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July 2021 AD

  Why Should I care?

I used to care about what Jewish-ran Hollywood told me to care about.

I used to care that the blacks were oppressed by the KKK, the women oppressed by mean husbands, the Asians oppressed toiling to build our railroads ran by greedy bastard white guys, and mostly about the always oppressed and always put upon white Jews at the hands of white Christians.

But actually, I never cared:

I never cared if you were “gay“ until you started shoving it
in my face, and the faces of my children.

I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming
my race for your problems

I never cared about your political affiliation until you started
to condemn me for mine.

I never cared where you were born until you wanted to erase
my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems

I never cared if you were well-off or poor, until you said
you were discriminated against, when I was promoted because I worked harder.

I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine,
until you said my beliefs were wrong.

I never cared if I owned a gun until you told me I wouldn’t
be allowed to. (or take the ones I own legally).

Now I care!

My patience and tolerance are gone.

I am not alone in feeling this way; there are millions of us
who do......

And we have had enough!

Now, I really don't care about you whatsoever.

Don't expect me to come to your defense over anything.

In fact, you might see me helping your enemies.

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