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July 2020 AD

  Ft. Sumter II

We thought we were joking when we said Democrats have not been this mad since Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

And yet here we are. Democrats are again on the verge of yet another attempt at secession.

Just to mention this, know from whence this all comes. Are the Judeo-MSM actively inciting sedition and rebellion against the United States? Yes, of course they are!  That is an obvious rhetorical question. There is no doubt everyone is well aware the Judeo-MSM all need to be rounded up and sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed under our still existing laws for treason.

Forget how the Christian Russia of the Christian Czar became communist, we have seen how all of this plays out in our very own history before.

Democrat South Carolina seceded from the Union
but sympathetic Democrat Virginia at first did not.

Democrat South Carolina fired upon federal troops at Ft. Sumter.
And Virginia still did not leave the union.

Only when Abraham Lincoln started gathering troops to invade Democrat South Carolina did fellow Democrat Virginia officially secede.

How does that scenario play out today?

A section of Seattle has decided to secede from the union, setting up an occupied warlord area they lovingly call CHAZ, for Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

So far, they are the butt of plenty of jokes, but this is no joking matter.

So far, the mayor of Seattle and so far the governor of Washington have only expressed sympathy, but no real support.

There is no movement we are aware of yet to rename Washington State from one named after a slave-owner, or even the other Washington, the District of Columbia, Washington D.C., but both are just a matter of time.

The Democrat Socialist dog poop may hit the fan though should the new President Abraham Lincoln decide to send federal troops into Chaz.

In my estimation, the entire Democratic State of Washington will  do a Ft. Sumter on troops sent by President Donald Trump and then afterwards secede.

In this scenario, it should surprise no one that Oregon and California would join them in sympathy.

How would that affect the rest of us?

Well, let's brainstorm here a bit.

Let's say that a single company on the West Coast named Microsoft, headquartered in Seattle, decided to overnight release a new "Update" which was targeted to all computers not set to Pacific Standard Time.

Like the Jews' Passover, their spirit of death passes over all doors marked with lambs blood on its door mantle, the West Coast is spared.

And let's suppose that this "update" had software code to totally wipe your hard disk clean. Perhaps even set like a ticking timebomb in code to activate on a particular day after all computers have been updated.

After the hard disk bitclean; all your family photos gone; all your work records gone; all your financial records gone. You are left with no access to the Internet. You cannot have a Microsoft Teams, or a Cisco Webex meeting at work. You cannot access any company's database. Let your imagination go wild and you still probably only hit on 50% max of the problems society would experience.

How does American Airlines know you bought a plane ticket?

How does your direct deposit work when there is no banking software?

How does your debit or credit card work?

How does Kroger or Aldi order more food shipments for resupply? Oh, they make a phone call you reply?  Sorry, your cell phone company had their computers wiped clean too, they have no software to run the cell towers. You are going to starve.

Speaking of food. Do you have a clue how much food comes from or through California?  I suspect you do not.

Or here is another scenario. In this series of riots, the image of Winston Churchill and the time he was Prime Minister of England during WW2 was wiped clean from Google. The image of the man Churchill defeated, Adolph Hitler, was still up, if you can imagine such an upside down rewrite of history.

Google has been known to be hateful and censorious of middle America, so what if they did an "update" to their Android operating system which also wiped all cell phone clean and locked them up, making expensive bricks out of them?  No phone calls, no texting, no GPS maps, no  apps at all.

As a final example, let's say that the United Nations, who gained control of the Internet thanks to Obama, were to decide to pull down all websites whose domain names were registered in Texas? In the name of hate don't you know.Well, forget about free speech and free press. Forget about rallying the troops.

Don't worry so much, you say? Trump would not put up with it? 

Sure,  Trump would tell you they were bad, bad boys, but in your heart, do you believe he would actually do anything to stop it?  You have seen for 4 years now what Trump has actually done for you, like when he /sarcasm/, locked up Hillary, investigated Obama, stopped immigration, cleaned out the Deep State, pulled us out of the Middle East, strangled the Federal Reserve, locked up Antifa, signed that executive order on DACA and anchor babies, kept tariffs on our worst and most dangerous enemy China, and restored freedom of speech and religion on the Internet? 

I would not place any hard bets on Trump if I were you.

Going to be a hot summer for sure.

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