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December 2020 AD

  Chinese in the NBA


"We hope this gesture of goodwill will show China that we love them and there is no need for our multi-billion-dollar deal to fall through," said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. "March on, Mao!" Silver then performed a soft jazz rendition of the tune and bowed low to the ground to show President Xi Jinping that he is very sorry.

We love our Babylon Bee, but even the Bee does not take on the real "satire in the room".

Here is what Babylon Bee should have published.

Knowing full well that his basketball court "niggers" working for him would never take a knee to the People's Republic of China national anthem, (because non-compliance is met with the beloved Chinese tradition of being shot), Jewish NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stopped playing the American national anthem and without anyone noticing, switched in its place the Judeo-Communist "March of the Volunteers".

The majority Jewish NBA owners club patted Adam Silver on the back for his pure genius, of fooling both the white audience being entertained and the black players who entertain them.

White dud in audience says:

"Look! That Adam Silver is so slick. Not a single one of his court "niggers" took a knee. Ain't America great with Jewish Capitalism!"

White dud's bud replys,

"Yeah, Jews are so clever! And in exchange for playing just one song, those clever Jewish capitalist NBA owners are tricking the Chinese into giving them billions of dollars on top of that so they can entertain us even more."

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