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Private Business
in America

We talk a lot about private business and the freedom of capitalism, but we actually seem to live under a tyranny against business.

Because of a little virus bug, many businesses have been shut down in the US. Many of those private businesses will never re-open thanks to authoritarian controls.

In one of the most absurd examples of political tyranny, Liberal Fascists in Los Angeles tell you HEALTH regulations prevent you from watching television while eating at a restaurant. Has something to do with virus transmission, and if you have to ask for an explanation, don't expect one because you are too immature to understand the explanation.

No TVs in LA

Just like every other law on the books are totally constitutional as well, right?

  1.  Not allowed to discriminate against blacks in your PRIVATE business because Uncle Sam says he doesn't like it
  2.  Not allowed to discriminate against Jews in your PRIVATE business because Uncle Sam says you have no freedom of association
  3.  Not allowed to discriminate against Muslims in your PRIVATE business, because Uncle Sam says you have no freedom of religion
  4.  Must however discriminate against Whites because Uncle Sam says you must have affirmative action programs for pretty much every group you can imagine.
  5.  PRIVATE business must discriminate against whites because Uncle Sam says you must hire more blacks
  6.  PRIVATE business must discriminate against men because Uncle Sam says you must hire more women
  7.  PRIVATE business must discriminate against Christians because Uncle Sam says you must be inclusive of all religions and sexual orientations regardless how repugnant.
  8.  And now, PRIVATE business must turn off all TVs, just because we can and because we say so
  1.  Twitter MUST be allowed to violate free speech rights of the President of the United States because they are a  sacred not-to-be-touched PRIVATE business don't you know
  2. Facebook MUST be allowed to discriminate against conservative patriotic Americans, because they are a PRIVATE business and can hate conservatives if they want.
  3. Amazon MUST be allowed to ban Christians, because they are a PRIVATE business
And yet, publishing is not all PRIVATE business freedom it it?
  1. Private company Amazon shut down private company Parler because they hated conservatives.
  1. Jeff Bezo's Washington Post is all for press censorship. Why? Because, if "we say" you incite your readers in ways "we do not like", then "we will shut you down". So, WAPO wants Fox News, OAN and Newsmax all shut down. How American of them!
  1.  ...large cable companies such as Comcast and Charter Spectrum, which carry Fox News and provide much of its revenue in the form of user fees, need to step in and kick Fox News off. And if smaller competitors such as One America News and Newsmax continue to incite viewers, they, too, should be booted off
  1. This would be the same as AT&T and Verizon canceling all conservative cell phones. Which I assume Jeff Bezos would not mind one bit.

How about the State of Texas just shut down all social media, from Amazon, to Google, to Apple to Twitter?

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