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March 2021 AD

  United States of Socialism

Hats off to Dinesh D'Sousa's book United States of Socialism.

Is American Constitutionalism the best most stable form of government?

The evidence is still out on that. The King of England lasted for a thousand years. Feudalism lasted for many centuries.

American Constitutionalism seems to be threatened by socialism after only 200 years.

But Communism has not proved itself to be a viable system. Communism in Russia and it's Eastern Europe gang of fellow communists succumbed to a great fall in only 70 years.

Communism in China has evolved to a capitalistic authoritarianism.

Communism or rather the milder socialism in India petered out when India saw China's success with raw capitalism.

The Communism of Cuba is only 60 years old and seems to be holding for now, but the other Latin communism of Venezuela has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, held together by the normal communist tendency of tyranny to maintain force.

Nowhere has communism proved to be anything but a cruel suicidal destruction of a country.

Communist East Germany vs Capitalist  West Germany.  Communist North Korea vs Capitalist South Korea. Communist China vs Capitalist Hong Kong. ll three examples to same set of peoples and in each case, the Capitalists never want to escape into Communism but the Communists risk thier lives trying to get out of their communist country into their capitalist one.

25 abject failures, not just 1 or 2 experiments, where a communist propagandist could say, "If we only tried communism again, it would work. We would do it right THIS time"  That lie has now been debunked 25 times.

And yet, seems that America has to learn the lessons of communism the hard way, by living the nightmare ourselves.

The Socialist Dream

The American dream created the greatest country on Earth. 

The Socialist Dream is just a bad dream. 25 nightmare dreams where its peoples are rounded up into collective prisons or just concentration camps if deemed a hopeless case. Hence in China today, Uighurs are in concentration camps, young girls are forced to have abortions and Hong Kong is enslaved against its will.

Socialism is a cult leader's racket.

Socialism is being sold in America under Identity Politics and Wokism.

One of the biggest reality of Socialism vs its ideals to who really owns the means of production.

In the real world, politicians seize the means of production and place their crony friends in control. This is what destroyed Venezuela.  The countries sole means of wealth, their oil was seized "for the people" and Chavez put in his friends who had no idea of how to extract oil from the ground.

In the idealized version of socialism, the workers buy out the owner and run it. They could do this easily enough but never do.

Democratic Socialism

Democratic Socialism is radical Democracy.

In Democratic Socialism, the people essentially vote out the Constitution. Private Property guaranteed by the Constitution's right to happiness is subjugated to public property in the hands of politicians.

Individual Constitutional freedom is replaced by unconstitutional group freedom.

This is brought about through identity politics.

Hence George or David has no right to his property.

White David or even black George have no right to anything. But black BLM has rights galore under the premise that they never had any rights beforehand. Hispanic La Raza has rights that Hispanic Jorge never had, because America is racist and needs government to overturn the white supremacy.

Where American Constitutionalism is defined by "me" and "you", Democratic Socialism is defined by "we".

The only distinquishing features between Progressive and Socialist would to compare the words Push and shove.

Socialism is sold on getting something from nothing. Free Healthcare, Free College, Minimum wage and green deal.

Identity politics is entitlement socialism.

Socialists never figure out that flooding the country with cheap workers is harmful to the workers already here. It puts them out of work, but hey, if the free "living wage" is handed out, the socialist keeps quiet.

Socialism is theft

To accomplish socialism, then theft has to be deemed a virtue.

To give freebies to one person, you have to take it away from someone else. Classic definition of theft.

Our Federal Reserve hides the theft well though.

Printing fake money out of thin air to hand out "freebies" is not free. It raises the price of everything and everyone becomes poorer.

Fiat money printed enmass is theft from the pockets of every citizen.

How is socialism sold to the public?

If you know how to extract oil out of the ground, then you are greedy and selfish. So your oil you dug up is stolen from you.

Who is the real greedy and selfish  conman here?  The one who invested in oil, hoping to make a decent living or the one who comes in after the fact to take it all away?

Who is the greedy and selfish person, the one who made your car or the politician who stole the utomobilr manufacturer's money through taxes to give out "free stuff" to bribe to get votes for himself?

Who exemplies democracy in action more? The businessman who has to please you everyday or you go to a competitor or the politician who promises free stuff to get elected and then ignores the voters for years, doing what he wants until time to make more promises years later in another election?

Businessmen know the rules of the game. They have to answer to everyone. Socialists are famous for wanting to answer to no one.

The primary role of government in our Constitution is to protect property, not to take it.

