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July 2021 AD

  Jews lead purge against
White Nationalism

There is no such thing as a white Jew. So white people are, by definition, all white Christians. But white cult members of the Democrat Party are specifically exempt, for now.

Who instigated this terror campaign against whites with all the silly talk about white nationalism?

Why, "non-white" Jews of course!

Heavily promoted back in 2019 by Kamala Harris with heavy Jewish press backing is the notion that "white nationalism" is a thing and needs the full force of the federal government to be exerted against it to take down all these uppity white Christians who think they are the ones who run the country.

Not kidding!  Anyone see Kamala's plans deeply entrenched in the Biden Administration and heavily promoted by the Judeo-MSM?

Remember, Kamala's husband is Jewish.

In fact, to see who is running Biden you don't have to look at the Chinese, for there are no powerful Chinese in the Biden Cabinet.

No, all our powerful cabinets are being ran by Jews. And these agencies are all being weaponized against white Christians.

The Holocaust was not about one group of whites oppressing another group of whites. How boring is that, so no body should care, right?  But hey, they were a different race don't you know. The white German Nazis even conveniently said so, so Jews can say they never got any advantage to being "white". They are not white. Ask them.

Jews are as white as any Italian, but they don't identify with slavery do they?  Jews are not responsible for slavery in the least are they, even though all the slave ships were Jewish and all the users of cotten were New York City clothing manufactures. Jews were on both extremes of the slave trade, vastly enriching themselves from cheap black slave labor, but don't blame Jews, they are people of color don't you know.

The enemy are the Jews, as the Jews have firmly identified you as the enemy.

Right now we have what I would call a """CULT""" in Washington known as the Democratic party.

Don't believe me, Just look how it operates.

Any person in the government or not that says anything the string pullers of our Judeo-Puppet President does not like are smeared all over the country by lies or made up events that did not hToday the Chinese Communist Party Celebrates 100 Years of Power, Death and Destruction ( the Chinese Communist Party Celebrates 100 Years of Power, Death and Destruction (

The Cult followers, who make the Jim Jones cultists seem rational in comparison, are all in lockstep with the dictates no matter how extreme.  You know you are deeply entrenched in cult territory the way things are shaping up lately, when even followers of Jim Jones would say, "Say what?".

If you are still a Democrat supporter today, after seeing what is going on in our country, you have to be a brainwashed stupid idiot ignorant foolish cultist.

The Purge is real and you are the target.

Dec 11, 2019

Kamala Harris, who suspended her presidential bid on Dec. 3, never dominated the polls. She lacked Elizabeth Warren’s economic expertise, Joe Biden’s nostalgia with voters and Bernie Sanders’ populist ideology.

However, there was one crucial thing only Harris had: a plan to stop white nationalists from terrorizing America. The remaining contenders have provided more lip service than policies.

“White supremacist extremism is currently the most lethal form of extremism in the U.S.,” American University professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss told Congress this September.

White nationalists recruit and radicalize just like ISIS. Both groups prey on young Americans. Both murder innocent Americans.

That means resurrecting Harris’ promise to order the FBI to vigilantly monitor white supremacist websites and put pressure on platforms such as 4chan and Reddit to take down extremist content. This approach isn’t radical; we already de-platform websites that facilitate sex trafficking.

White nationalists are terrorists. Kamala Harris knows we need to treat them as such.

Ariel Sobel is a screenwriter, filmmaker and activist, and won the 2019 Bluecat Screenplay Competition.

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