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June 2020 AD

  Jews complicit in
Nursing Home Genocide

Anti-Christian Jew Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania's Attorney General, is angry, angry I tell you, that he had to pull himself away from his Jewish duty to bankrupt all the Catholic Churches in Pennsylvania in order to deal with the horrific Judeo-genocide taking place in Pennsylvania's nursing homes.

“While we salute and appreciate nursing-home staff on the front lines during this pandemic, we will not tolerate those who mistreat our seniors and break the law,” state Attorney General Josh Shapiro told NBC News.

Jews knew this was happening. In fact, in Pennsylvania, the order came from a Jew. Their own Dr. Rachel Levine, Health Secretary.

Oh yes, the order was given by Pennsylvania Governor Wolfe, but to whom did Governor Wolfe turn to for expert advice on how to handle the Coronavirus? 

He would naturally turn to his own Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine.

It was the advice of Dr. Levine whom Governor Wolfe relied upon to make his SCIENTIFIC decisions.

Her knowledge of this genocide against old white Christians is easily verified.

Why else would Jewish transgendered Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine take her own frail 95-year-old mother out of a personal-care home, even as she was ordering long-term care facilities full of Christians to continue to take coronavirus patients?

If this were stock trading on insider information, Jewish Dr. Rachel Levine would be in prison by now.

Do you for a second believe Jewish Attorney General Josh Shapiro will lock up Jewess Dr. Rachel Levine?

Not on your life!

But Jew AG Josh Shapiro will finish bankrupting these nursing homes for Christians by suing them while they're down, since Dr. Rachel Levine has already killed half their paying customers.

A true Jewish-caused genocide against old white Christians.

Pennsylvania health official moved mother from nursing home as deaths skyrocketed

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel ­Levine said Tuesday that her 95-year-old mother requested to be moved out of a personal-care home, the ABC affiliate in Harrisburg ­reported.

In March, Levine ordered long-term care facilities in the state to continue to accept coronavirus patients who had been discharged from hospitals but un­able to return to their homes, the Bucks County Courier Times reported.

Of the state’s 3,806 coronavirus deaths, 2,611 had occurred in nursing homes and long-term-care ­facilities, according to ABC27

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