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December 2020 AD

  What's up with Georgia?

Georgia is on the wrong side of history again isn't it?

Georgia has been the center of conservative Southern Baptists.

Georgia had been the center of the conservative Evangelical Movement.

All through the 1800's, Georgia was either defending slavery before the Civil War or after the Civil War, Georgia was the base for the Ku Klux Klan.

The KKK hated Catholics, Jews and Blacks.

Whether you believe the Georgia election legal or not, no one in Georgia's political office did anything to stop the steal. From the SOS to the Georgia legislature there was no stop the steal action.

So here is how upside down Georgia stands today.
  1.  Georgia has elected a liberal Catholic President
  2.  Georgia has elected a liberal Jewish Senator
  3.  Georgia has elected a liberal Black Senator
Don't EVER tell me propaganda does not work!

Jewish Hollywood, Jewish Wall Street, and Jewish MSM all put their guns squarely on Georgia and the results are that Protestant Georgia voted against everything they ever stood for.

And don't you dare blame Catholics, because neither the Pope nor Joe Biden nor Georgians are Catholics!!!

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