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April 2021 AD

  MSM is the Real Threat
of Violent Provocation

Trump's YouTube account will be restored when 'risk of violence' recedes, CEO says

The CEO of YouTube says former President Donald Trump's account will be restored once the "risk of violence" passes.

“We will lift the suspension of the Donald Trump channel when we determine the risk of violence has decreased,” Susan Wojcicki said at an event hosted by the Atlantic Council.

Wojcicki said that the U.S. Capitol on Thursday warned that there was an “elevated risk of violence.” The was chatter that some were planning to storm the Capitol on March 4, but the date came and went without any violence.

Youtube prohibited the elected President of the United States over false allegations of provocation to violence.

If this is the new standard for society then YouTube itself should be entirely banned from public discourse.

YouTube published BLM propaganda all through the violence of the 2020 "peaceful protests", which by YouTube falsely calling the fires and looting and killings a peaceful protest adds not just fuel to the fire of YouTube promoting the violence of BLM but promoting falsehood as well.

Others who would also be banned with an honest implementation of the self-established MSM standard of quelling insurrection against authorities is the NYT, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, Huffington Post, PBS, you name it.

They are all co-conspirators in enabling almost a full year of Antifa and BLM violence in Portland, Seattle and Minnesota, among other places.

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