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April 2020 AD

Hitler was Right
Turkish Muslims
got away with both
Ethnic Cleansing and
Genocide agasinst Christians

The Ottoman Turks after WW1 were just as defeated as was their ally Germany.

Like Germany, the Ottoman Empire was dismantled and parts of their main traditional lands were parceled out to ethnic Greeks, Armenians and Kurds.

The Turks rebelled against the 1920 Treaty of Sevres and by 1923 were signing a new Treaty of Lausanne, giving them back all their land and absolutely forgiving all their horrific ethnic cleansing and all the evil genocide they had done to Christian Armenians from the start of WW1 in 1914, all the way up to 1923.

Against this 1923 treaty of Western defeat, Turks took back the Dardanelles, all the lost land in Anatolia, ethically cleansed the Greek Christians from Trace and Smyrna, completed the genocide of all remaining Armenian Christians and brutalized the Muslim Kurds.

For all this, the Western World agreed to a new treaty, pretty much insuring all their terms and conditions.

The Western World did not insist that the evil government be taken down for what they did.

What other conclusion could Hitler have made about the outcome of his own country if he too were to do for German Christians in Germany, what rebel Turks did for Turkish Muslims in Turkey?

By what hypocritical standard could Western Civilization hold Germany, by regaining German lands and performing Germany's own spring cleaning against Germany's own ethnic minority of Jews?

We all know the answer.

Jews rewrite the rules if the rules are ever directed their way.

German Losses after WW1
German Losses After WW1

German and Austro-Hungarian
Losses after WW1

Germany and Austrian Losses After WW1

Ottoman Empire
WW1 losses after 1920's
Treaty of Sevres

Treaty of Sevres

Turkey's wins in 1923's
Treaty of Lausanne

Turkey 1926

Turkey Today

Turkey Today

World War 1 Losses
Ottomans would regain
every bit of lost land in 1923.
Germany would lose
their capital in 1945.
Nothing left but rubble.
Germany Lost
Ottomans Lost
100% of
Germany's colonies
100% of
Ottoman's colonies
West Prussia & Poznan to Poland Zone of the Dardanelles Straits to the League of Nations
East Upper Silesia to
Trace  region to Christian Greece
North Schleswig to Denmark
Smyrna region to Christian Greece
Danzig to League of Nations North Eastern region to Christian Armenia
Alsace-Lorraine to France
South Eastern region to Muslim Kurds
Saarland to League of Nations

Eupen-Malmedy to Belgium

Memelland to Lithuania

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