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April 2020 AD

  Unorthodox Hasidic Handmaids


Deborah Feldman exposed scandal sure enough,
both of her own depravity,
as well as that of Jewish fundamentalism.

Jews who jump to expose the sinful nature of any Christian,
don't often appreciate their own dirty laundry out for all to see.

Or as Hasidic Jewess Frieda Vizel would say:

What good does a film like this do
except to flatter
secular biases against religion?

It just sinks us a bit deeper into our biases.

That's ripe Frieda.
I'll have to remember that when you are going after my religion.

Just to be entirely accurate here; the film does not trash the New York City Satmar community nearly as much as Feldman's book does, so the Jewish-produced movie for Gentiles is perhaps creating a wrong stereotype for the Christian audience of Unorthodox, in a falsely positive direction for Jews; and that, is not surprising!

Jews Force their Women to Have Babies,
But Jews want others to Abort?

We have now contemplated several times in this website why Jewish film directors make anti-Christian shows like A Handmaids Tale which reflect more of an Old Testament (Jewish) Satmar Hasidic-based belief system, than a New Testament (Christian) Amish-based belief system.

In A Handmaid's Tale (here and here), the gist of the story is Christian fundamentalist men forcing women to have babies, and certainly not by the men of their choice. In this fictional totally made up story, the world for some odd unexplained reason has barren women and more babies are required to maintain civilization. Fits the plot for these Jewish propagandists would be the more correct reason and explanation.

Which in fact, neatly sums up the story of Unorthodox.

In the Unorthodox Hasidic cult world, the Holocaust has wiped out 6 million Jews and the women must step up to the plate, like good little handmaids, to do their duty of replacing the lost numbers to avenge Hitler.

(Aside: you know this is a cult when you discover the concept of an "Eruv" is still practiced in this day and age.  Even if the Satmar Hasidics themselves do not practice this silly law of a self-imposed Iron Curtain represented by a stretched wire around an area for the Sabbath, it it still depicted in the series even as their is an invisible wire there in regards to carrying things on the Sabbath.)

Again, Handmaid's Tale, fiction, Unorthodox, non-fiction.

Why is it every single time Jews condemn Christians for something, they are just projecting their own depravity upon the good name of Christians?

On the abortion front, Christians who protest women killing their babies are condemned by the Jewish MisLeadia.

Heaven knows what the Hasidic community would have done to the real life Deborah Feldman had she decided to abort her husband's child instead of just steal it away after it was born.

In true Old-Fashioned justice, I'm convinced that the Satmar Hasidic cult would literally have her stoned. And this Christian website would have to commend them on their rightful actions against a heartless cold-blooded murderer, but that is beside the point. No Christian man is ever allowed to pick up a stone to throw at any woman's "Choice".

Moral of the story. More baby Jews and baby Muslims, less baby Christians.

Jews against Homosexuality? Who knew?

We see the story of a young Jewish girl who tells her soon-to-be arranged marriage to her future husband that "She is not like all the other girls".

What does that mean? 

We are never told why she differs from other girls, but in the ensuing first year of marriage, she endlessly feigns sex as too painful. This prevents her from getting pregnant and hence, from performing her sacred Holocastic duties to replace the doomed 6 million.

I say feigns because never is there a medical examination to determine the cause of the pain. We are left to assume that "Not tonight dear, I have a headache" would not pass kosher in an misogamist Hasidic cult.

Eventually the poor guy is forced to ask his cold frigid unloving wife for a divorce, since of course, she is not performing her sacred duties to procreate as God intended.  All kosher in this male dominated Hasidic community.

What she never tells the male supremacist of a husband asking for a divorce is that she has discovered she is now indeed pregnant. So naturally, what is our heroine to do but to run away with this poor man's child, opps, "her child" to decide as she pleases what is good for "her child".

Evidently, this woman's views are not at all kosher with the Hasidics and we eventually discover that her mother, whom she thought had abandoned her, had been in pretty much the same boat.

Netflix depicts her mother as free, showing that it was possible to free yourself from the Satmar Hasidic cult, just seems the problem was that the lesbian mother did stay long enough to get herself impregnated by one of those disgusting Jewish men, and could not understand why the father wanted his daughter back.

Why couldn't the red-necked, knuckle-dragging, Hasidic Jewish Neanderthal men understand her desire to raise he daughter with the Shiska (flesh of an animal deemed taboo) woman she loved?

Guess being with a Shiska woman was taking matters too far, since the Hasidic men stole her child away and legally made it stick.

Regardless of her non-painful sexual intercourse with a German Sheigetz proving she was lying to her husband about sex being painful, we are only left to believe that "like mother, like daughter", the daughter too was a lesbian.

Perfectly explains the "I'm not like other girls" comment.

And let's get real here. From one extreme to another, it would not be Christians supporting and defending this lesbian Jewess against rabid Jewish fundamentalism. That would be ultra-liberal Jews.

In the end, HOW DARE JEWS ignore their degenerate Jewish radicals and cast that degeneracy upon good Christians!

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