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June 2020 AD

  Voter Suppression
U.S. Postal Service

If Judeo-Democrats insist upon Cheat-by-mail, do they realize to whom the federal United States Postal Service reports?

Let California send out ballots to every "registered voter". Then let them suffer the consequences.


CA Secretary of State on GOP's Vote-By-Mail Lawsuit:

We won't let virus be "Exploited" for Voter Suppression

“Democrats continue to use this pandemic as a ploy to implement their partisan election agenda, and Governor Newsom’s executive order is the latest direct assault on the integrity of our elections,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said of the suit. “Newsom’s illegal power grab is a recipe for disaster that would destroy the confidence Californians deserve to have in the security of their vote.”

The suit was filed hours before President Trump accused Democrats of attempting to use the pandemic to push mail-in ballot plans for the November election, warning the move will lead to “the greatest Rigged Election in history.”

“The United States cannot have all Mail In Ballots.

It will be the greatest Rigged Election in history.

People grab them from mailboxes,

print thousands of forgeries

and “force” people to sign,

the president tweeted.

Also, forge names.

Some absentee OK, when necessary.

Trying to use Covid for this Scam.”

Proof the USPS is not Secure

Democrats Cheating

A "Saintly" federal worker in the Texas USPS was bribed in at least one exchange of taking $1,000 to provide a list of absentee voters so Democrats could cheat.

Republicans Cheating

A "saintly" federal worker in the West Virginia USPS stands charged with altering eight absentee ballot requests, changing the pary affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

How to really have Rigged Elections

I voted and Voted Again

President Trump knows crooks when he sees them,
but fails horribly to see how to counter them.

President Trump should show Dems
how illegal "voter suppression" is really done.

The federal United States Postal Service is in Trump's hands, right?

Fine. Let California send out ballots to every "registered voter".

But then, let Trump issue an executive order to have the U.S. Post Office intercept each and every California ballot mailed in and to hold those ballots until close to the date for the election.

At the right time, have federal FEC officials tally up the votes in each California district. Then the FEC will certify the results by having the FEC officials:

  1.  Check to verify the tally statistically aligns with a poll of that district.
  2.  Check to verify the tally aligns to the voter registration  of that district.
  3.  Check each voter against the ICE database for illegal aliens voting.
  4.  Check each voter against the SS database for dead people voting.
  5.  Check each voter against the FBI database for felons voting.
  6.  Check each voter against the FEC's own database for irregularities of a voter's choice being hijacked somewhere along the way where their "vote" clearly is against the interests of what they have financially contributed to in FEC filings. Such as the example of the "racist against all whites nut-case who beat old defenseless white nursing home patients on the Internet",  bad-pan changer worker at a nursing home, who just might steal all the conservative ballots in his nursing home, mark Democrat on all the ballots, and mail them in.

If the FEC finds foul-play, if there are any discrepancies in the vote count, if there are any illegal voting, then have the U.S. Postal Service simply refuse to deliver any votes of that district.

The Real Constitutional Issue here:

USPS as the Middle Man

What should be reviewed by the federal courts for Constitutional muster is the increasing practice of Democrats allowing the United States Postal Service to be the conveyors of all votes inside the State of California.

Should not matter if one is a Democrat or a Republican, both should agree this to be a blaring unconstitutional infringement on the right to vote.

Republicans should never want or trust an Obama administration to have oversight of a postal service who delivers:
  1.  Every vote for
  2. federal office, be it President, Senator or Representative
  3.  Every vote for state office, be it Governor or Attorney General
  4.  Every vote for State Supreme Court justice or judges below them
  5.  Every vote for county office, be it commissioner or sheriff
  6.  Every vote for city office, be it mayor or councilman
  7.  Every vote for school board, be it superintendent or librarian
  8.  Or even a single vote for the proverbial dog catcher.
Likewise, Democrats say they mistrust Trump, so they too should not trust a Trump-ran Postal service to deliver any of California's election results.

This is a blatant constitutional violation of the separation powers between Federal and State, where federalism demands the States run their own elections and not have the federal post office (i.e., the Federal Government) stand between the voters and their own state government.

One obvious exception most would agree to, but not even being correct here, are state citizens who have volunteered for federal service in the armed forces and finding themselves deployed far away from their voting districts at the time of election, having the right to a mail-in ballot.

Sadly, you would find even the most die hard right-to-vote fanatics would agree that mail-in ballots must be allowed in the case of servicemen.

The correct remedy should be that instead of forcing our serviceman's vote to be registered through the U.S. Postal Service ran by someone like President Obama who is hostile to the service, a better, far more constitutional approach would be to allow these servicemen to  designate someone they trust to vote for them, in person at his own polling place, to vote for him by proxy, with that serviceman's authorization duly signed and notarized for all to see they have delegated their vote to their beloved wife, husband, mother, father, brother or sister of their choice. With that vote remaining a secret vote, unable to be intercepted and altered by a USPS.

Anything else is the very definition of Voter Fraud.

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