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Jan 2021 AD

  How's that
Bless the Jews"
myth working out?

Here's to you Evangelicals.

How's all that "Bless the Jews" mythology working out for America?

Donald Trump certainly blessed the Jews. Where did it get him, or America?

All his grandkids are Jews. Donald moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. He protected and defended them at every turn. He didn't even arrest any of them for Treason and sedition and God knows they are deserving of arrest.

On the Democrat side there remains the usual appeal to the devil himself, such as abortion of innocent children, sucking up to Muslims, Flooding the country with people who hate us, cheating in elections, just to name a few.

What did that get America?

Mark Levin and Denis Prager aside who are marginally America lovers, Jews still mostly voted Democrat once again. Jews running Hollywood, Main Street, K-Street, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, the universities, the Jewish liars of the MSM and the Jewish Tech giants, were all dead set against Trump being reelected.

Blind and misled Evangelicals have killed this country.

When Jews could have been expelled back to Israel, as all other Christian countries finally figured out they needed to do that at some point in their history, we called each other Anti-Semites.

Jews are frauds. Even their ultra-religious don't bother to return to their Promised Land.

Which tells me Evangelicals are frauds as well.

Salvation is ONLY through Christ, but Evangelicals lie that salvation is through Jews who deny Christ.

We do not need to bless Jesus-denying Jews. We need to Screw the Jews.

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