The Constitution - A Socialist Nightmare

Our Founding was a Socialist nightmare. We are not a Democracy, because the Founders knew that Democracy was mob rule.

The Founders knew that majority rule was the most dangerous form of tyranny. Democratic choice cannot deny the choice of the minority.

How to prevent Majority Tyranny? That is why individual rights and States rights are emphasized so strongly in the Constitution.

FDR was famous for saving us from both socialism and capitalism. Reality is that he failed in both, but not for lack of trying. The Soviet Union existed after FDR on the socialist front and we ourselves was far more socialist after FDR with Social InSecurity, agricultural programs, public work programs and programs that protected workers, the unemployed, the sick, the lederly and widows and orphans.

FDR was one of three New Deals which rose from the Great Depression.

FDR's Progressivnism, Stalin's Communism and Hitler and Mussilini's National Socialism. Only National Socialism was discredited after WW2.

Stalin of course scoffed, "Socialism works for me."  FDR was of the same mindset.

The people of the Book (Jews) backed two of the three New Deals and only fought against the third New Deal because it specifically pointed to Jews as the reason given for justifying the National Socialism New Deal. Otherwise, Hitler and Mussinini would have remained in power.

"Never Again" need to say never again will we allow any of the three New Deals.

Bad leaders like Bernie Sanders who honeymooned in Communist Moscow but would not meet with Solzhenitzn in his own state of Vermont must be rejected.

In terms of Progressive ideals, Henry Ford, the ultimate capitalist, was far better for progressive life with his cars promoting social mobility, social equality giving cars to the common man, and social justice, than anything Woodrow Wilson did by trying to shut down car manufacturing as being something only rich guys could afford to buy.

Progressives love to get behind Charles Darwin when it comes to getting rid of religion. There is no God, we just evolved from chemicals in the Earth.

But when it comes to Capitalism, the real Survival of the Fittest, Progressives  all of a sudden think  Darwanism in the economy is a bad thing. Progressives proclaim they want survival of the unfit.

How again to promote Socialism today?  The White Working Class has to be deemed the sociality enemy.

How again to see these programs?  Depends upon the time in question. For FDR, the people's dire NEED demanded socialism. For LBJ it was the exact opposite. the people's dire GREED  showed unequality so the need for socialism to help blacks.

Immigration is the new dire NEED. Stanford University's admissions department is the biggest wall to entry to Stanford than you can imagine. No one had ever penetrated Stanford's admission wall.

We are now promoting our immigrants as undocumented home owners. They have a right to a home in America just as you do.

Women have always seized the means of reproduction.

But this too is being manipulated. Family socialism of mother and father "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs"is worked over to mongrol socialism

1619 Project

The 1619 project lets the Democrats off the hook. It posits that America was racist to the core at its founding.

It does not allow for any culpability to the Democrat Party for supporting slavery before, during and after the Civil War.

It does not blame Democrats for Jim Crow laws, the KKK, lynchings, standing in the doorway of public schools to prevent entry, discriminatory voting laws, Japanese concentration camps, Indian Trail of Tears or any of the myriad of racist harmful actions of the Democrat Party.

The Scandinavian Socialist Model

Instead of pointing to the 25 failures of socialism, socialist love to point to the scandanavian countries as examples of model socialism.

But this fails as well.

Scandinavians have social insurance and do not go into the free stuff our socialists love.

If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can expect applause from Paul. That's natural.

But th Scandinavians themselves have quietly abandoned most of the socialist agenda they are know for.

Where Scandinavians are all white. Venezuela was sold by telling the blacks and the browns that they were going to steal everything from the whites.

And Simon Bolivar was an independence fighter but contrary to myths about him, he was never a socialist.

Socialist arguments debased

It has always been reported that the Capitalist who builds your cars, refines your gasoline are greedy, unfair and do not engage in equality.

But the really bad guy is the socialist.

The socialist is greedy for your earnings, your work.

The Socialist is unfair to steal your stuff and not expect others to contribute.

The Socialist does not engage in equality by treating the makers unequal to the takers.

Entrepreneurs are the most emphatic people. They create things for other people.

Entreprenuresgive you more choices. Socialism takes way choices.

Entrepreneurs allows for greater freedom. Socialism restricts choices.

If Warren Buffet is punished for somethings as innocent as his wealth, then why would Hitler be punished for his evil?

What is Democratic Socialism is the lottery. The winner does not really deserve the winnings. They just got lucky.

Behind every double standard is a single standard -- thugs.

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