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December 2020 AD

  The Greatest of Jewish Sin

Orthodox Jews

Jews who refuse to return to the Promised Land, when they have been given the opportunity, are all living in mortal sin.

And I'm not the only one who has said it.

No really, think about it.

The holiest of Jewish holidays is Passover.

God went out of his way to free the Israelites and give them a homeland.

God gave Jews a Promised Land HOME for his Chosen People.

If Jews do not go to the land God gave them, then they have utterly rejected God's hospitality.

God wanted Jews to make him a Temple. A Holy of holies place. It's not being made.

Now, you would have guessed that the sinful Hollywood Jews would not follow God's law. They are living the good life in America. Too good a life. Alas, every religion has its sinners. God even had to slaughter a few Jews who started worshiping Molech.

But what about the holiest of holy Jews who are not not returning to the Promised Land?

The most fundamentally religious Jews in the world are the ultra-Orthodox Hasidim Haredi Jews of New York City.

If they are so Judaic, why are they not returning to the Promised Land?

Many American troops gave their lives in the last few decades to take out Israel's enemies in the Muslim world which surrounds them.

You would think these ultra-religious Jews would be swarming back to Judaic Jewish paradise and immediately start rebuilding the "Holy of Holies" Temple they never seem to get around to rebuilding after having control of Israel for over 72 years already.

Nearing a century has passed with the Jews in charge of the Temple Mount and not even the cornerstone has been laid in reconstructing the Temple.

The problem with America and especially with gullible Evangelical Christians is we have made life too easy on these Jewish FRAUDS!!!  These Jews know they can leech on the American people as long as they want, no questions asked.

The biggest FRAUD in American history is Christians believing the lies of Jews.

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