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June 2020 AD

  Netflix's Jeffery Epstein
SCOTUS's John Roberts

We have already covered all there needs to be covered about the blackmail of Jeffery Epstein and how his Mossad-like tactics of sex trafficking honey traps, could have easily pursued a "young girls are hot" President Bill Clinton to appoint two Jews to the Supreme Court (one indisputably a Jew, with the other a Crypto-Jew).

That article was well-done here.

But even with all the "flothy eloquence" we can muster, we can still neither "convince nor satisfy" a proud Missourian as does the "Show Me" Netflix video where a wary Missourian is finally able to see for himself the entire scope of the debauchery and corruption of Jeffery Epstein.

 "I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats,
and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me.
I am from Missouri.
You have got to show me."

--Missouri's U.S. Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver
(1899 speech)

The Netflix show on Jeffery Epstein gives evidence to our eyes of what a busy Missourian may have missed in the news having been only previously been said, bit-by-tiny-bit, over a long period of years by an admiring Judeo-MSM.

And here are the important take-aways.

 1) Netflix shows Jew Jefferey Epstein had
  1.  Video cameras in every room of his Palm Beach home
  2.  Video cameras in every bathroom
  3.  and likely....
  4.  Video cameras in every room of his Manhattan home
  5.  Video cameras in every room of his private island chalets
  6.  Video cameras in every room of his New Mexico sprawl
  7.  Video cameras in every room of his Paris home
  8.  Video cameras in every car and plane he owned.
2) We are also glad to see Netflix ponder and wonder over and over, but never speculate as to:
  1. How was Epstein able to mysteriously amass such a fortune on Wall Street?
  2. How could Judeo-MSM news stories about him molesting under-aged girls and prostituting them out to others be spike and not reported?
  3. How could Epstein otherwise get away with these crimes for so long?
  4. Even when arrested in Palm Beach, how could the Palm Beach jurisdiction of local police representing local people be taken over by the FBI?
  5. After being arrested by the FBI, how could U.S. Prosecutor Alexander Acosta all but drop every charge in a totally unjust plea bargain?
  6. How could Alexander Acosta be appointed and approved by the Senate as President Trump's Labor Secretary, even as both Trump and the Senate knew about the irregularities of the special sweetheart DOJ plea deal given to Epstein which had the smell of rotten corruption?
  7. How could the DOJ drop charges without any notice or  consent of the young ladies who were bravely pressing charges against Epstein?
  8. How could Epstein move all his assets to an "untouchable" trust fund in the Virgin Islands just two days before he "dies"?
  9. How could a federal prison be ran so incompetently that guards are unqualified and unsupervised in their job to supervise the prisoners, are asleep even, and furthermore, how could vital items like security cameras be broken at critical locations?
  10. How could Epstein even remotely "kill" himself?
  11. How could Epstein's accomplices still not be prosecuted, even as his own prosecution was dropped because he was deemed to be "dead"?
  12. How could there be no justice?

Putting one and two together,
you get three.

3) Let's take the SCOTUS Covid-19 ruling this week
as to how California,
                            as State,
is allowed the power
           to shut down Church.
all while allowing
                                 Walmarts to be open all over the state.

In this SCOTUS ruling, the SCOTUS votes were handed down as perfectly as one would expect.

All the Jewish justices voted to allow California's "atheist" governmental officials the power to arrest people if "too many" Christians decide to go to a Christian  Church.

All the Catholic justices voted against allowing Christian churches to be shut down by the State, citing the liberal's favorite line, of there being a Separation of Church and State.

The only exception?

Chief Justice John Roberts, a Roman Catholic.

Who inexplicably voted with all the Jews on the bench to limit attendance at all Christian churches in the entire state.

At least until these very same State government officials give their permission for the Churches to fully reopen, if they ever decide in their nanny state role over citizens, that not a single person will ever die of any virus ever again, which itself could be a long time coming.

Then a long series of comments naturally arise below the article from people wondering why this famous appointment by the famously "Self-professed Christian" George W. Bush, of a moral "Christian" man could side against Christian Church and Constitutional State, over and over again.

Justice Robert famously voted against Constitutional government in Obamacare, and now famously votes against Christian Church.

Here is a very plausible explanation for why Justice Roberts votes against his own moral principles.

Justice Roberts
has been compromised!

John Roberts on Epstein Private Island

Chief Justice Roberts is reported to have visited Jeffery Epstein's orgy island several times.

With known evidence of number one to be used against Catholic John Roberts and known evidence of number two above where Catholic John Roberts decides the same way as Jewish Jeff Epstein would like, then we arrive at a conclusion of number three: blackmail by Jeffrey Epstein!

Epstein could very well have video tape of Justice Roberts doing a 14-yr-old girl in bed, in the shower, and on the sofa, while later wiping his butt after crapping as he picked his nose.

What upstanding, moral, Christian man would want all that to be shown to wife, children, friends and family?

And that my folks is how Jews
would control the world.

That my folks is how a Mossad agent like Jeffery Epstein
does control the world.

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