona virus. Then when surviving relatives were claiming their ashes they were just getting random urns with whatever and whoever in it. Their Leaders are callous and vile as they come.
  1. They do not have the fundamental right of freedom of religion and thought

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